Sister, Sister

Season 3 Episode 22

The Audition

Aired Unknown May 15, 1996 on The WB

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  • One of my favorites of this show.

    Casey Kasem, an alumnus of Roosevelt High, is scheduled to return to his alma mater to dedicate a performing arts center, and an audition is held to pick a student to perform at the festivities. So Tia challenges the most popular girl in school by making Tamera sing in the talent show. So Tia was willing to do anything to not do the most popular girl in school homework. Meanwhile, Ray bets Lisa that he can tighten his weekly budget to a measly twenty dollars, only to find out that the belt is a bit more snug than he anticipated.
  • Casey Kasem! (AKA Shaggy from Scooby-Doo)

    Casey Kasem, an alumni from Tia and Tamera's school is coming to judge and pick the winner for his award. They're naming the auditorium after him. Tamera and Marva are the finalists. Tia made a bet with Marva that Tamera will win and if she loses, she has to do Marva's homework for a long time. Tamera sings the blues, but can only do it if she's sad. She gets back together with her ex-boyfriend and it makes her extremely happy! Tamera sings the song sadly because she imagines that Marva is kissing her boyfriend, but what she doesn't know is that they really are. Ray and Lisa bet that Ray can't last a week with only $20 of spending money.

    This was a great episode! It was cool seeing Casey Kasem. This episode gets a 9.5!
  • Talent show at Roosevelt high

    I personally thought that Tamera's choice of song was particularly moving and she preformed it so well and conviencing. This girl can SING! I was happy to see a guest spot by Casey Kasem who is one of my favorite voice actors and we again saw Rhonda who remains to be an evil person. I was pleased that Tamera won this episode and a little shocked buy the revelation that her boyfriend was seeing Rhonda. Jerk. But she moved past it and when was there ever a dog named Lu-lu? Plot discrepancy alert! A fine example, well dont cast and crew.