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  • Go home roger

    lol i love this show it never lost its charm like other shows do once they get into the later seasons sister sister forever
  • Enjoyed

    I just read a review from Valencia95, if it is true what the person says then I need to rethink this. But I have seen all of the seasons and don't remember any of that. I just love the show.
  • I followed these twins a lot!

    They were great for several reasons! They were good students, quite adventurous, friendly, and great for youth and females to follow along! They were talented and fashionable and great role playing!
  • The show was okay, but kind of boring, not that funny, and unoriginal.

    It was okay for a little while, but then they made the crude jokes about sex, and homosexuals, and it lost it's funny. Really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really very very very very veryvery very very very veryvery very very very veryvery very very very veryvery very very very veryvery very very very veryvery very very very very very very very very very very very very very very lame.
  • Sister, Sister was a show that focused on being an individual while growing into adulthood, but the funny characters are what I remember most!

    Back when Disney was in its prime, shows like Sister,Sister and Boy Meets World were providing young kids with intelligent humor. I'm so grateful to grow up when I did. Thank you GOD I'm not subjected to the stuff on Disney nowadays. Suite Life? I've never seen such bad acting associated with such high ratings. Anywhoo, I loved this show because it didn't feed kids shallow plots with obvious moral lessons at the end of each episode. Lisa was the epitome of the "fun" mom, Ray was the "stern but loving" dad, and Roger was the "annoying but charming" next-door neighbor. Sister, Sister was just fun to watch. I also loved how the producers would throw in references to music from the 1960s, such as Motown. The episode structure is similar to other young adult comedy tv shows - the characters get into a pickle, but with help from others, survive and learn more about themselves. However, unlike other young adult comedy tv shows, this show is fresh! Watchable, lovable! The characters vivacious; it's like a feel good movie, except in tv form.
  • The show is a heartwarming family show. It is the African-American version of Full House. The story is great, the characters are hilarious and the mystery and background around Tia and Tamera is the best to ever hit the small screen. They did a great...

    ...job portraying adopted twins. I like the fact that their lives started at age 12 so we didn't miss out on their history together. The comedy makes me crack up especially Lisa. The way the characters are is fantastic and I like it that Tamers and Lisa have the same personalities like Ray and Tia. The acting was not bad but it was not their best. Sometimes they made the storylines look a little too dramatic with the way they acted. When this show ended I was not that sad but it was a great show for the whole family that people can relate to in so many different ways. Hopefully they'll keep the re-runs and make the DVDs.
  • Bad Ending

    Sister Sister, - Sister Sister was about two twins seperated at birth who find each other years latter. One is smart but is poor while the other one is dumb but is rich. They find each other and move in together. Even though their parents arent the best of friends. One is named Lisa she is into fashion but is poor and likes to eat alot. The other one has a father named Ray who is rich from a limo busness. They come together to live as a family. The show was funny in the start but by the finally season it had grown unfunny and didnt represent why we watched it.
  • This was such a great show!

    Based on the family shows that were on at the time, this was such a fresh and original show that it was a favorite from the start. The entire cast is hilarious and the chemistry among the cast is just right. On this show, all of the characters are so relatable and you feel like you know at least one of the characters portrayed. The topics that are covered on the show really do teach so many life lessons and balance comedy and drama so well. It came time to end, but it's run was great and the show was great.
  • An awesome show!

    Sister, Sister is a show that first aired in 1994. The show was about two identical twins, Tia and Tamera, who were separeted at birth, and met each other (by chance) in a shopping mall. Tamer's adopted dad, Ray Campbell, is the absolute opposite to Tia's adopted mom, Lisa Landry, but as the twins didn't want to split up, the adopted parents decided to move together, in Ray's house.
    Most episodes are based on the problems Tia and Tamera have to deal with, as not only twins, but also as teenagers, and the relationship between their parents, Ray and Lisa.
    This show was great, very enjoyable and fun. It's quite a shame that it has ended.
  • Bring back sister sister cant even buy any dvds or download any episodes if anyone knows where to download episodes of the twins please post im a big fan

    cant even buy any dvds or download anything if anyone knows anywhere you can download any episodes or series please let me know ive even contacted warner bros and universal studios they wrent much help just said to use a search enginne ive tried that on every one even p2p there isnt anything youd think that with someone who had such a good show would have a good selection of dvds out for sale evem the biggest shops virgin hmv etc dont stock or do downloads on anything this is a rewal bummer if you do know anywhere please post to me
  • I love it!

