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Season 6 : Episode 11

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Kody, his wives Meri, Janelle and Christine and their 13 kids are a polygamist family in Utah. Koby has decided to add a fourth wife to the family, a woman who is younger than his current wives and three of their children.
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  • Don't even bother

    I'm not a polygamist, but don't bother watching this show if you think this is what polygamy is like. These people are purely in it for the money. Why is this even a show?
  • Robyn+Kody= schemers!!!!!

    After watching this episode and the facial expressions of Kody and Robin when Meri told them reassures me that this was a scheme by was no shock to the a bs fake facial expression from him and Robin.

    Kody manipulated this situation as there is no real reason to divorce for is already in the role of step making this a legal formality.

    He simply wanted to be married to Robin as that is the wife he prefers needs to stop lying to cover up for she feels like a fool which she is.

    Ask yourself this question Robin have done the same for .. no!!!

    Robyn and Kody = liars.

  • The Divorce is a Disgrace

    I liked the show when it first started when they truly lived a life as polygamist's. Meri, Cody & Janelle worked. They lived in one house. It was interesting. Then Robin came into the family & I think she totally changed the dynamics of the family. Meri was his love until Robin. Now he's so in love with Robin, it's so obvious and he's making bad decision's. They make their living from the tv show, so nobody is going to physically leave the money. So Meri divorced Cody, the reason they gave is ridiculous. They could have gotten insurance for those kid's without Cody marrying Robin. I personally think Robin & Cody wanted to get married because of custody of her kids. Which I still think is ridiculous, you don't divorce someone so you can help someone else. They treat marriage like it's a joke. The women I believe were brainwashed by growing up & being taught you have to live this way or you will go to hell. Cody was a Mormon & changed to the polygamy. I see no benefit to the women in polygamy I only see the men benefiting. I wish Meri really was divorcing Cody & getting away. Maybe she would meet someone in college that would love her & just her. I don't really watch the show anymore because I'm disgusted by it. I keep by reading about it & blogs. I think the show should be canceled.moreless
  • This shows you what reality TV is about

    I don't support polygamy right off the bat, however, this isn't my issue with this show. It's about turning these modern taboos into fast money, and exploiting the children, who I feel bad for. How can one man love 17 children equally? I can bet that he doesn't even know the names of half of them. This isn't love. All these women are simply baby-makers cashing in.
  • kody your selfish

    hes crazy lett them have other husbands now you want a nother wife your selfish kody you cant care for them now sure one more mary poor girl gets the blunt of you god told me to tell you let the girls muliply you are cult selfish,ego,controlling freak girls get a nother man like kody says muliply dont take his crap like the others did and your parents did break the cycle four is enough girls grow some ballsyou need other husbands then lets see how he feels about that hes sick and taking advantage of you tell kody no wayyyyy cultist.. thinks hes god... god told me your god a good godmoreless

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