Sister, Sister - Season 3

The WB (ended 1999)


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Episode Guide

  • The Audition
    The Audition
    Episode 22
    Casey Kasem, an alumnus of Roosevelt High, is scheduled to return to his alma mater to dedicate a performing arts center, and an audition is held to pick a student to perform at the festivities. Meanwhile, Ray bets Lisa that he can tighten his weekly budget to a measly twenty dollars, only to find out that the belt is a bit more snug than he anticipated.moreless
  • Big Twin on Campus
    Big Twin on Campus
    Episode 21
    Tia lies about her age to her new college-boy beau Michael, making her popular with the cool coffeehouse set - and leaving Tamera out in the cold. Meanwhile, Lisa and Terrence seems to be on the way to a romantic reconciliation.
  • The Candidate
    The Candidate
    Episode 20
    Tamera enlists Tia's aid to compete with Rhonda for class president in the school election, but after she's elected she quickly forces Tia out of the limelight. Meanwhile, Ray gets some help catching a neighborhood burglar from a bumbling mall security officer.
  • Summer Bummer
    Summer Bummer
    Episode 19
    Everyone's fooled when the twins switched identities so Tia can get close to a boy and Tamera can escape summer school - until their grandfather shows up and sends everyone into an uproar.
  • The Piano Lesson
    The Piano Lesson
    Episode 18
    Ray tries to encourage Tamera by over-praising her piano playing, but the truth comes out at a recital - much to Tamera's embarrassment. Meanwhile, Lisa organizes a yard sale that turns into an expensive proposition for Ray.
  • Paper or Plastic?
    Paper or Plastic?
    Episode 17
    Tamera gets a lesson in economics and employee relations when she and Tia take jobs from striking workers. Meanwhile, Lisa needs some quick basketball instruction. Lisa's boyfriend Terrence is the manager of a local grocery store. When several employees of the grocery store go on strike in hopes of getting higher wages, Terrence asks Tia and Tamera to come work for him. Tia, on the side of the striking workers, refuses to cross the picket line. However Tamera takes Terrence up on his offer. When Tia sees Tamera living it up on the wages from her new job, she abandons her principles and also begins working at the store. Tia and Tamera begin feeling exploited when they find out they are working for no benefits and half the money as the regular workers. They tell Terrence that they and the other replacement workers will go on strike unless they are better compensated. Their threat causes Terrence to reach an agreement with his regular workers, leaving Tia, Tamera and the rest of the replacement workers unemployed.moreless
  • Valentine's Day
    Valentine's Day
    Episode 16
    Tia is messin' with everybody's minds when she tries to apply techniques she learned in psychology class to Tamera, Ray and Lisa when she discovers that Ray and Lisa have exchanged valentines; Tamera goes to the Valentine's Day Dance with Roger after she is jilted by the boy she originally asked.moreless
  • The Volunteers
    The Volunteers
    Episode 15
    When Tia and Tamera volunteer for community service at a retirement home, Tamera's charge Edgar (Berle) proves to be more than she can handle. Meanwhile, Ray's stint as a teacher turns into a snooze-fest for his students.
  • Reality Really Bites
    Tia's film project, which begins as a comedy, turns tragic when she manipulates her family - including a lovesick Tamera - to make her documentary more interesting. When it comes time to screen her film, it turns out she has scrapped all the manipulated footage and replaced it with an apology to her family.moreless
  • Double Double Date
    Double Double Date
    Episode 13
    Tia's originally dateless night turns into double trouble when she accepts two invitations to the same party - and then enlists Tamera's help in keeping her dates apart.
  • Christmas
    Episode 12
    Grandpa Campbell returns for the holidays, and he owes $1,000 to a loan shark, which Tia, Tamera and Lisa secretly repay with money they'd been saving to buy Christmas gifts.
  • Private School
    Private School
    Episode 11
    Tia gets accepted into the boarding school she has always dreamed of attending. Lisa is anxious because she has spent the savings for tuition on other things. When Tia goes to the school for a weekend orientation, she realizes that her family is more important to her than the boarding school. Tia doesn't know how to tell Lisa she doesn't want to go to boarding school, and Lisa doesn't know how to tell Tia she doesn't have the money to send her. Tamera, in the meantime, has already rearranged their bedroom and boxed Tia's things up. Tia doesn't know how to tell Lisa she doesn't want to go to boarding school, and Lisa doesn't know how to tell Tia she doesn't have the money to send her.moreless
  • Thanksgiving in Hawaii (2)
    The adults realize that the girls are missing and set out to find them. When Tia decides to swim to shore, they realize that they have drifted out from the shore, but the water is still only 2 feet deep. They get back to shore, only to find that the adults have gone out to sea in search of them. The twins decide to head back and begin making Thanksgiving dinner, so their parents won't be so angry when they get home. When everyone is finally back at the condo, they begin to have that long awaited Thanksgiving dinner when a tsunami warning sounds, and they all duck for cover.moreless
  • Thanksgiving in Hawaii (1)
    Lisa and Terrence were going to take Tia to a time share in Hawaii for Thanksgiving, but since their break up things are different. Lisa thinks Terrence won't go, and Terrence thinks Lisa won't go. Of course, they both do go. Lisa invites Ray and Tamera to join them for a family Thanksgiving while Terrence invites Tonya, Ray's ex-girlfriend. When they all show up at the condo, chaos ensues. A traditional Thanksgiving this is not. The twins decide to slip out and explore the island, only to find themselves on a sail boat drifting out to sea. John Ratzenberger guest stars as "Gus" the transplanted islander/handyman of the condo complex.moreless
  • Weird Science
    Weird Science
    Episode 8
    While at a Science Fair at school, Ray meets Paula, the science teacher. They grow to like eachother. Taking advantage of this, Tia and Tamera don't do their reports. Ray says he is going to break up with Paula so the girls' will do their reports. Will Tamera end the love, or will it be a "happily ever after" Meanwhile, Lisa has second thoughts about her clothing business when her mall neighbors shun her. They end up stealing her cart as a joke and Lisa goes crazy. Will she find her cart?moreless
  • Halloween
    Episode 7
    The twins nab Ray's car on Halloween to search for a party, but end up at the Canadian border and on the late-night news.
  • Twins Get Fired
    Twins Get Fired
    Episode 6
    Tia (Tia Mowry) loses her position as Rocket Burger's assistant manager when she takes the fall for one of Tamera's mistakes. Denise: Anna Slotky. Mr. Woodman: Marc McClure. Gregg: Steven Williams. Ray: Tim Reid.
  • The Twins Get Fired

