Sister, Sister - Season 4

The WB (ended 1999)


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  • Guardian Angel
    Guardian Angel
    Episode 22

    Tamera hangs out with this girl named Vanessa, making Tia feel left out. Then, Tamera discovers that Vanessa is a shoplifter. Ray lets go of his old wife, and learns to accept Lisa.

  • Slime Party
    Slime Party
    Episode 21
    Tamera learns that life isn't a bowl of cherries when she and Tia are pitted against twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on a TV quiz show where she is transformed into a human sundae.
  • Inherit the Twin
    Inherit the Twin
    Episode 20

    Tia gets some new smart friends, making Tamera feel left out. Then when copies of Tia's personal journal are passed around to the other students, she accuses Tamera of stealing it ending them in Student Court.

  • Double Dutch
    Double Dutch
    Episode 19

    Tia and Tamera enter a double-dutch contest and Tia overworks Tamera, not letting her see her 'guy' Tia drops out after meeting an old childhood bully. Lisa convinces Ray to be Roger's substitute dad. They have trouble baking so Roger buys a cake and gets disqulified.

  • My Guy
    My Guy
    Episode 18
    In exchange for tickets for a sold-out Boyz II Men concert - which Roger failed to get - Tamera promises Elliot, the school nerd, to get Tia to date him. During his make-over, helping Tamera herself starts to see Elliot as the perfect guy. Lisa goes different ways when she expands to dog fashion which soon leads her to the top.moreless
  • Model Tia
    Model Tia
    Episode 17
    Tia is chatting to some guy called Verique on-line. Tamera then sends Tia's picture to him and he reply's saying he likes it and that he is a photographer. Tamera is totally excited then cause she thinks that if Tia makes it big then she can too! They both then ask the parents if they could go and they both say NO!! Tamera then pretends to be Tia and goes anyway! Rodger comes round looking for Tamera to see a movie when they find Tia and Tamera's room a total mess and then they see the email that Tamera sent to Verique. Tia goes looking for Tamera while Rodger stays at home. Lisa and Ray come home to see Rodger and ask where the girls are and he tells them the truth. Mean while Verique asks Tamera to put a Bikini on and she goes in the changing room. Tia comes in and Verique realizes they are twins and lock the door. Tia then opens the door when Tamera is fighting off Verique. Lisa and Ray come and Ray punches him. When they get home they get a big lecture from Ray and then it ends.moreless
  • Three the Heart Way
    Three the Heart Way
    Episode 16
    On Valentine's Day, Tia and Roger are mysteriously struck by Cupid's arrow, which leaves Tamera feeling alone and brokenhearted. Meanwhile, Ray participates in a charity bachelor auction, where his plans to earn the most money backfire.
  • Cafeteria Lady
    Cafeteria Lady
    Episode 15
    Lisa gets a second job as a cafeteria worker at the twins' school and adds zest to the lunchline; everyone seems to be sweet on her efforts but Tia, who's embarrassed.
  • Ski Squad
    Ski Squad
    Episode 14

    When a ski trip is scheduled, Tia and Tamera are going. Tamera, who is afraid, tries to get out of it. While at the cabin an avalanche happens and they get stuck inside. To everyone's surprise, Tia goes crazy. They realize that they need to get out. So Tamera, Tia, and Roger shovel their way out and get to the top of the mountain. Will they get help?

  • Little Man Date
    Little Man Date
    Episode 13
    Tamera experiences public humiliation of the high-school kind when Tia sets her up with her newest beau's brother - unaware that he's a pretentious 9-year-old. Meanwhile, Lisa receives a phone call from Calvin Klein after he sees her billboard.
  • Bring on the Debate
    Bring on the Debate
    Episode 12
    Ray feels threatened by Tamera's devotion to her new substitute music teacher. Meanwhile, Lisa peddles her fashions on the street, and the local ladies misunderstand what's for sale.
  • Some Like It Hockey
    Some Like It Hockey
    Episode 11
    After learning that girls are restricted from hockey-team tryouts, the twins don male disguises and cross-check some extremely chauvinistic guys. Meanwhile, Lisa becomes addicted to home shopping.
  • Double Exposure
    Double Exposure
    Episode 10
    It's time again for the yearbook photo to be taken. Last year's photo was a mess and this year Tamera plans to make it her best yearbook photo ever. Things take a huge turn when Tamera tries an overnight moisturizer, when morning comes Tamera's face is red and blotchy. Tamera begs Tia to take her photo for her so that she wont be an empty spot in the yearbook. This time, Tamera's photo came out great, thanks to Tia, but on the otherhand Tia's own photo didn't present her best side. Tamera is now nominated for beauty queen, and is asked to the school dance by the hottest guy, Pico, an ego maniac, but Tia goes with Eliiot a school nerd. Will Tamera confess that her so called photo is really Tia?moreless
  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes
    Episode 9

    Tia and Tamera come up with a excellent plan to get Ray and Lisa together for a romantic evening. Everything is going planed until Lisa's friend Patrice visits and everything comes to a screeching halt.

  • I'll Be There
    I'll Be There
    Episode 8
    Happy days arrive for Tia when she gets a job at a '50s-themed diner. But her time for "groovin' all through the week" without her twin ends when her boss (Darrow Igus) also hires Tamera. Meanwhile, Ray becomes Lisa's not-so-silent business partner.
  • Boy from the Hood
    Boy from the Hood
    Episode 7
    Tia's suprised when her childhood friend Darnell moves back to Detroit. Darnell soon sets his sight on Tamera. With Tamera at his heels, Tia tries warning Tamera that Darnell is not the same as he used to be, but Tamera ignores Tia's warnings. Darnell then escorts Tamera to a wild party in a dangerous neighborhood. Will Tamera realize that Darnell isn't what he seems to be? Meanwhile, Lisa hangs out with one of her old pals, Patrice.moreless
  • Kid-Napped
    Episode 6
    After the twins' rival steals their friends by hosting a party where the NBA's Kobe Bryant (who has a cameo) is a guest, they kidnap a star rapper (Christopher "Kid" Reid) and have their own party. Meanwhile, Lisa dates a doctor.
  • Sis Boom Bah
    Sis Boom Bah
    Episode 5
    Ray helps the twins bounce back after they try out for the cheerleading team and make the C squad, a.k.a. "the odd squad." Meanwhile, Lisa's gimmick to attract new customers backfires.
  • Daddy's Girl
    Daddy's Girl
    Episode 4
    Tamera grows jealous when Tia begins spending more time with Ray. Ray invites Tia to a father-daughter dance and Tamera grows jealous.
  • Gimme a Break
    Gimme a Break
    Episode 3
    Ray & Lisa just purchased the twins a brand new convertibable, and out past curfew the twins get lost and end up sinking their car in Lake Erie and choose not to tell Lisa and Ray; Meanwhile, Lisa and Ray watch the news and find out the twins car is in Lake Erie, instead of busting them, they give them a lot of running around and chores to do that would be a lot easier with a car.moreless
  • You are So Beautiful
    After an ugly encounter with last year's prom queen Rhonda, the twins start feeling insecure about their looks and question Ray and Lisa about their birth mom. Meanwhile, Ray tries to think of a birthday gift for Lisa.
  • When a Man Loves Two Women
    Over the summer, geeky Roger has transformed. Roger begins dating Tia & Tamera at the same time. When the girls finally find out that Roger's dating them both they get another suprise that Roger isn't dating just them, but half of the other girls at school! When the twins and the other girls realize they are fighting over Roger, they laugh. Roger then ends up with no one and the twins see him as regular old Roger again.moreless
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