Sisters - Season 3

NBC (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • The Icing on the Cake
    Frankie accepts a job in New York; a comedian teaches Alex how to perform stand-up as a way of coping with her disease.
  • Out of the Ashes
    Out of the Ashes
    Episode 23
    Moving into a new house makes Mitch confront Frankie; a diminutive Texas billionaire buys out Teddy's firm and they lock horns over a discount clothing line; Kirby is accepted into a film school in Los Angeles.
  • The Cold Light of Day
    Simon proposes to Teddy; Alex buys a wig from a mystic who claims it has powers; Frankie and Mitch consult a marriage counselor.
  • Some Other Time
    Some Other Time
    Episode 21
    A podiatrist romances Alex; Frankie spends time with an executive; Georgie and John try to rekindle romance.
  • Dear Georgie
    Dear Georgie
    Episode 20
    Georgie is hired to write an advice column for the local newspaper; John thinks Teddy has fallen in love with him; Alex and Frankie accuse Truman of cheating on their mother.
  • Different
    Episode 19
    Worry over chemotherapy makes Alex more sarcastic; Teddy offers to sell her shares to help Simon ward off a takeover; school officials notify Georgie and John that Evan is a genius.
  • Mirror, Mirror
    Mirror, Mirror
    Episode 18
    Alex faces some difficult decisions when her doctor finds a lump in her breast; Frankie tries to resurrect her love life with Mitch; Georgie has a crisis of faith.
  • Moving Pictures
    Moving Pictures
    Episode 17
    A TV movie on the sisters unites Alex with her romantic idol.
  • Things Are Tough All Over
    A fired employee takes Teddy hostage, but Bolt offers himself in exchange; Wade tells Alex he is remarrying.
  • The Whole Truth
    The Whole Truth
    Episode 15
    A screenwriter profiles Georgie's surrogacy and starts family fights; Alex tries to get Reed and Kirby to leave.
  • Crimes and Ms. Demeanors
    Teddy saves negative reviews of her work by fashion columnist Diana Gottfried and holds a press conference in retaliation. Later, Teddy confronts Diana at a restaurant. When Diana is rude to her, Teddy hits her in the face with a pie. Teddy feels victorious, until Diana sues her for battery and $3,000. While backing out of the driveway in her new car, Georgie has an accident involving the neighbor's dog, Speedy. When Alex goes to the cash machine to withdraw money, it accidentally gives her an additional $2,000, which the bank refuses to take back. She decides to spend the money on a cocktail jacket she saw in a store window earlier that day. In preparation for shopping Alex picks up the shopping bag containing Speedy, thinking it is a purse her sister wants to return to the store. Alex and the salesgirl are shocked by what they find inside.moreless
  • All That Glitters
    All That Glitters
    Episode 13
    Restless Frankie wants to curtail her maternity leave, putting her at odds with Mitch; Teddy cautiously agrees to live with Simon.
  • Teach Your Children Well
    Frankie anticipates her first Hanukkah, while Mitch's shop is defaced with Swastikas; Reed and Cat try to reconcile their mothers.
  • Portrait of the Artists
    Teddy learns her high-school beau has AIDS; Frankie over-mothers Trevor and Evan while Georgie vacations; Alex's idol pans her writing.
  • Rivals
    Episode 10
    Jealous of Teddy, Alex launches her own jewelry line; Frankie feels threatened by her mother's ease with the baby; Reed must choose between her husband and her father; Mitch and Bolt face off to see who's the "best" man.
  • The Best Seats in the House
    Nervous Teddy prepares for her fashion show; a prominent women's club asks Alex to join because of Teddy's celebrity; new mother Frankie depends on Georgie too much.
  • Crash and Born
    Crash and Born
    Episode 8
    In a car accident, Georgie goes into labor while pinned in the vehicle.
  • Accidents Will Happen
    The women search for a $60 million lottery ticket Bea lost; Teddy answers to Bolt for firing his employee.
  • Lost Souls
    Lost Souls
    Episode 6
    Teddy unearths her boss's tragic childhood secret; Alex thinks she killed a homeless man; Frankie and Mitch spend the night in a haunted house.
  • Sins of the Mothers
    A visit to Cat's college makes Teddy fear her daughter will become an alcoholic; Alex clashes with animal-rights activists.
  • And God Laughs
    And God Laughs
    Episode 4
    Georgie flashes back after learning John's plane crashed; Bolt coaches Teddy for a news conference spotlighting her line.
  • A Promise Kept
    A Promise Kept
    Episode 3
    At the bar mitzvah of Mitch's nephew, Mitch tells Frankie he wants to raise their son as a Jew. When Frankie announces she's going to convert, Bea shows her disappointment. Meanwhile, Alex volunteers to clean newlywed daughter Reed's new apartment, which is dirty and infested with mice. Reed and Kirby don' t think it's an improvement and reject any further help from Alex. Later, the newlyweds are evicted from their apartment and are forced to move into Alex' s basement. Simon Bolt refuses to hire Teddy's assistant, McKinley, an ex-convict. Teddy is happy for Simon's investment in her company, but she's concerned she may have compromised too much.moreless
  • The Bottom Line
    The Bottom Line
    Episode 2
    Mitch's clam chowder wins a contest, and Mitch becomes "Chowder King of Chicago." A female reporter flirts with Mitch and writes a flattering article about his store, filling it with customers. Teddy meets an eccentric and attractive millionaire, Simon Bolt, who asks her out. Teddy refuses, but Simon is persistent, eventually convincing Teddy to let him invest in her company, “Teddywear.” Georgie's binging in her last weeks of pregnancy alarms all.moreless
  • Sunstroke
    Episode 1
    Alex wants Bea to have the perfect wedding, but Bea doesn't like her daughter's plans. While Alex spends a romantic evening with her ex-husband, Wade, Reed informs them that she wants to quit college to be with Kirby. Later Reed informs everyone that she has married Kirby, and Alex reacts by breaking every piece of crystal in her house. Frankie is concerned that Georgie, who is seven months pregnant, may be over-exerting herself, so she hires a housekeeper for Georgie. And Georgie ends up feeling stressed and “hormonal” as a result. Bea and Truman decide they want to elope. And with the whole place prepared for a wedding service, Reed and Kirby get Alex's blessing and agree to go through with the ceremony.moreless