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Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • War & Peace (2)
      War & Peace (2)
      Episode 28
      The sisters decide to go their separate ways after Bea's death, believing it was her that held the family together - until she visits each of them.
    • War & Peace (1)
      War & Peace (1)
      Episode 27
      Georgie presents each of her sisters with a copy of her graduate thesis - which is about them; Frankie returns from Japan when Bea suffers a massive stroke.
    • Taking a Gamble
      Taking a Gamble
      Episode 26
      Teddy and Gabe resort to drastic measures to produce a baby; Charley and Wes realize that being married will make it easier for them to adopt Jesse.
    • Housecleaning
      Episode 25
      Alex finds that she has an abundance of free time after her show is canceled; Georgie and Brian are at odds over advice they give to a troubled married couple.
    • Nothing Personal
      Nothing Personal
      Episode 24
      When Alex's show is canceled and Norma is offered a new job as a producer immediately, jealousy threatens their relationship.
    • Guess Who's Coming to Seder
      Big Al is inspired to delve into his own ethnic heritage after meeting a prospective business partner who is an overt bigot; Wes' parents visit. Meanwhile, Georgie thinks that she might be pregnant.
    • The Price
      The Price
      Episode 22
      Alex is delighted to learn that her show might be broadcast nationally, but is hesitant about the sacrifices involved.
    • Dreamcatcher
      Episode 21
      Alex persuades Reed to fight for joint custody of her daughter; Gabe mourns the death of a patient who was also one of his students.
    • Leap Before You Look
      Trevor is reported missing in action while serving in Korea; Bea and Billy's father consider buying the 'Sweet Sixteen' from Georgie.
    • Where There's Smoke...
      Alex and Norma try to gain admittance to Pug's 'men only' cigar club; Trevor comes home from the Army on a weekend pass.
    • Don't Go to Springfield
      Mom and the sisters reminisce when a sudden snowstorm strands all five women in a limousine on a deserted road.
    • A Little Snag
      A Little Snag
      Episode 17
      Immediately after the wedding, the family members gather at the hospital to await the arrival of the heart for Big Al's transplant.
    • The Best Man
      The Best Man
      Episode 16
      The family fears that Teddy will suffer the 'wedding curse'; Alex tries to ensure a speedy heart donor for Big Al.
    • Impersonators
      Episode 15
      Alex vies with her new co-host Pug Finnigan, to win an interview with a local hero; Reed is able to help fulfill the wishes of a dying AIDS patient.
    • Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
      Teddy considers becoming the fourth Mrs. Sorenson; Alex challenges a critical journalist to a debate; Wes announces plans to move to Detroit.
    • The Man That Got Away
      Cat investigates Teddy's carjacking, hoping to find the man who almost killed her mother; Big Al plans for his own demise.
    • A Sudden Change of Heart
      Reed is sentenced to community service in an AIDS hospice; Big Al learns he needs a heart transplant; Gabe fades in the shadow of Teddy's spotlight.
    • A Tough Act to Follow
      Alex begs Reed to end the successful high-class prostitution operation Reed manages. Reed ignores her mother's advice, Alex attempts serious methods to get her to stop. Cat, a police academy cadet, is also confronted with a dilemma when she is asked to gather evidence implicating Reed, who is still her roommate.

