Sister, Sister

Season 1 Episode 1

The Meeting

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 1994 on The WB

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  • Pilot

    The twins discover each other in a clothing store, but learn that they may be separated again when Lisa confesses that she was fired weeks ago and has found a new job in St. Louis. The twins conspire to run away together to Minneapolis-St. Paul, the "twin cities," but are found by Ray and Lisa, who agree to share Ray's house together despite their strong mutual dislike. Nice show, nice episode, nice to watch! I think this is a great idea for a show. And the pilot is the beginning of many great episodes. Watch Sister sister if you are interesting in nice shows about two sister who meet at age 14, to discover they are twins! The only probelm is their mom and dad hate each other.
  • Great!

    Tia and Tamera tell the story of how they met. They meet in a department store and it shocks them to find someone who looks exactly like them. Tamera has a dad, Ray and Tia has a mother, Lisa. They want to be with each other as much as possible. Lisa tells Tia that she lost her job, but she found a new one, but it's far away. Tia and Tamera fun away. Lisa and Ray find them and they decide to talk about it. Lisa and Tia move in with Ray and Tamera. Tia meets Roger, Tamera's annoying next door neighbor.

    This was a great pilot! I liked how they met! It was funny and classic! This was a great episode and I think it deserves a 9.5 out of 10!
  • great!:D

    i loved tyhis show from when i first saw it. it was funny original and did i mention funny. funny is not the word to descibe this show. more like it was HILARIOUS. the way the twins met was great. i still watch re-runs of this and i wont stop. the show started when i was two years old but nevr reached england until around the time i was 4 which was the age i started to get into comedies. it was weeird because i still dont know how i understood the 'big' words they used. last night i watched a re0run and laughed all the way through it. its such a classic show that i miss dearly even though there are still re-runs.the show should have carried on but the girls were getting older and i guess tia and tamera mowry wanted to do other things and not be known for the twins in sister sister. this show was, is and will always be a great show
  • The twins discover each other in a clothing store, but learn that they may be separated again when Lisa confesses that she was fired weeks ago and has found a new job in St. Louis. The twins conspire to run away together to Minneapolis-St. Paul, the "twin

    this is a review on the first episode of sister sister when tia and tamera first met each other in a mall. the show was very funny to me it reminded me of my little siter some times we get along and some times we fight a lot. tia and tamra had some times when they switched places. the first time they met each other they were scared and shocked. i rember ray grabbed tamera thinking it was tia and she stared screaming and lisa came to help her and that was the same time when tia walked over there and looked at her and screamed.
  • It was a nice way to start the series. It only gets better from here!

    This episode had great comedy, and also got you to really know the characters well. It also has a lot of suspense. You don't know if Tia and Tamera are going to follow through and go to the "twin cities." The best thing about the episode is that it is a great family episode. This is a must-watch and you won't regret it.
  • First episode was the most important episode out of all of the series.

    The first episode of “Sister Sister” is set mainly in the early 1990’s. The scenes primarily take place either at the mall, Tia’s apartment, or Tamera’s House. Tia and Tamera, both twins, are round characters, because they acquire many traits. For example, both of these girls are twins. They were both adopted into different families, and after 12 years, they are reunited. These girls are the protagonists. They must deal with what to do with their lives now they have found each other. Tia comes from a lower class family, where her mother, who had adopted her was a single parent raising a child. Her mother struggled to keep jobs and had a tough time living in an apartment. On the other hand, Tamera was spoiled, and her dad was much more wealthy than Tia’s mom was. Since they had come from different environments, they viewed life differently. One thing that they did have in common was, they had found each other and they never wanted to loose each other again. Tia’s mother is a flat character, because he only is given couple traits. For example, she is a single mother, and she struggles to keep a job. She would be the antagonist of this episode, because the struggle is, the girls would like to live together, but the mother does not want to because she feels bad for Tamera’s father. Tamera’s father, Ray is a dynamic character, because he undergoes permanent change. At first, he was not too fond of Tia’s mom Lisa, so he did not want them to live under the same roof. At the end, he ends up agreeing with the girls, and Lisa to live together for the sake of the girls. Tamera’s father is also an antagonist to the girls. So if you look at it from a broader point of view, it is Tia and Tamera against Lisa and Ray. In the middle of all this commotion, another character is introduced. Roger, who is Tamera’s next door neighbor. He is definitely a static character, because he stays the same throughout the entire episode. He is one year younger than the girls, and is always over Tamera’s house because he likes them. He is a foil character because, it seems like he is only there to be the middle guy. He does not have a big role. The only thing he does is annoy the girls and is always checking up on them. This character seems to be a fill in for an empty space. The theme of this episode is, don’t give up on what you believe in, because in the end, it just might work out. I think this is the theme, because these girls kept on fighting against their parents to persuade them to live together because they knew they did not want to loose each other again. These girls did not even know they were a twin until that day they met again, and I think the feeling was great to know that there was another family member who was lost years ago, but has been found. The point of view is omniscient 3rd person, because it shows each character’s point of views and the interactions between the characters. This is the first episode, and it is called “The Meeting.” I think this is the most important one out of all of them, because first, it is the beginning one, and second of all, if the episode had not run like it did, then the series would be much more different. If it wasn’t set up for the girls to be twins, and had been separated, and had totally different parents, then the series would have been changed drastically. So therefore, I think this episode is the most important one out of all the other episodes. Plus, this one obviously places a foundation for the upcoming episodes.
    Conflict: The main conflict was person against person. The girls want to live together, because they do not want to loose each other, but the parents disagree.
    Complication: One of the complications presented which made the conflict to be solved much more difficult was, Tia’s mother Lisa had lost her job, so if they did move in with Tamera and her dad, they wouldn’t be able to pay the rent. Also, Tia’s mom wanted Tamera and her dad to move closer to them, but Ray disagreed strongly, which did not help the problem. Both of the parents had problems with this whole living situation and did not want to change how they were living. But, Lisa could not move anywhere anyways because she lost her job, and she was having a hard time paying for the last months rent.
    Crisis: The crisis in this episode is, where the girls announce that they would run away forever if they were not going to live together, which this led to the climax.
    Climax: The climax was, that Ray agreed to let Lisa and Tia live in the house without having Lisa pay the rent, because he understood how hard it had been on Lisa.
    Conclusion: So after Ray deciding that Lisa and Tia could move in, the problem is solved, and now the girls do not have to run away and do not have to loose each other. They get to live under the same roof and once again are reunited.
  • The twins are both shopping at the mall with their parents. Tia asks for a sweater while Tamara asks for a sweatshirt. The salesman can't tell who's who and gets so frustrated he tells them to leave. Both girls meet each other while their parents are argu

    This was one of my favorite episodes. It introduced Lisa as the outgoing and crazy woman she is. I really enjoyed her confrontation with the salesman. I was laughing so hard when I watched that scene because i found her outgoing nature extremely amusing. My favorite line was when she said she would call security for the salesman. My first reaction was "What?!?!" I also like how they introduced Ray as the more professional and respectful parent. He went up to the salesman and said, "There seems to be a slight misunderstanding concerning my daughter". Then Lisa comes up and says, "Yo Pinhead! How do you get off being rude to my daughter". I loved how the characters and personalities were introduced. It was a great episode and really set the tone for the future ones.