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Sisters introduced us to a group of sisters, Alex (Swoosie Kurtz), Georgie (Patricia Kalember), Teddy (Sela Ward), Frankie (Julianne Phillips) and Charley (Jo Anderson & Sheila Kelley). They dealt with life, love, children, death, divorce, marriage and virtually everything else. All through they were held together by their mother, Bea (Elizabeth Hoffman).

The show became a hit with viewers. In the first episode we saw Teddy write the word 'Slut' on her sister Frankie's car, and in the last episode we saw the sisters deal with the death of their mother. The audience got to know and love these sisters...

During it's run, Sisters earned one Emmy, which went to Sela Ward in 1994. In total, it received 5 Emmy nominations. Sisters was nominated for two Golden Globes during its six season run: in 1993 (for Best Series-Drama) and in 1994 (for Best Drama Actress-Sela Ward). Kurtz was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award in 1995 and Ward was nominated in 1996.

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"A sister is one who reaches for your hand and touches your heart."



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    Riff Regan

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    • Forget DVDs Hulu/Netflix/Amazon prime, please

      Every Nov. 6 I bring this show up because a special surprise was supposed to happen on the show that night, and I wound up in the hospital waiting to have my first child. He's 20 now. I had forgotten to set the VCR, so it took me 6 years before I got to see that particular episode. This show kept me company when he was in the hospital after he was born (for a month). Georgie's "Some Tuesday in July" speech hits home. They became my sisters, living in my state, going into my city. With a husband who worked the second and third shifts, and a newborn at home, this show was my best friend, sometimes. I would love for it to be on DVD, but I would be even happier if some company put it up to stream. It is an NBC/Universal/USA show, so as soon as they decide it is in their best interest, maybe we will see it. Please, please, please???

    • Put it on DVD now!!! I have a petition going to get it on DVD. Please go to the link below and sign it, please, please, please, please, please - I also have a Facebook group. Link on petition!!!moreless

      Put it on DVD now!!! I have a petition going to get it on DVD. Please go to the link below and sign it, please, please, please, please, please -

      I also have a Facebook group. Link on petition!!!
    • Bring it to dvd!!! I looked forward all week long for this show. I was so disappointed when it went off the air. A wonderful cast, great story lines and very enjoyable to watch.moreless

      Bring it to DVD - Please!!!!! They have brought shows to DVD that were on TV in the 50's.... what's the hold up? I am an only child and although this was fiction it was a source of entertainment and it gave me a much needed break from being a new mom. The story lines were believable and heart breaking at times as well as funny and heart warming. I didn't have a favorite character or story line; they were all great. I can say that I was especially entertained by John's character. All in all, I miss the show terribly and would very much like to purchase the series on DVD.moreless
    • I have brothers and no sisters and I feel like they all are my sisters (smiles) COME ON DVD!

      I have been waiting forever for this tv show called Sisters to be on DVD and ohhh yes I will buy every eposides or seasons I will buy them all! I miss those tv shows! Sisters is the best best tv show ever! They better make Sisters on DVD! Once they make Sisters on DVD it will make me happy ever!
    • The 90's version of brothers and sisters

      This show represents exactly why 90's tv was so good.I was so young when I started watching this show I dont even know how old I was.I use to sit down with my mom and dad and watch it while they watched it.Years later they played the repeats on lifetime and I use to watch them everynight.This show covered everything.Family,love,death and all in a gracefull eliquent way.The scripts and acting were superb I have no idea why this show is not on dvd yet I doubt its because people forgot about it,it is an unforgettable show about an unforgettable family.moreless

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    finding mister right, family tragedy, dramedy, absent parent, alcoholism