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  • Debbie Downer

    I have been watching this program since it's inception. Very interesting interactions between the differing wives. So, what I am writing about is "Meri". Over the past 2 yrs. Meri is constantly unhappy and crying- who wants to watch this every week- it's a big DOWNER! For me, a busy, complex and very hard job as an ER Nurse, I use TV as an escape!!! This is getting NOT to be an escape, but more of the same every week. If Meri is going to leave the group, lets get it done and over with-stop dragging it out !!! The audience out here is pretty savvy and see what's coming. PLEASE give us a break from the constant whining and crying by Meri!!!!!
  • Fake Show

    I know this show is fake. Some time ago, I watched an episode of Dr. Phil from 2010. The husband on the show looked so familiar. On this particular Dr. Phil show he went under the name of Jimmy or Johnny. Then I remembered, he is Kody Brown from Sister Wives.

    Another time I was watching an old episode of Dr. Phil also from 2010. It was called Love Triangle - Can a mistress save a It was about a husband, his wife, and his mistress. The wife's name on the show was Chrissy. She looked very familiar. I pulled up an episode of Sister Wives, and sure enough it was Merri. I wonder if Dr. PHil knew about these 2 people. I am sure he did.
  • Don't even bother

    I'm not a polygamist, but don't bother watching this show if you think this is what polygamy is like. These people are purely in it for the money. Why is this even a show?
  • Robyn+Kody= schemers!!!!!

    After watching this episode and the facial expressions of Kody and Robin when Meri told them reassures me that this was a scheme by was no shock to the a bs fake facial expression from him and Robin.

    Kody manipulated this situation as there is no real reason to divorce for is already in the role of step making this a legal formality.

    He simply wanted to be married to Robin as that is the wife he prefers needs to stop lying to cover up for she feels like a fool which she is.

    Ask yourself this question Robin have done the same for .. no!!!

    Robyn and Kody = liars.

  • The Divorce is a Disgrace

    I liked the show when it first started when they truly lived a life as polygamist's. Meri, Cody & Janelle worked. They lived in one house. It was interesting. Then Robin came into the family & I think she totally changed the dynamics of the family. Meri was his love until Robin. Now he's so in love with Robin, it's so obvious and he's making bad decision's. They make their living from the tv show, so nobody is going to physically leave the money. So Meri divorced Cody, the reason they gave is ridiculous. They could have gotten insurance for those kid's without Cody marrying Robin. I personally think Robin & Cody wanted to get married because of custody of her kids. Which I still think is ridiculous, you don't divorce someone so you can help someone else. They treat marriage like it's a joke. The women I believe were brainwashed by growing up & being taught you have to live this way or you will go to hell. Cody was a Mormon & changed to the polygamy. I see no benefit to the women in polygamy I only see the men benefiting. I wish Meri really was divorcing Cody & getting away. Maybe she would meet someone in college that would love her & just her. I don't really watch the show anymore because I'm disgusted by it. I keep by reading about it & blogs. I think the show should be canceled.
  • This shows you what reality TV is about

    I don't support polygamy right off the bat, however, this isn't my issue with this show. It's about turning these modern taboos into fast money, and exploiting the children, who I feel bad for. How can one man love 17 children equally? I can bet that he doesn't even know the names of half of them. This isn't love. All these women are simply baby-makers cashing in.
  • kody your selfish

    hes crazy lett them have other husbands now you want a nother wife your selfish kody you cant care for them now sure one more mary poor girl gets the blunt of you god told me to tell you let the girls muliply you are cult selfish,ego,controlling freak girls get a nother man like kody says muliply dont take his crap like the others did and your parents did break the cycle four is enough girls grow some ballsyou need other husbands then lets see how he feels about that hes sick and taking advantage of you tell kody no wayyyyy cultist.. thinks hes god... god told me your god a good god
  • Boring and BORING

    Finally I can comment , no-one seems to understand that this show is their bread and butter. $$$$$$$$ How can you not have money for college for daughter but spend tons on ceremony to celebrate their liason. Designers to help big hall etc. They are married to guy that looks like clown to me , how he gets that many wives? and by the way doesn't support all of them. People get so mad because gov't. supports lots of these marriages cause who can afford that many kids? Most of us r reasonable and think about future. Any way made for TV and lots you don't see.
  • I will never agree with your Lifestye

    I have watched this show for several years. I was trying to understand your lifestyle. I have watched the women get jealous etc. I do not feel GOD made the emotion jealousy, to make people share one person. This religion of yours began in the 1800's.. I think you are all following a MAN who was nuts to tell you this Gods Cult leaders start the same way). I feel very bad for your children. You have allowed them to be brainwashed since birth and taught them this is the way. Perhaps you are all chidren born from the same? I know at least two are. I think this is so sad. I am not going to watch to show anymore. I think Kody is disgusting. He looks like a "surfer dude" who is not very bright. I do not know how he got all of you to think this is Gods way. What a waste.
  • that!

