Sister, Sister

Season 6 Episode 20

Let Them Eat Cupcakes

Aired Unknown May 09, 1999 on The WB



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  • Quotes

    • Tyreke: Oh Baby, I was just going to give the ring to you.
      Tia: You were going to give me a Cracker Jack cupcake ring?!

    • Tia: We will hide the engagement ring in Lisa's favorite dessert!
      Victor: Yeah-- How are going to get a ring in peanut brittle?

    • (Tia, Tamera, and Jordan are arguing about losing Victor's engagement ring)
      Tyreke: Guys!
      Tia, Tamera, and Jordarn: WHAT?!
      Tyreke: Is this the ring?
      Tia, Tamera, and Jordan: YES!
      (continue arguing)
      Tamera: (realizing the situation) The ring! Tyreke, where did you find it?!
      Tyreke: I snagged a cupcake from a the bake sale.
      Jordan: You owe me two dollars!
      Tia: (to Tyreke): If you found a ring in the cupcake, why didn't you say anything?
      Tyleke: I thought it was like a Cracker Jack thing.

    • (at the bake sale)
      Tia: (to Jordon) There's a ring in one of these cupcakes, it's worth 15, 00 dollars!
      Jordon: Dang, I need to start raising my prices.

    • Tia: I can't believe this. For so long, I no dad at all. Then Ray came along, and then our natural father showed up, and now we're going to have a step-father!
      Tamera: Shoot - Father's Day is going to wipe us out.

  • Notes

    • At the very end of the episode, Tamera pulls out a smashed up cupcake in a bag from her pocket and says, "Better call Duncan Heimlich, which is a reference to Duncan Hines, a famous producer of cake mixes and frosting.

    • It sounded like Tamera said the s-word under her breath when she didn't find the ring in someone's cupcake.

  • Allusions

    • The episode title is a spoof on Marie Antoinette's famous (supposed) line: "Let them Eat Cake."
      The title was changed to cupcakes according to the episode's plot.