Sisters - Season 2

NBC (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Not in a Million Years
    Siblings volunteer to carry Frankie and Mitch's embryo; Teddy may have to hire an ex-convict; Alex gets hooked on a soap opera.
  • Pandora's Box
    Pandora's Box
    Episode 21
    A single mother offers her newborn to Frankie and Mitch for adoption; Alex puzzles over how to tell Victor she's returning to Wade.
  • Heart and Soul
    Heart and Soul
    Episode 20
    Teddy tries romance with a recovering alcoholic; Wade shells out to get Alex back; Georgie is jealous of John's singing partner, Fern.
  • Empty Rooms
    Empty Rooms
    Episode 19
    Alex considers selling her home to pay a deadbeat client's debts; the sisters try to cheer their despondent mother.
  • The First Time
    The First Time
    Episode 18
    Mugging victim Alex springs for a high-tech security system; Teddy learns of Cat's romantic plans; John gets stage fright at a nightclub.
  • A Matter of Life and Death
    The siblings' various duties distract them from their mother's life-threatening condition.
  • The Four Elements
    The Four Elements
    Episode 16
    The sisters help out when a fire destroys Teddy's designs on the eve of a showcase; Frankie and Mitch calculate when to conceive.
  • Tippecanoe and Georgie Too!
    Georgie runs for the school board; Alex fibs to get Reed into private school; Frankie and Mitch try to unload a defective stove.
  • Working Girls
    Working Girls
    Episode 14
    A secretary complains of sexual harassment by the executive who promoted Frankie; Teddy sells cosmetics door-to-door.
  • Troubled Waters
    Troubled Waters
    Episode 13
    Alex can't decide whether to go to awards ceremonies for Wade or for Victor; Frankie chooses Mitch's fishing trip over business.
  • Good Help is Hard to Find
    Georgie confronts the school board over ousting an HIV-positive teacher; Alex fights her maid's deportation.
  • Eggnog
    Episode 11
    Spoiled eggnog ruins Christmas Eve; Frankie sees Mitch comfort Teddy; the ghost of Christmas past visits Teddy.
  • Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back
    Turning in a harassing office Romeo could ruin Frankie's business deal; Teddy has another emotional setback.
  • Georgie Through the Looking Glass
    Georgie revisits the old Reed home and relives past Thanksgivings; collegiate Reed returns from France.
  • The Kindless of Strangers
    Alex's sisters talk her into joining a computer dating service. Victor, a plumber's apprentice, overhears and asks her out. Alex refuses and goes out with a computer match, which turns out to be a disaster. Alex goes out with Victor, gets drunk and wakes up in bed with him the next morning. John and Georgie fight with their neighbor, Mr. Rattner, about their tree that drops leaves in his yard. Evan, whose leukemia prevents him from playing with friends, is up in the tree when Mr. Rattner cuts it down. Frankie has to make a big effort to get along with her abrasive mother-in-law, Naomi Margolis. Finally, Alex surprises Victor by showing up at the pool hall for a date with him.moreless
  • The Family Way
    The Family Way
    Episode 7
    When Georgie misses Trevor's soccer game because she has to take Evan to the doctor, Trevor breaks the windows of a vacant house. When Teddy tells her friend, Hank, that she is pregnant, he asks her to move to New York with him. Teddy finally tells the rest of her family about her pregnancy, omitting who's baby it is. While not entirely shocked by Teddy’s news, given her history, are not happy either. And although Mitch wants to claim the child as his, he's uncertain what to tell Frankie, his wife. Meanwhile, Alex decides to pursue a career in interior design, starting with her mother's apartment. While redecorating, Georgie and Alex accidentally walk in on Bea and Truman in a compromising position.moreless
  • Freedom's Just Another Word
    Hank Seawell and Teddy prepare for the opening of Hank's photography exhibit, a major event, hosted by the Hospital Women's League and Alex, the new Chairperson. Wade brings his young girlfriend to the event. Prompting Alex to bring a handsome but inarticulate man, Victor, who just so happens to be working on her toilet at the time. While trying to make Wade jealous she may have started another fire. When the photos of Teddy (naked) are unveiled, an irate councilman closes the exhibit. John is insulted while a guest on a popular radio show, his children's favorite.moreless
  • A Kiss is Still a Kiss
    Alex encounters an old flame at her high school reunion; Georgie and John try to restore passion.
  • Living Arrangements
    Teddy and Mitch search for runaway Cat; Alex vows to get wild.
  • Strikes and Spares
    Strikes and Spares
    Episode 3
    Alex and Wade meet with their lawyers to negotiate their divorce settlement. Alex tells her sisters that Wade is trying to kill her, but no one believes Alex. Wade discovers that his girlfriend, Tiffany Blue, has hired a hit man to kill the troublesome Alex. Wade thwarts the attempt on Alex's life and decides Alex can have everything she wants in the divorce settlement.
    Frankie finally tells Teddy about the marriage. Teddy, who has just discovered she is pregnant by Mitch, remains silent. Georgie seeks the advice of her sisters about bowling in a tournament. She feels it may be wrong to have fun while her son is so seriously ill. Georgie decides to bowl in the tournament and enjoys helping her team win.moreless
  • The Picture of Perfection
    John continues to receive orders for his vocal tape while he tries to help Mitch with his finances. Mitch needs $25,000 to keep his fish market open. Georgie suggests that he borrow the money from Frankie, but Mitch disagrees.

     As luck would have it, Teddy meets Hank Seawell, a prestigious photographer whose pictures of the homeless she once tried to paint. Seawell has been hired by Alex to take photos of her and Wade. At Teddy's suggestion, Alex decides to spend more quality time with Wade and gets tickets to an interactive theatre show. One of the stars of the show, Tiffany Blue, happens to be having an affair with Wade. Finally, Mitch reluctantly forms a financial partnership with Frankie to save his fish market. When they go to City Hall to file the partnership papers, they decide to get married instead.moreless
  • One to Grow On
    One to Grow On
    Episode 1
    After being diagnosed with Leukemia, Evan starts chemotherapy treatments. This serves to prompt John into sanity. Georgie wants Evan to have a quiet tenth birthday, but Alex disagrees and plans an extravagant party for him. Even eventually thinks he's going to die because everybody is making his party into such a big event. Georgie explains that it's just to make his birthday extra special because he isn't feeling well.

    Teddy tries to reconnect with Cat, who is staying with her father, Mitch. But Teddy has started drinking again, and Georgie forces her to move out of their house. When a client wants Frankie to fly to Tokyo on the day of Evan's party, she feels guilty. Meanwhile, trying to help, Bea talks Teddy into going to Alcoholics Anonymous with her. And Frankie makes it to Evan party before her flight.moreless