Sister, Sister

Season 2 Episode 17

Playing Hooky

Aired Unknown Apr 07, 1995 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Tia and Tamera are wearing winter or fall like clothing when saying that they were invited to a pool party. It is unlikely that they would be going swimming if it is fall especially in Detroit

    • The shoe salesman who wanted to oil Lisa's toes, is the same man from the spa in episode "Hair Today" who was playing with her feet.

    • The box of cookies that Lisa holds up is Nilla Wafers with the name crossed out with marker.

    • When they were riding their horses, the grass was dry. If it rained the day before, the grass would be wet.

  • Quotes

    • Lisa: (honks her horn) Hey fellas. Whoo. Where the party?
      Tia: Mom if you moon him, we're out of here.
      Lisa: That's a great idea. Here, take the wheel.
      Tia: Mom!
      Lisa: Gotcha!

    • Tia: I've never ditched before.
      Tamera: Me either, I feel so bad. Will we get in trouble?
      Lisa: Only if we're lucky. We're out of school for the whole day!
      Tia: That's terrific, that gives us an extra day to study for the test.
      Lisa: You really missed the whole point of all of this, didn't you, honey?

    • Lisa: The sun is shining and I just put a dollar and seventy-five cents in the caddy. Ooh, I so excited. I might even take my top down.
      Tamera: (to Tia) I hope she's talking about he car.

    • (the girls are heading to the principal about an emergency)
      Tia: It's probably nothing.
      Tamera: Right.
      Lisa: (jumps out) Surprise!
      Girls: Who died?
      Tamera: Is my dead okay?
      Lisa: Nobody, come on girls, we're ditching. Get your stuff.
      Tia: Is this your way of saying Grandma's dead?
      Lisa: Will you get off this death trip? I'm breaking you girls out.

    • Lisa: Hold it Tamera. I shouldn't be giving you any advice. After all, you're not mine, mine, mine!

    • Ray: For the sake of the children lets be civil towards one another.

      Lisa: I can be civil, Civil is my middle name.

      Lisa: Do you want some meatloaf Ray down your pants

      Ray: The food looks delicious What died

      Lisa: So how was your day Ray.
      Like I care
      Ray: Guess who sold a brand new limo. Why am I talking to this buzz worth
      Tamera: Now see how nice it is when we all act civil towards one another.
      Lisa: Yeah it is nice How much longer do I have to look at that ugly turkey neck!
      (Everyone looks at Lisa awkwardly)
      Lisa: Oops.....something got mixed up!
      Ray: I knew you were faking it, just so you know I was faking it too. You eat like a buzz worth!
      Lisa: You look like a buzzard.

    • Ray: Tamera is my daughter mine mine mine mine mine!! Do you hear me?
      Lisa: Yeah I hear you Ray the whole neighboorhood hears you!

    • Ray: How was your test girls ?
      Tamera & Tia: Uhh...easier than what we thought.
      Ray: Well your school just called.
      Tamera & Tia: She made us do it !
      Lisa: They lying Ray.
      Ray: Lisa.......
      Lisa: Alright, alright I did it I did it call Johnny Cochran.

    • Lisa: Speedbump girls whoa.
      Tia: Mom, I think you left your muffler back there.

    • Ray: You girls are playing hooky with the ditchmaster.
      Principal: Excuse me Mr.Cambell or should I say ditchmaster, I would like to see you in my office.
      Ray: They dont still paddle do they?

  • Notes

    • The song that is played while the twins and Lisa are having fun is a remake of Cindy Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

  • Allusions

    • Disney Channel edits the following scenes:

      • Roger on the roof saying that a woman below has a nice rack, only to be told by Ray that it's the mailman.

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