Sister, Sister

Season 2 Episode 1

Hair Today

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 1994 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Ray's cappuccino machine is the same one featured in the Full House episode "Another Opening, Another No Show".

    • While at the spa, when Enrique says "Your cheeks are outstanding", Disney Channel cuts Lisa line "You should see me in my black jeans".

    • When Tia is telling Lisa about her new hairstyle, you can tell Tia is trying hard not to laugh.

    • The first time we see Tamera at school with her new hair style while the girls are talking to her and Tia, if you look in the back in one shot, the locker is open but in the next shot its closed.

  • Quotes

    • Tia: Look at those girls. They're so stuck up.
      Tamera: Yeah. They're so full of themselves. Let's go talk to them.
      Tia: Why? They don't want anything to do with us?
      Tamera: That's because they think we don't like them.
      Tia: We don't.
      Tamera: We don't like them because we think they don't like us?
      Tia: They don't.

    • Tia: Did you see Gina Rawlson today?
      Tamera: She got her nose pierced!
      Tia: On both sides...She sneezed in homeroom and her head looked like a sprinkler..!

    • Lisa: I know what it's like to want to blend in with the popular girls...when I was in school, all the popular girls had these real narrow cheeks, so I sucked mine in to look like them.
      Tia: Did you get in with them?
      Lisa: No, but I came up with an interesting way to kiss.

    • Tamera: I want my name spelled out on my nails...T-A-M-E-R-A...A-A-A.

    • (After the girls are done getting their makeovers)
      Tamara;Lisa;Tia: I love it !
      Lisa: We could be the new En Vogue.
      (All get up and pose in the mirror)
      Tamara;Lisa;Tia: Never gonna get it, never gonna get it, never gonna get it, never gonna get it.
      Lisa:Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo !, Somebodys gonna get this. (All laugh)
      (Now at home Tamara showing Ray her new look)
      Ray: Oh my goodness.
      Tamara: Isn't it great !
      Ray Oh my goodness.
      Tamara: You like it ?
      Ray: Ohhhh my goodness.

    • (After Tia tries to perm her hair and messes up, the family sits down to eat dinner)

      Ray: Everyone, please bow your heads we have to say grace.
      Tamara: But we never say grace !
      Ray:(Looking at Tia's hair) We have alot to pray for.(After grace)
      Lisa: So how was everyone's day ?
      Ray: Great, Tia would you please pass the hair chops ?....I..I mean Ham Chops !
      (Tia gets up crying and runs from the table to her room)
      Lisa: Tia ! Tia ! I'm going to go help her touch up her hair....Ray where'd you put that chain saw ?

    • Stylist: What do you ladies want done to your hair ?

      Tamara: Mousse me

      Lisa: Tease me

      Tia: Dont touch me !

    • Lisa: I got three certificates to the beauty parlor.

      Ray: You need three huh ?

    • Roger: Dang girl, that hair is tore up.
      Tamera: Don't worry Tia, I think its the bomb.
      Girl 1: It looks like the bomb went off.

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