Sister, Sister

Season 3 Episode 9

Thanksgiving in Hawaii (1)

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1995 on The WB
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Thanksgiving in Hawaii (1)
Lisa and Terrence were going to take Tia to a time share in Hawaii for Thanksgiving, but since their break up things are different. Lisa thinks Terrence won't go, and Terrence thinks Lisa won't go. Of course, they both do go. Lisa invites Ray and Tamera to join them for a family Thanksgiving while Terrence invites Tonya, Ray's ex-girlfriend. When they all show up at the condo, chaos ensues. A traditional Thanksgiving this is not. The twins decide to slip out and explore the island, only to find themselves on a sail boat drifting out to sea. John Ratzenberger guest stars as "Gus" the transplanted islander/handyman of the condo complex.moreless

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  • Two parts!

    Tia and Lisa are going to Hawaii for Thanksgiving! Tamera also wants to go. After Ray breaks up with his girlfriend, he decides that he and Tamera should go too. Roger is supposed to stay with Ray and Tamera, but they forget to tell him that they are in Hawaii. They see Terrence and Tonya, Ray's ex-girlfriend, there in the same room as them. Tia and Tamera try to get two boys' attention, so they drift out to sea, hoping that they'll save them.

    This was a good episode! Very funny how they all ended up in Hawaii. Barry Watson, from 7th Heaven, is a guest star! This episode gets a 9.0 from me!moreless
  • greta thansgiving fun!

    okay twins stuck in hawaii, i love this episode! its so hilariosly funny. ray and lisa are so funny together. i find it all funny. theres never a dull boring moment in this show. its laufghs all the way. sister, sister was, is, and will always be one of my favourite shows. theres probably not one kid in the whole of england who didnt like sister sister when it was on. it sometimes comes on. i love watching these re-runs. there so great. i look back at all the stuff that was going on. this holiday episode was great. tia and tamera get lost at sea- how hilarious!!!moreless
John Ratzenberger

John Ratzenberger

Gus Kiamilikimaka

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Kellita Smith

Kellita Smith


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Johnny Brown

Johnny Brown


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Dorien Wilson

Dorien Wilson


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    • (Tia and Tamera are stranded on a boat in the ocean)
      Tamera: I just thought of another movie. JAWS!
      Tia and Tamera: HEEEEEEELLLP!!!

    • Tamera: Hey, check out the pig boys!

    • (Terrance and Tonya arrive at the family's lei-lei in Hawaii and begin arguing with Lisa and Ray)
      Tamera: Well Tia, you finally got what you wanted: friends and family for Thanksgiving.
      Tia: Yeah, as Jim "Gomer Pyle" Nabors would say "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise".

    • Ray: Tamera, you told Roger were going t Hawaii, right?
      Tamera: Yeah, I had Tia call.
      Ray: Okay, good.
      Tamera: Tia, you told Roger we're leaving for Hiwaii, right?
      Tia: Oh yeah, Mom told him.
      Tamera: Okay good.
      Tia: Ma, you called Roger and told him we're going to Hawaii, right?
      Lisa: Ray called.
      Tia: Good.
      Lisa: Say Ray, you told Roger you're coming with us to Hawaii, right?
      Ray: Yeah, it's all taken care of.
      (Later, meanwhile, Roger is sitting in their house in the dark)
      Roger: I think something is terribly wrong.

    • Ray: We'll be able to hear the ocean at night.
      Gus: No sir, I'm afraid you won't. It's drowned out by the hum of the ice machine.

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