      Meanwhile, Georgie becomes obsessed with a hit song that her ex-husband wrote detailing the demise of their relationship. Georgie is angry that John never was a success while married to her and now seems to be blaming her for this.moreless
    • Sleeping Beauty
      Sleeping Beauty
      Episode 10
      Teddy confronts Gabe about another woman; Alex inspires a rich man's contribution to the ballet; Wes worries about Jesse.
    • A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation
      Billy's ex-convict father saves Alex's Thanksgiving dinner, but then her diamond ring disappears; Gabe's troubled daughter drops in.
    • Renaissance Woman
      Almost everyone approves of Georgie's new beau; Teddy and Kiri clash over a fashion fair; Charley learns the ropes of parenting.
    • Change of Life
      Change of Life
      Episode 7
      Alex's denial of menopause leads to strange behavior; Evan's decision to live with his father devastates Georgie.
    • A Perfect Circle
      A Perfect Circle
      Episode 6
      When Alex misses her menstrual cycle, she excitedly thinks she is pregnant. Sadly, she learns that she entered menopause early because of the chemotherapy she had for breast cancer. An boy named Jesse Bayliss, whom Charley has known all his life, becomes orphaned when his mother gets shot by gang members. Charley seriously considers adopting him and giving him the security of a good home that she never had as a child.

      Meanwhile, the board of directors at Teddy's clothing design company ousts her because of her brain injury. Despite Sorenson's assurances that Teddy is fully recovered, the board hires a younger, hipper designer to replace her. Teddy realizes that she still has talent and nothing can stop her from designing clothes.moreless
    • Deceit
      Episode 5
      Georgie's house needs to be fumigated for termites, so she moves in with Brian for their first romantic weekend together. Unfortunately, Brian's roommate, Joe, and Joe's girlfriend disrupt their plans. Alex's producer, Norma, gives birth to a girl but discovers that her own mother, Gladys, is suing for custody of the baby because Norma is a lesbian. Alex tries to arbitrate between them. Alex reluctantly helps Reed get a job at a local department store cosmetic counter. There, Reed arranges a date between her coworker and an older man. The man pays Reed money in return. Romance sparks between Teddy and Dr. Sorenson, who saved her life. However, she resents his using her as an exhibit to obtain a grant.moreless
    • One Fine Day
      One Fine Day
      Episode 4
      After being successfully operated on by Dr. Sorenson, Teddy comes out of her coma with total amnesia. Her family desperately tries to help her remember them by taking her home. Teddy eventually decides she has caused her sisters enough pain, she hits the road. The sisters search all over town for Teddy. Cat and Police Officer Billy Griffin, broadcast an unauthorized police search bulletin. When they get caught, Cat's admission to the police academy is jeopardized, and Billy gets temporarily demoted.moreless
    • The Passion of Our Youth
      Alex reunites with a former college boyfriend, Peter Goodwin, and learns that he is a fugitive from the law seeking her aid. Georgie considers becoming romantically involved with Brian. Her life suddenly gets complicated when her son, Trevor, returns home for the weekend.Cat initially regrets letting the conniving Reed move in with her. But her feelings change when Reed deceives Cat into believing that she saved Cat's life from a gas leak.moreless
    • Out of the Woods
      Out of the Woods
      Episode 2
      Shot in the head by a carjacker she confronted, Teddy appears at first to be only minimally injured. But she soon lapses into a coma, to the distress of her family. While Teddy's loved ones hold vigil, her unconscious mind wanders to the memory of a family camping trip she took as a child.

      The girls get lost in the woods and must struggle to get back to their family. In real life, Alex hears about Dr. Gabriel Sorenson, a brilliant doctor who specializes in head wounds like Teddy's, and contacts him, convincing him to take Teddy's case.moreless
    • 100
      Episode 1
      Reed returns unexpectedly to Winnetka, and tells Alex that her husband, Kirby, took her baby and left her. Later, Alex learns the truth and ends all communication with Reed. Alex, Teddy, Charley and Bea plan a party for Georgie's 40th birthday. However, they plan to re-celebrate her 10th birthday, since Georgie is depressed about her advancing age. Georgie has a fantasy that she is being interviewed by Willard Scott on her 100th birthday, but has no accomplishments in her life to show for it. Teddy proudly buys Cat a new car as her college graduation gift. After they get carjacked, Teddy buys handguns for her and Cat. When Teddy sees the carjacker again, she confronts him, and he shoots her. When Teddy does not arrive for Georgie's party, everyone wonders where she is.moreless
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