Sister, Sister

Season 5 Episode 18

I Have a Dream

Aired Unknown Feb 25, 1998 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Dr Hale performed the first open heart surgey. However, when Steven is portraying the patient and Ray is Dr.Hale, why is he being treated on the right side instead of the left. That is where the heart is right?

  • Quotes

    • (Tamera's flying with Betsy Coleman)
      Tamera: So when'd you get your license?
      Betsy Coleman: I haven't.
      Tamera: WHAT?!
      Betsy Coleman: Whoever heard of a colored woman with a license?
      Tamera: You could go to Paris!
      Betsy Coleman: What?
      Tamera: Paris!
      Betsy Coleman: What?
      Tamera: You could go to France and get your license. You'd go down in history as the first black woman to get her pilot's license and you'd be a star!

    • Jordan: I wonder if I would've had the courage to do what they did.
      Tamera: Please.
      Jordan: What?
      Tamera: We can't be like them. Now Harriet Tubman, she was extraordinary.
      Tia: So what're you saying, just because they were extraordinary, they weren't human beings? Just because they were extraordinary they were never afraid, never doubted themselves?

    • Jackie Robinson: Can't always stay where it's safe, you've got to move on.

    • Tamera: Just be plain old Tamera Campbell.
      Martin: And just be plain old Martin King.
      Tamera: Marting Luther King?
      Martin: No, that's my dad, I'm Martin Luther King Jr.
      Tamera: Boy, you gotta go to college!
      Martin: Wait a minute, why is it I have to go to college and not you?
      Tamera: Because, I'm not gonna have a national holiday named after me.
      Martin: Yeah right, in my dreams.
      Tamera: That's right, Martin, because of your dreams.

    • Tamera: You can't just give up, if you'd done that, the African-Americans wouldn't have this hospital.
      Dr. Daniel Hale Williams: African-Americans? That does have a nice ring to it.

    • Diavian: Girl, that attitude's gonna come back to haunt you.

    • Tamera: (reading the TV schedule) A "Happy Days" see if Richie Cunningham can stay in high school for 10 years, so can I.
      Tia: Aren't you going to study for your finals?
      Tamera: And miss seeing the Fonz get a library card?

    • Tamera: (Not wanting to go to college) I just want to stay under the covers of my bed and be a kid for the rest of my life.
      Tia: I just have on thing to say to you, move over. (She joins Tamera under the covers.)

  • Notes

    • The following people played the following historical figures:

      Diavian - Harriet Tubman
      Ray - Dr. Daniel Hale Williams
      Tia - Bessie Coleman
      Tyreke - Jackie Robinson
      Lisa - Madame CJ Walker
      Jordan - Martin Luther King Jr.

    • Tamera's dream included Harriet Tubman, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, Bessie Coleman, Jackie Robinson, Madame C.J. Walker & Martin Luther King Jr.

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