    Sister Sister was a really awesome show!!! It was great!! I starred a set of two teenage twins, Tia Landy, and Tamera Campbell. They are played by real life twins Tia and Tamera Mowry. Tia is a smart, studious one who does not waste time and procrastonate. She is focused and determined to get the job done. Tamera is quite the opposite. She is a party animal and does not pay much attention to her school work and studies. SIster Sister was a really really really good show. However, they do not play it often. Sister, Sister really should be played more.
  • Sister, Sister!

    This show is about a set of twins, Tia and Tamera, who find each other and try to live together. They were separated at birth, but are now one big happy (may be over exaggerating) family.

    Tia is the "smart" twin who is mature, but always goes along with her sister's wacky plans. Tamera is the "party animal" who doesn't care about school, just popularity. Lisa is Tia's adoptive mother and a fashion freak! She doesn't have enough money for important stuff, but always has the best clothes, which she usually designs herself. Ray is Tamera's adoptive father and a stiff one at that. He always follows the rules, but somehow gets sucked in to doing Lisa's wacky plans. Roger is the annoying, yet sweet at times, next door neighbor.

    This show is pretty funny and had a great run! It gets a 9.0 out of 10!
  • I used to watch it all the time. Now I'll watch it every now and then when I come across it as I'm channel surfing.

    I used to watch Sister Sister all the time. Now I'll watch it every now and then when I come across it as I'm channel surfing. I used to love the show so much because I thought it was hilarious. I still find it funny, but not as great a show as I did back then. The acting is good, but not the greatest. Lisa's still as funny as ever, but Tia and Tamera don't seem the way I remember them. They're still funny though. (Lol. Roger is still the same annoying weirdo I remember. "Go home, Roger." Lol. I still love that line. :P) So...yeah. Sister Sister is definately a classic 90's teen sitcom.
  • Fun to watch when I'm bored

    Sister, Sister first aired in April 1994 as a mid-season replacement on ABC, and continued on that network until the series moved to the WB in the fall of 1995. The series centered around twin girls, separated at birth, who suddenly found each other after 14 years. Tia Landry was the studious twin from Detroit, where her mom Lisa worked as a seamstress; Tamera Campbell was the boy-crazy twin from the suburbs, where her dad Ray owned a limousine service. After their unexpected encounter in a department store, Ray reluctantly allowed Tia and Lisa to move into his home for the girls' sake. The girls' neighbor was Roger Evans, an annoying kid who had a crush on them both.

    In the 1997-1998 season, Tia started dating Tyreke Scott, a reformed street kid who worked as a mechanic for Ray, and Jordan Bennett became Tamera's boyfriend. Roger was suddenly dropped from the cast at this point.

    The final season showed the twins entering college with their beaux. The girls were ultimately reunited with their birth father, and Lisa married her boyfriend Victor in the final episode.
  • love it!

    I was so glad to see that they brought Sister Sister back. This show was great from beginning to end and very good for young ladies. I loved Jackee Harris as Lisa. She was the cool & sassy mom but still kept the girls in check. Ray started off as uptight, but he eventually grew on me and was the typical geeky, concerned dad. Roger was so adorable and a little smart alleck when he was younger but as he got older he became more corny. Gabrielle Union used to have a spot on the show from time to time (and Brittany Murphy)before Diavian(Kim fields' younger sister) became the regular friend. Now as for the twins, they were great. We watched these beautiful young ladies go from gawky,awkward, tacky- dressing teenagers to sophisticated, classy, independent and stylish young ladies. As they got older their characters developed. Tamera was less goofy and more sassy. Tia was still the more mature twin, but less self conscious. Then came the lovely boyfriends Tyreke and Jordan. It was good to see the girls have steady beaus who were good guys . It was also good to see Lisa marry Ray's friend and finally get her man. If only Ray could have had his happy ending, but he went far from Limo company owner to Senator. Great show.
  • Good show to watch when your bored.

