Sister, Sister

Season 2 Episode 12

Put to the Test

Aired Unknown Mar 01, 1995 on The WB
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Put to the Test
The twins take the S.A.T test, and later when the results come back the twins get suprising test scores; Meanwhile, Lisa tries to sell some of her clothing at a boutique store, but she is snubbed by the owner of the boutique store.

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  • Great!

    Tia and Tamera take the SATs. Tamera scores higher than Tia, which makes Tia feel lousy. Tamera starts getting good grades. Roger pushes a bully after the bully says something about Roger’s mom. He pushes another bully after that one says something about his mom. Both bullies want to beat up Roger. They end up fighting each other instead of Roger. Lisa takes her new design to a boutique and the head lady hates it. Lisa goes back to tell her off, when the lady says that she loves the dress she’s holding.

    This was a good episode! It was cool seeing Ethan Suplee, since he is known as Frankie on Boy Meets World. Roger actually kind of looked like a girl when he was trying to disguise himself. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!moreless

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    • Tia: I got 1080!
      Lisa: 1080, 1080, congratulatey.
      Tia: Mom, what're you doing?
      Lisa: This my 1080 victory dance.
      Tia: Mom, that's 1080 out of a possible 1600.
      Lisa: Oh, I better make it a slow dance.

    • Ray: Nooo! There was a mix up at school, the computer got Tia and Tamera's test scores mixed up.
      Lisa: (grins) How terrible. (Ray looks at her) I'm not smiling, this is a spasm.

    • Tamera: I thought I was smart.
      Ray: And you were...are! It's just like those people who built the pyramid, they thought they were doing a great job and they were, then they realized they made a few mistakes and had to go back and do it again, and when they were finished, the pyramid looked good and they felt great!
      Tamera: Dad, I don't get the analogy.
      Ray: There is no analogy, the main thing is you know what an analogy is. Two weeks ago you would've just said, "huh"?

    • Lisa: Honey, I know you're depressed but Cheetos aren't gonna make you feel better...Pringles will. One time I was so upset, I ate two tennis balls before I realized they weren't Pringles.

    • Roger: Its Rogina and this is sexual harassment!
      Roger: Men are such animals! (Roger goes into the girls bathroom)
      Girls Bathroom: Ewwww get outta here you little pervert!

    • Ray: Oh what a great day!
      Lisa: Oh look happy pappy's home.

    • Tamera: The library its amazing it has all kinds of books, and you know what they even give you this little card and you can take the books home!
      Tia: (Sarcastically) Get out of here!

    • Lisa: (to Tia) The only people who do good on these test are snotty nose eggheads.
      Ray: (comes in with Tamera) My baby's a genius!

    • Boy1: Why don't you run home and cry to your hairy chested momma?
      (Roger pushes boy)
      Roger: No one talks about my momma's hairy chest.

    • Lisa: (to Tia) Honey, Cheetos won't make you feel better, Pringles will. I remember once, I was so depressed I ate two tennis balls before I realized they weren't Pringles.

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