Sister, Sister - Season 5

The WB (ended 1999)


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Episode Guide

  • Graduation
    Episode 22
    Tia, Tamera and their friends prepare for graduation. Lisa searches to find the girls a guest commencement speaker for the ceremony while Tamera and Jordan decide on a farewell song. Tyreke feels left out in the celebration since he never got the chance to receive his diploma. He tells Ray that he wants to get his GED after receiving a promotion as full-mechanic and that he will need time off to study. After failing his exam, Tyreke gives up and decides to take Ray up on his promotion. When Tyreke visits Tia, they get into a argument and face a breakup. Once the girls learn of Tyreke's dilemma, he takes the GED exam again and succeeds. Commencement for the class of 1998 begins with Superbowl MVP Terrel Davis giving a touching speech and ending with Roger performing a song for his friends.moreless
  • Shoeless
    Episode 21
    In a parody of "Cinderella," Tamara's left at home to clean house while Tia and the gang attend Jordan's party - until her grandfather plays fairy godfather to make the impossible possible.
  • Prom Night
    Prom Night
    Episode 20
    Lisa makes dresses for the twins prom, but they buy their own. At the prom, they realize everyone has the same dress so they go back to the limo and get the dresses Lisa made. Will they have a perfect prom, or will it be a disaster?
  • You Had To Be There
    You Had To Be There
    Episode 19
    The girls haven't left for college yet, and they're already missing Roger. But when he tags along to the mall with their boyfriends, they're sorry they ever met him. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to avoid having her picture taken by Ray and confessing her fear of cameras.
  • I Have a Dream
    I Have a Dream
    Episode 18

    Tamera is reluctant to go on in life and finish high school. One night she dreams she encounters historical figures who paved the road before her, only they carry the same reluctant attitude towards what they must do, and Tamera must convince them to carry on with their dreams.

  • Young at Heart
    Young at Heart
    Episode 17
    The twins sneak into an over-21 dance club to see hip-hop artist W.C. (appearing as himself). Meanwhile, Lisa sneaks out of the house to go on a date with Aaron, a just-over-21-year-old.
  • Ladies' Choice
    Ladies' Choice
    Episode 16
    After Tia impresses the WNBA's Lisa Leslie (appearing as herself) at a book signing, she's offered a dream job with the organization's media department. But accepting the job means giving up her other dream - college.
  • Ladies in Waiting
    Ladies in Waiting
    Episode 15
    Tamera decides to make her family proud of her in order to overcome her feelings of inferiority.
  • Rosebud
    Episode 14
    Tamera feels she has something to prove when she pledges an elite sorority, but the club president has other plans for her new plebe. Meanwhile, Ray's old girlfriend Vivica "borrows" his business practices for her own use.
  • The Laws
    The Laws
    Episode 13
    After the twins and Diavian are engaged in a battle of the sexes with their beaus, Lisa introduces the girls to "The Laws." The R&B teen trio 702 performs.
  • In Sickness and in Health
    The twins try to reunite Lisa with her younger sister Darcy, whom she hasn't spoken to in years. Lisa refuses, until Darcy announces that she's in need of surgery.
  • Mo' Credit, Mo' Problems
    The twins' car breaks down in a bad area and they must get help. Using a payphone they get hold of Ray. Meanwhile, Ray and Lisa go to an opera and Ray disturbs the other people around his seat.
  • Two's Company
    Two's Company
    Episode 10
    After Tia and Tyreke tire of Tamera tagging along on their dates, they decide to find her a boyfriend. Tamera has a fight with Jordan, the newpaper editor and she has to do her article over. Who will Tamera find as a boyfriend? Meanwhile, Lisa is asked to eulogize a woman she disliked.moreless
  • Best Policy
    Best Policy
    Episode 9

    Tamera accepts Tia's wager that she can't tell the truth for one week, but she faces a dilemma when she spies Ray's girlfriend Vivica cheating on him; a prominent client asks Lisa's opinion about the fit of a gown, forcing her to decide if honesty is really the best policy.

  • Popular Mechanic
    Popular Mechanic
    Episode 8
    Tia's mysterious new friend Tyreke asks her out on a date which, of course, she accepts. When he arrives at the house, everyone learns that he is Ray's new mechanic whom he's mentoring. When Ray discloses that Tyreke once was a former juvenile delinquent, he forbids Tia from seeing him.
  • A Friend Indeed
    A Friend Indeed
    Episode 7
    Tamera entangles Tia and her friends in a sticky web of deceit after she lies about being able to get a celebrity to appear at a school fund-raiser. Music group Immature performs.
  • Child's Play
    Child's Play
    Episode 6
    When it is SAT time at school Tia starts freaking out, but Tamera is taking it easy. When the twins ask Ray Lisa for a tutor, Ray says he should do it. Not happy by this, the twins say they need a real tutor. After finding a tutor, (Tahj Mowry) they get to work. They work all morning and Tia still doesn't feel prepared. So TJ goes to plan B, making them relax. TJ says he missed out on all the fun 'kid' stuff like riding a bike. This tempts Tia, Tamera, and Diavian to help him out. They then take him to "the place to have fun" and Tia finally chills out.moreless
  • It's My Party
    It's My Party
    Episode 5
    The twins heed an uncle's birthday advice to "seize the day" by skipping school and flying to Chicago for a hip-hop concert instead of celebrating with their parents, but a series of misfortunes turns their dream day into a nightmare - especially when Lisa and Ray uncover the truth.
  • Show Me the Money
    Show Me the Money
    Episode 4
    Tamera learns that even the best plans can go wrong when she decides to fight Tia's battle with her boss, who's paying a male employee more money; her decision to pose as Tia and demand equal pay gets her sister fired. So now Tamera has to get Tia's job back before she gets there. Will Tia lose her job, or will Tamera become "hero of the day" and get Tia her job back.moreless
  • Working Girls
    Working Girls
    Episode 3
    Tamera and Ray have a falling out over his new girlfriend Vivica who, she says, has turned him into a "gallivanting, promise-breaking Romeo." Meanwhile, Tia lands a job at a mall bookstore and becomes enamored of a mysterious customer.
  • A Separate Peace
    A Separate Peace
    Episode 2
    The girls move into separate bedrooms after they insist that they're growing apart.
  • Designer Genes
    Designer Genes
    Episode 1
    Lisa learns of a benefit fashion show and tries to persuade one of the designers to look at her portfolio. When she fails, Tia and Tamera strike a pose and sneak backstage - as models. Supermodel Beverly Peele appears as herself.