    Sister Sister is all about Tia and Tamera two twins who find each other in a shopping mall. This show is great to watch when your bored, its funny and pretty interesting, it got kinda boring during the last season though, but it still makes a good show to watch when its a rainy day and you can't go out side and nothing else it on. The charecters are really great!! they are funny, especially Lisa Tia's adopted mom, Tamera is my favorite twin, she acts a lot like me, like to just have fun and not do any really hard work. anyways great show.
  • Loved this show since i was little.

    Tia and Tamara were so cool to me when they were younger. Then could sing, dance, and act of course. Guest starred on all the hit shows i watched when they were younger. This show was always good and never got to the point that i wanted to change the channel. Rather with singers guest starring or the twins or even Roger doing a song for the show and theme song too. Lisa who was crazy but probably the funniest characther on the whole show. Ray the little dude whos in his owm world half the time but a cool dad well sorta.
  • Tia and Tamara Mowry one of the best Actreses!

    I love this show so much, 1st time watching in was at age 10 when i got back from korea! I didn't care about the show but now it's like,...Whoaa This SHow Is Totally Amazing,!ok so what if it's old,....still like it,....still watch it even though i dont watch t.v like that lol.But like Jakee who play lisa she is soooooo hilarous she makes me laugh all the time!(havent heard from he after celebrity fitness club lol) but yeah Tia(which is my favorite twin)and Tamara is my favorite actress,...after Mary-Kate and Ashley,..and Mackenzie Roseman lol yep can you believe tia and tamara is almost 30?????????? who feel's like yesterday they 14, wait I was watching season 1 yesterday,...but no 5 real 30????? can you believe it,...and Marques Houstson,..the singer,...he has the best voice!Well i love this show lol!
  • Ha Ha

    Sister.. Sister.. What is the meaning of it.. It is weird, crazy, and has influenced some little boys to be gay I mean its really bad. I wish I could sue the people who wrote it for my wasting my time!!!! I wish I could have that time back. Not to mention, the creators of this show had a moronic way of thinking. This show was so stupid I think I lost brain cells each time I watched it. The casting was awful. is it comedy or stupidy??? I'd like to know the answer!!! So.. next time you think about directing as showthink about the public!!!
  • Go Home Roger!

    I have seen Sister Sister since I was a young girl, but I haven't watched it much. I think it's funny when Roger drives Tia and Tamara nuts and they tell him to go home. I remember an episode where they washed cars. I remember when Roger came to the girls' window on a ladder and drove them nuts. They said. "Go home Roger" as they pushed him away from the window. I thought that was funny. Like I have explained before that I had boys from school harass me for no reason. I harassed one of them back when I was in 5th grade and I wrote him love messages. My teacher called my mom about it. I didn't hear my teacher say that she was going to call my house, but I knew that my mom was going to have talk with me about doing something to my classmate after I got home from school. I took a while guess is how I knew.
  • I loved this show it was so good.

    This show is really good I wish they never cancelled it. It tolded a good story about twins. It would of been cool if they made a movie of it. I wonder what happened after Lisa got married and what happened to Ray also what happened with Tia and Tamera with their father and their relationship with their boyfriends. Tia and Tamera are a couple of my favorite actresses. I hope they have a reunion that would be so cool. Tia Mowry(she played Tia Landry) is on the new CW series The Game. Tamera Mowry (she played Tamera Cambel) was on Strong Mediciene tell that ended.
  • Sister Sister is Really Good!

    Sister Sister is really good! Tia and Tamera are perfect for their role. They are awesome! Basically this show is about 2 twin girls, Tia and Tamera Mowry, that were seperated at birth. After 14 years, they suddenly met at the mall. Their parents are Ray Campbell, Tamera`s dad played by Tim Reid and Lisa Landry, Tia`s mom played by Jackee Harry. Tia and Tamera`s annoying next door neighbor is Roger played by Marques Houston. My favorite episode is It`s My Party. Tia is my favorite character because she is more like me. Overall Sister Sister is a really good show!
  • Its okay, but I only watch it when I'm bored, and there's nothing else on.