    Selfish Mariah is just as selfish as her momma Meri, I am really getting quite sick watching these two cry and whine go get what they want at the expense of the rest of the family. Meri with one child, gets her big house that she wants, and Mariah wants to go to a school that costs triple the tuition of any other school the kids have gone anyone else see this?
  • just don't get it !

    I cant believe that 4 women agree to be with 1 man, really! you all pay for your homes,bills,children,cars what does he contribute be sides getting the women pregnant! all I see here is 1 woman is married the rest are just living with him when its your turn! and teaching all the children this is ok. and the first so called wife STOP Crying all the time GEEEZ.
  • Amazed by the Polymasist Brown Family

    Hope you guys see this but doubt you will, but had to let it out anyway. I want you to know how I admire and respect your family and your lives. I am monongomas, so I happened upon the show one day and decided to check it out. I've always had the misconception that all families like yours were those "creepy" families. Due to you, I know the truth. You are normal folks with a different lifestyle. Your family has sooo much love and commitment. I am impressed with the interaction btw the sister wives indepencencies. I am blown away by the reality of the honesty and at the same time holding back with them. And Kody, HOW DO YOU DO IT? Lol. Women can have difficulties btw themselves as friends, and there are so many different personalities, let alone in a family. Your children seem to be well adjusted to this life. Some of them are wanting to choose a monogomas lifestyle in the future, and you as parents respect that. My whole conception of polygamy is changed. I really enjoy watching the show and all it's fascinating dynamics. I am buying something from sister wives company, to support your endeavors. Don't you listen to a single word the negative from people. READ YOUR BIBLE PEOPLE. This lifestyle was very prevalant. Keep working on your beautiful family. I cheer you on!

  • Love you guy and gals

    I truly do not understand the problem they are having. I was in a marrigage with cheating, physical abuse, alcohol. My second marriage was to a drug addict who I kicked out of my life and never looked back. Both sides of the fence experience this, but doesn't mean ALL do. I was brought up during a time when racism was kinda a big thing. I don't conform to anyone. I spent 20 yrs in the military and also have retired from law enforcement. I love this show and I take my hat off to you women. It is something I would not want to do, I am strictly a monogmous person, but have nothing bad to say about how you choose to live your lives. Keep your heads up girls, no shame for you and if we ever met, I would be proud to call you friend!!!
  • love it!

    I love you all! You made me think about your opinions as well as my own. You never push the lifestyle onto others but live what you believe in yourselves. There are problems and joys in every marriage and once people recognize that fact, hopefully society will change. Do your own thing, live your lives as you see fit, and know that there are some of us behind you all of the way. I have a monogomous marriage but would love my daughters just as much if they were to choose a healthy relationship in a single or polygamous relationship. Please don't be discouraged with others who are ignorant, as they will entertain their own views above all others. You are all wonderful people and I appreciate your strength and honesty and love for one another!!! Sincerely, Kim Walus

  • Show and family were better without ROBYN

    Love the show and the family. I honestly think the family and the kids are adorable. HOWEVER, the day Robyn got involved it changed. She makes me sick! LIKE SHE IS THE ONLY WOMAN WHO REGRETS HER FIRST AND FIRST MARRIAGE. GET OVER YOUR SELF!

    She makes everything so dramatic and EVERYTHING is all about her. I can't stand watching her.

    The entire dynamic of this family is different and not in a good way. The relationship with the wives are darn near destroyed since Robyn got there. She is such a cry baby. If it is NOT all about her and what she wants then everybody suffers.
  • Who's the bread winner?

    I watched last night's episode. The wives seem to be the ones paying for everything. They're purchasing homes under their names, not their husband's name, and pay all the bills themselves. What does Kody contribute to the families, financially that is?
  • What the heck!?!?

    This is the stupidest,gayest, crappy show ever! Who wants to watch this stupid family live there life?
  • tears

    can meri and robin please stop blubbering all the that goes for meri's daughter,too.