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Kody, his wives Meri, Janelle and Christine and their 13 kids are a polygamist family in Utah. Koby has decided to add a fourth wife to the family, a woman who is younger than his current wives and three of their children.
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  • This shows you what reality TV is about

    I don't support polygamy right off the bat, however, this isn't my issue with this show. It's about turning these modern taboos into fast money, and exploiting the children, who I feel bad for. How can one man love 17 children equally? I can bet that he doesn't even know the names of half of them. This isn't love. All these women are simply baby-makers cashing in.
  • kody your selfish

    hes crazy lett them have other husbands now you want a nother wife your selfish kody you cant care for them now sure one more mary poor girl gets the blunt of you god told me to tell you let the girls muliply you are cult selfish,ego,controlling freak girls get a nother man like kody says muliply dont take his crap like the others did and your parents did break the cycle four is enough girls grow some ballsyou need other husbands then lets see how he feels about that hes sick and taking advantage of you tell kody no wayyyyy cultist.. thinks hes god... god told me your god a good godmoreless
  • Boring and BORING

    Finally I can comment , no-one seems to understand that this show is their bread and butter. $$$$$$$$ How can you not have money for college for daughter but spend tons on ceremony to celebrate their liason. Designers to help big hall etc. They are married to guy that looks like clown to me , how he gets that many wives? and by the way doesn't support all of them. People get so mad because gov't. supports lots of these marriages cause who can afford that many kids? Most of us r reasonable and think about future. Any way made for TV and lots you don't see.moreless
  • I will never agree with your Lifestye

    I have watched this show for several years. I was trying to understand your lifestyle. I have watched the women get jealous etc. I do not feel GOD made the emotion jealousy, to make people share one person. This religion of yours began in the 1800's.. I think you are all following a MAN who was nuts to tell you this Gods Cult leaders start the same way). I feel very bad for your children. You have allowed them to be brainwashed since birth and taught them this is the way. Perhaps you are all chidren born from the same? I know at least two are. I think this is so sad. I am not going to watch to show anymore. I think Kody is disgusting. He looks like a "surfer dude" who is not very bright. I do not know how he got all of you to think this is Gods way. What a waste.moreless
  • that!

    Selfish Mariah is just as selfish as her momma Meri, I am really getting quite sick watching these two cry and whine go get what they want at the expense of the rest of the family. Meri with one child, gets her big house that she wants, and Mariah wants to go to a school that costs triple the tuition of any other school the kids have gone anyone else see this?moreless

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