Sister, Sister

Season 2 Episode 18

Single White Teenager

Aired Unknown Apr 14, 1995 on The WB
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Single White Teenager
Tamera finds a new buddy while Tia's sick at home, but the twins are freaked out when the girl begins to act and dress like them in order to secure their friendship.

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  • Kind of weird.

    Tia is sick, so Tamera starts hanging out with Denise. They become great friends! WHen Tia is better, Denise comes in dressed like them and acting like them. She even uses her middle name, Tanya. Some elderly neighbors are robbed, so Ray and Lisa go on a neighborhood watch. When they get home, the old couple steals things from them. It turns out that they are criminals.

    This was a good episode. I thought that Denise was really creepy. Tia and Tamera should've been nicer though. I can't believe that those old people were the real robbers. This episode gets a 9.0!moreless
  • good episode

    This was about an new girl who wanted new friends at any cost which includes acting just like them and dressing like them too and basicly just sucking up to them at any cost. So tamera partners up with the new girl and soon enough they become friends. But when tia comes back the new girl doesn't have a partner any more and wants to hang out with the two and freaks them out especially when they saw a picture of them selfs in her basement. Also when she came to their house a couple of times dressed like them.moreless
  • Awwww! So cute!

    Aww, this episode was just adorable! Tamera made a new friend who she got very close to, while Tia was at home, feeling sick. Then their new friend starts dressing like them and acting like them. They start to get very freaked by this, and they try to get rid of her. What they end up doing is really hurting her feelings. She's the kind of girl who just needs some friends by her side, and Tia and Tamera didn't unserstand that. I think when you're feeling lonely, you tend to imitate the first friend you make to keep the friendship. Still, I think it's best to just be yourself when making friends.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Disney Channel cut these scenes:

      • Denise and Tamera hanging upside down in gym class
      • Denise and Tamera laying on the couch burping
      • Denise and Tamera checking out boys in the hallway
      • Lisa rant about Floyd and Betty's underwear
      • The footage of the reproducing fungus

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Lisa: I'm gonna go stand watch in the kitchen.
      Tia: You need mustard don't you.
      Lisa: Yep, this turkey leg's dry.

    • Lisa: Just stand behind me.
      Ray: Well what if they have a gun?
      Lisa: Just stand in front of me.

    • Officer: Put your hands up!
      Lisa: Okay but I haven't shaved in three weeks.

    • Ray: I don't believe this, they stole the coffee machine too... they even got the muffins.
      Lisa: Sorry, Ray, that was an inside job.

    • Lisa: I know how you girls feel, one time I ran into this lady, she looked exactly like me, wore the same clothes as me, had the same hair as me, talked the same as me.
      Tia: What'd you do?
      Lisa: I realized I was drunk staring into the ladies' room mirror.

    • Lisa: After that robbery, I just want to make sure if anything happens I'm here to protect you.
      Tia: With a turkey leg?
      Lisa: Yep, it's a weapon and a snack.

    • Betty: (coming down the stairs) Floyd you idiot, you forgot the laser disc player! (sees Lisa and Ray) Back so soon!
      Lisa: Oh this is rich, we' being robbed by the Keebler elves.

    • Floyd: They even stole our clapper.
      Betty: Now when we do this (claps twice), we just get on each others nerves.

    • (at the end of a neighborhood watch meeting)
      Ray: So long, neighbor.
      Lady: Oh I don't live around here, I just came for the cookies.
      Lisa: Been there.

    • (describing the robbery)
      Lisa: They stole their washing machine during all they' underwear.
      Ray: Lisa, please.
      Lisa: Ray it's winter, think of the chafing.

    • Tamera: Why are you acting so crazy!
      Denise: You guys think I'm crazy?
      Tia: Why are our pictures all over your wall !
      Denise: You guys have pictures of your friends in your locker.

    • Lisa: I told you if that girl wants to be a sister she should change her name to LaTanya.

    • Denise: I'm going by my middle name now, Tanya, isn't that cool? Tia, Tamera, and Tanya.

    • Denise: Do you guys like my hair?
      Tia: We love it!
      Tamera: We have it.

    • (Ray and Lisa are talking to the elderly neighbors who were just robbed)
      Ray: The important thing is nobody got hurt, and they're gone now.
      Lisa: Yeah, of course there was that one case on "Unsolved Mysteries", where they made copies of the keys, they came back, chopped them up into a thousand pieces, wrapped them in cellophane, gave them out as candy at Halloween.

  • NOTES (2)