Sister, Sister

Season 4 Episode 11

Some Like It Hockey

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 1996 on The WB



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    • Lisa: Hello? Is it true you can restore my credit, no questions asked? Whoo! Oh, wonderful! Yes, my name is Lisa Laundry. (the person hangs up) Hello?

    • Lisa: Oh, it was horrible. I was just standing in line a Freddy's Fabric World, eating some free candy at the register like I always do, and...and this punk, he pulled out a pair of scissors!
      Ray: He attacked you?!
      Lisa: Not me, my Visa! (pours out cut up credit card from her purse) Nothin' left but Visa's pieces.

    • Ray: Lisa, don't you see what's going on here? Your spending problem has become a full-blown obsession. You're hooked on the Shopping Home Network! You're out of control!
      Lisa: Ray, that is just stupid. I am hooked on nothin'. I can quit anytime I want. Anytime.(answers the door)
      Delivery Man: Lisa Landry, you ordered a milking machine.
      Lisa: Oh, help me Ray, there's a cow coming tomorrow!

    • Ray: Lisa, why do we have a cookie jar that plays the national anthem?
      Lisa: Hey! Those yellow wafers were baked in America, buddy!

    • Tia: You just got beat by a couple of girls.
      Tamera: Game Overrrrrrrrr!

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