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Why is it ok for a man to date and not a woman?

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    [1]Oct 7, 2010
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    Most people believe that God created all people equal whether they are black or white or male or female. God loves all His children. So why would He humiliate and degrade women by wanting them to participate in polygamy? I cant imagine my God expecting me and my beloved daughter to see my husband dating and kissing a woman while we remain at home sharing a husband with 3 other woman.

    Please, please, sister wives explain your beliefs more on this and how you even have self esteem and teach it to your daughters. Why do you let your husband degrade you so while he gets all the glory? Do you not know you deserve more than this? Were you not taught how special you are while growing up?


    Buffy Sue SLC, UT

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    [2]Mar 21, 2011
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    I totally agree with you. If a woman wanted and had more than one husband people would be furious. Why is everone accepting this kind of behavior. I can't believe this show is still airing.

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    This may seem degrading to you, but that's because you're culture has taught you to believe that it's wrong. Many women who are part of polygynous families do not find it degrading at all - in fact it's an economically beneficial lifestyle, because it provides more labor and more support within the family. It also can allow women who are sterile to still raise children. You probably don't know this, but there's also another form of polgamy called polyandry, which is the exact opposite of polygyny: it's one wife with many husbands, and it's still observed among the Hmong in Southeast Asia.
    Do you think that's degrading to the husbands, then? It's certainly not degrading to the women. Multiple husbands means extra labor and increased finances.

    Most Euro-Americans are "disgusted" by polygamy simply because they're taught to feel that way, but overcoming your ethnocentrism and opening your mind to the true diversity of human culture can be a wonderful experience. Polygamy isn't inherently wrong - it doesn't automatically mean that anyone is being hurt or oppressed, as is made plainly obvious by this show.
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    [4]Sep 23, 2011
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    Don't want to start a debate with you, but I'm from Africa and I've seen polygamy on a societal scale and all the damages it does. The ones hurt invariably end up being the women and the children because as you pointed out, they are financially dependent on the husband/father. I felt the need to respond because I didn't want my culture for instance to be a rationalization for this type of behavior. A real way to open our minds would be to look at people directly, like the son whose birthday he doesn't remember or the women who have to watch him head upstairs with a woman younger than their child. The only one who seemed 100% okay with this situation was him.
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    [5]Nov 25, 2011
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    Hello. I do not normally engage in forums but having recently watched "Sister Wives" and two nights ago having seen the "wedding" of the fourth wife I feel compelled to add my comments to this forum. I feel that Kody "has it all". He has the freedom to sleep with basically whomever he wants. He is completely self-obsessed and now has four woman kowtowing to all of his demands. I do not speak on a moral level whatsoever but he is engaging in the lifestyle of a womaniser in the guise of marriage. His latest "wife" is way younger and much slimmer than his previous three "wives" and the show where he took 11 days for his honeymoon showed that he is completely besotted with his latest, youngest and most attractive wife. The other three "wives" got 3-day road trips for their honeymoons and had to take care of the latest wife's children while Kody and she had a fabulous honeymoon for 11 days!! OMG ladies, I don't know how old these shows are (I live in Bali and married to my second husband who is a handsome and loving and is totally devoted to me should try it sometime!) the four of you share one man and look after his enormous brood of children while Kody galavants around with his new "wife". It doesn't take a neuro surgeon to see who is his "favourite bed partner" now. Wake up to yourselves ladies, get yourselves a man each and stay friends. Let Kody (through the divorce courts) continue to fund your lifestyle. One of you said "he is the glue" that keeps the family together. I totally disagree. I say that you three ladies are "the glue" that keeps his lifestyle going. I would like to see the three "first wives" give him the boot and realise exactly what you are doing are allowing this selfish, self-obsesses womaniser to have his cake and eat it too. Also, each of you say words like "I feel guilty about being so selfish" when you feel the VERY NORMAL pangs of envy. Well, you have nothing to feel guilty about. What you are feeling are God-given, normal emotions. We are all born with them. We are not lions or giraffes. We humans have been given emotions by God which are normal. What you are feeling is NORMAL. Your lifestyle is NOT normal ladies, well not normal for humans anyway.

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