Sister, Sister

Season 2 Episode 17

Playing Hooky

Aired Unknown Apr 07, 1995 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • Ray: For the sake of the children lets be civil towards one another.

      Lisa: I can be civil, Civil is my middle name.

      Lisa: Do you want some meatloaf Ray down your pants

      Ray: The food looks delicious What died

      Lisa: So how was your day Ray.
      Like I care
      Ray: Guess who sold a brand new limo. Why am I talking to this buzz worth
      Tamera: Now see how nice it is when we all act civil towards one another.
      Lisa: Yeah it is nice How much longer do I have to look at that ugly turkey neck!
      (Everyone looks at Lisa awkwardly)
      Lisa: Oops.....something got mixed up!
      Ray: I knew you were faking it, just so you know I was faking it too. You eat like a buzz worth!
      Lisa: You look like a buzzard.