Sister, Sister

Season 5 Episode 17

Young at Heart

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 1998 on The WB



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    • Lisa: You are so, so grounded.
      Ray: Grounded?
      Lisa: And no phone.
      Lisa: No phone?
      Lisa: And no TV.
      Lisa: No TV?
      Lisa: Dad, don't question her. You're only making it worst.

    • Jordan: Looks like they're checking I.D.s. (looking at Tamera) Better get yours out cousin Glenda.

    • Lisa: Isn't it about time for your Matlock marathon.
      Ray: I don't watch Matlock. I watch Disgnosis Murder.
      Lisa: (sarcastically) Ooh.

    • Jordan: I've got I.D.s.
      Tia: Wait Hold up, you guys, I am not down with fake I.D.s.
      Jordan: These people arent fake, they're my cousins.
      Tamera: Uh, Jordan, shouldn't my I.D. look like Tia's?
      Jordan: What's your point?
      Tia and Tamera: We're twins.
      Jordan: Just don't stand together.
      Tyreke: Jordan, my guy as hair. Man and it's gray.
      Jordan: So, I have dreds.

    • Aaron: Lisa, are you sure you never drive a motorcycle before? I didn't know my bike could do a two mile wheelie.
      Lisa: Well, it was either that or stop at the red light.

    • Construstion Worker 1: Yo, sexy, can I help you with your bags?
      Construstion Worker 2 : No diggity, I wanna back it up!
      Construstion Worker 3: Excuse me, baby, can I talk to you for a minute?
      Lisa: I don't think so. We're in a hurry.
      Construstion Worker 3: All do, ma'am, I was talking to the honeys behind you.
      Lisa: There are no honeys behind... what? My babies?! You sick little pervert!
      Construstion Worker 1: Calm down, moms.
      Lisa: Moms?!
      Construstion Worker 2 : Hold up, now, lady. We sorry, okay.
      Lisa: Oh, you're sorry all right -- hitting on children!

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