    Sister, Sister is about two twin Sisters, Tia and Tamera, who were seperated at birth, and found each other at a mall sale. Now they try to live together under one roof, with their parents who don't like each. Its actually a pretty good show, the writing and acting is done very well, but I wouldn't condsider this show as a favorite. I do recommend this show if you like classics!
  • This show is the best

    I love this show its the best i love it disney channel should let tia and tamera should be on more than it is I think that they should show the real parents of the insted of ray and lisa they arent really thier parents sot hey should just go they should at least show a picture of thier parents because i dont wanna tell thestor but without the mother tia and tamera would not have been born and wouldent have the show because they went born so they should show them a picture oe something cause it isnt right so please say u agree
  • tia &tamera meet while shopping

    2 twins were adopted by 2 diffrent people lisa and ray.1 twin is fun and active the other is very smart but not nerdy.anyway they go shopping with there parents.and meet up.but it wasn't sopposed to happen really but it they are so so so so so very happy to finaly meet each other. then wonder why they never knew they had a then they become b.f.f. my favorite show my favorite show my favorite show my fav. show my fav. show well me +my cousin's fav. show so it's our fav. show our fav. show our show.
  • Sister,Sister is a great show.

    This show is the best show I have ever seen and I like the ones where they are older too.All my friends say I am like Tia because I am a studious type person you know that means a person that likes to study and I have a sister Amanda that is like Tamera,a girl who like to have fun.I guess Tia and Tamera are different kind of people just like me and my sister Amanda.Still this show rocks and it is the bomb.
  • It's about 2 girls that were seperated at birth.Now they meet 14yrs later.Tamera Campbell is the boy crazzy of the twins,and Tia Landry is the studious of the twins.Tamera's dad Ray own's a limo co.Tia's mom Lisa is the cool mom.

    I think this show is the bomb dot com!!!!! I dont know why this show isnt still playing new episodes. I love the characters they were just right for the show. Sister, Sister is my all time favorite show!!!!! All my friends like it...and i'm in love with the show!! I've seen every episode about 10 to 20 times.I love this show its so funny!!!! Its a very clever show! This show is one of the best show on Disney Channel. Its a classic!! It a great show!!!!The ending was great.I wish it would be on for another season, even if it was just one more!!!
  • This show is about twins seperated at birth and the rejoined together at a mall this show star Tia and Tamera Mowry-Tim Reid/Ray Campbell Marques Houston/Roger Evans Jackée Harry/Lisa Landry the story goes on and they reach college and are bestfrie

    This show is so great its funny and cute. To bad it was cancelled I dont like when good shows are cancelled basically Love the disney channel and all the shows are good its just sad when the have to leave. Anyways I saw that Tia doing something new but what happened to Tamera.

    Anyway all shows are original in there own way its just the matter of making people love your show and the characters you bring to that specific show. anyways I love Sister Sister I love Disney cause every thing is so funny to watch and all the shows are educational in thier own way and one point in the show you learn something you never knew before.
  • I love sister sister!!its sooooooooooooooooooo funny! it is a clever topic to make a show out of!

    sister sister is about a long lost pair of twins who meet each other in the mall... tia and timera. then tai and her mom, Lisa go live with timera and her dad, ray... but Lisa and ray HATE EACH OTHER! You HHHHAAAAVVVVEEEE 2 WATCH IT! IT IS GREAT!!!! When you watch it, you will love it as much as I do! And I LOVE it! So you will be a HUGE fan IF you take the time to watch it!
  • A great show

    Sister, Sister is an interesting show about two girls, Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell, who meet each other at the local mall. They end up living together with their guardians, Ray and Lisa. However they, Lisa and Tia, move into Ray's house. Ray acts funny, and Lisa is stubborn, but also funny. They both make good parents. The show is mostly a comedy, as it made me laugh a lot, but it does have its emotional moments, without either part being overdone. The show takes many interesting turns, such as going from high school to college, meeting new people as well, including the twins real father. The only thing I didn't really like was that in the first season, sometimes the girls acted a little too annoying and childish. The show didn't go downhill later on because the format changed. It was just as good as in the beginning. It's good to see it on Disney Channel, but it isn't a Disney Channel original, as some people think. It was first aired on ABC, seasons 1-2, and then the show moved to the WB, seasons 3-6. It's a very interesting show, and I hope the re-runs continue for a long time.
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