    Tia loses her new position as Rocket Burger's assistant manager when she decides to take the fall for one of Tamera's expensive mistakes. Meanwhile, Ray unwittingly throws a monkey wrench into Lisa's love life. When Tia gets a promotion to assistant manager at Rocket Burger, Tamera sees it as an opportunity to slack off. She forgets to close the freezer door which causes all of its contents to spoil. This incident causes Tia to be fired. The manager, not knowing the truth, offers the now vacant assistant manager position to Tamera. Tamera turns into a diva in a uniform ordering everyone around, and doing little work herself. It catches up to her, and she gets fired too. The job gets passed on to their friend Denise. Meanwhile, Lisa must explain to her date why Ray is in her house late at night in his bath robe.

  • Grandpa Campbell
    Grandpa Campbell
    Episode 5

    A visit from shady Grandpa Campbell has Ray keeping an eye on his wallet and on Lisa: his father has a crush on her. Meanwhile, Tamera turns tycoon when the elder Campbell helps her turn a school project into an exercise in greed. Ray has never been a fan of his father, who he perceives as an opportunist. But when Grandpa Campbell shows up, Ray makes the best of his visit. For the first time, Grandpa Campbell seems attentive to Ray and his family. Ray begins to see a new side of his father, as Grandpa Campbell gets involved with Tia and Tamera's projects for their school's entrepreneur week. When Grandpa Campbell leaves, Ray feels better about his relationship with his Dad, despite Grandpa Campbell leaving with some of Ray's money.

  • History A La Carte
    History A La Carte
    Episode 4

    An unexpected inheritance from an aunt sends Lisa into a shopping frenzy that could be quite costly. Meanwhile, Ray agrees to be Tamera's extra-credit history project when the girls discover that he had been denied FBI clearance because he was arrested in the '60s - but doesn't tell them it was not for protesting but for streaking.

  • The Tutor
    The Tutor
    Episode 3

    Tamera's scheme to get a date has her trying to fill Tia's shoes as a tutor for the captain of the football team. Meanwhile, Ray plays chauffeur to help Lisa turn heads at her high-school reunion, where she looks forward to meeting her old flame David Johnson.

  • The Break-Up
    The Break-Up
    Episode 2

    Love is a many-splintered thing: Lisa and Terrence are on the rocks, leaving Ray friendless and Lisa upset when he tries to hang out with Terrence. Meanwhile, Roger tries to use reverse psychology to win Tamera's heart, but winds up kindling interest in Tia and conflict between the sisters.

  • The Natural
    The Natural
    Episode 1

    On the first day of school, Tia sets her sights on the new boy at school and changes her entire schedule to be in his classes - including auto repair and wood shop - before discovering he already has a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Tamera joins the school's softball team, but unwanted coaching from an overzealous Ray makes her want to escape the pressure by quitting.