Sister, Sister

Season 2 Episode 17

Playing Hooky

Aired Unknown Apr 07, 1995 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Playing Hooky
The twins have huge exam coming up, and they are very stressed, on the day of the exam Lisa picks the twins up from school, and take them out for a day of fun. When they get home, Ray and Lisa get into a huge quarrel.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Tia and Tamera are wearing winter or fall like clothing when saying that they were invited to a pool party. It is unlikely that they would be going swimming if it is fall especially in Detroit

    • The shoe salesman who wanted to oil Lisa's toes, is the same man from the spa in episode "Hair Today" who was playing with her feet.

    • The box of cookies that Lisa holds up is Nilla Wafers with the name crossed out with marker.

    • When they were riding their horses, the grass was dry. If it rained the day before, the grass would be wet.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Lisa: (honks her horn) Hey fellas. Whoo. Where the party?
      Tia: Mom if you moon him, we're out of here.
      Lisa: That's a great idea. Here, take the wheel.
      Tia: Mom!
      Lisa: Gotcha!

    • Tia: I've never ditched before.
      Tamera: Me either, I feel so bad. Will we get in trouble?
      Lisa: Only if we're lucky. We're out of school for the whole day!
      Tia: That's terrific, that gives us an extra day to study for the test.
      Lisa: You really missed the whole point of all of this, didn't you, honey?

    • Lisa: The sun is shining and I just put a dollar and seventy-five cents in the caddy. Ooh, I so excited. I might even take my top down.
      Tamera: (to Tia) I hope she's talking about he car.

    • (the girls are heading to the principal about an emergency)
      Tia: It's probably nothing.
      Tamera: Right.
      Lisa: (jumps out) Surprise!
      Girls: Who died?
      Tamera: Is my dead okay?
      Lisa: Nobody, come on girls, we're ditching. Get your stuff.
      Tia: Is this your way of saying Grandma's dead?
      Lisa: Will you get off this death trip? I'm breaking you girls out.

    • Lisa: Hold it Tamera. I shouldn't be giving you any advice. After all, you're not mine, mine, mine!

    • Ray: For the sake of the children lets be civil towards one another.

      Lisa: I can be civil, Civil is my middle name.

      Lisa: Do you want some meatloaf Ray down your pants

      Ray: The food looks delicious What died

      Lisa: So how was your day Ray.
      Like I care
      Ray: Guess who sold a brand new limo. Why am I talking to this buzz worth
      Tamera: Now see how nice it is when we all act civil towards one another.
      Lisa: Yeah it is nice How much longer do I have to look at that ugly turkey neck!
      (Everyone looks at Lisa awkwardly)
      Lisa: Oops.....something got mixed up!
      Ray: I knew you were faking it, just so you know I was faking it too. You eat like a buzz worth!
      Lisa: You look like a buzzard.

    • Ray: Tamera is my daughter mine mine mine mine mine!! Do you hear me?
      Lisa: Yeah I hear you Ray the whole neighboorhood hears you!

    • Ray: How was your test girls ?
      Tamera & Tia: Uhh...easier than what we thought.
      Ray: Well your school just called.
      Tamera & Tia: She made us do it !
      Lisa: They lying Ray.
      Ray: Lisa.......
      Lisa: Alright, alright I did it I did it call Johnny Cochran.

    • Lisa: Speedbump girls whoa.
      Tia: Mom, I think you left your muffler back there.

    • Ray: You girls are playing hooky with the ditchmaster.
      Principal: Excuse me Mr.Cambell or should I say ditchmaster, I would like to see you in my office.
      Ray: They dont still paddle do they?

  • NOTES (1)


    • Disney Channel edits the following scenes:

      • Roger on the roof saying that a woman below has a nice rack, only to be told by Ray that it's the mailman.