Sit Down, Shut Up (Australia)

Network Ten (ended 2001)


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  • Sit down, shut up was a TV comedy set around a group of mediocre high school teachers. Short lived and needed more time to mature.

    Sit down, shut up was a TV comedy set around a group of mediocre high school teachers that had big problems gaining respect from students and fellow members of staff. The program was a comical look at teachers and their inability to appear "cool" to anyone or find a life outside the school grounds.

    The characters saw the teachers and principal often running the school more by accident then following any curriculum. The sports teacher was a wirey and strange looking character that often liked to pretend he knew alot about women. Of course, he didn't and would often get his advice from the schools equally dimwitted IT teacher.

    The schools grounds keeper didn't say much and often appeared when staff members were in a conversation that had nothing to do with him. The principal would often bring the teachers in to councel them on issues that had occured often to make the situation even more disasterous.

    All the teachers tried to relate to the students, but some were more successful than others. There was the sex maniac ladies man, the hot blond female teacher, the strange IT guy that offers useless advice, the P.E teacher that is most likely a virgin and often has strange gay tendencies and few other characters that I can't recall at this time.

    The show was entertaining enough, but was written more for the networks teen fans. If the show was allowed one more season and developed for a more adult audience we may have seen this show last a few more years. Unfortunately, Australian television networks don't allow Australia content to develop and secure a fan base. In the end axing was inevitable.

    Entertaining for a teenage audience or someone who can remember the useless teachers they had during high school.
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