Sister, Sister

Season 2 Episode 16

Smoking in the Girls' Room

Aired Unknown Mar 31, 1995 on The WB

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  • My favorite so far!

    I loved this episode! Tia and Tamera start smoking. They get a second phone line and Ray buys tons of electronics. Lisa snoops around and finds out that they were smoking. Fortunately, Tia and Tamera quit on their own. Roger helps Ray set up the sattilite on the roof.

    This was a great episode! I liked the conscience of Lisa. The little angel and the little devil. That was funny! It was a great scene when Ray, Lisa, Tia, Tamera and Roger were all together in the dark. This episode was awesome and I think it'll be one of my favorites! It gets a 10!
  • See what smoking does to you?

    Tia and Tamera are smoking cigarettes, and they do not want their parents to find out. They feel that their parents poke into their privacy too much, and they are fed up with it. Still, sometimes, parents need to get a wee bit nosy when it comes to serious matters like this particular one. Smoking is absolutely dangerous and can kill you if you do it too much.

    I do agree that everyone needs to respect other people's privacy, but when it comes to life and death situations, then you have to get a little nosy. It's to protect the ones you love from killing themselves and making themselves sick. That's what the twins were doing, hurting themeselves.