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Sit Down, Shut Up

Sunday 8:30 PM on FOX Premiered Apr 19, 2009 Between Seasons


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Sit Down, Shut Up

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Developed for American television by Mitchell Hurwitz (Arrested Development), Sit Down, Shut Up is based on the Australian show of the same name. Featuring animated characters against non-animated backgrounds, the show focuses on the lives and quirks of nine staffers of small town Knob Haven High School in Florida.

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    • Quite possibly the worst of Fox.

      SDSU is really at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Fox animation, and for good reason. For a while, I thought that this show had been permanently wiped away from recesses of my mind, that is until I came across an old article on this show. From what I can remember, the only redeemable quality about this show was the hippie science teacher (Contradiction Alert!), and the fact she was quite attractive. That's really it. And as if it really matters. That's about as far as you can get from a redeemable quality while still being a redeemable quality, and that's just sad.moreless
    • Get Up, Tune Out

      After The Simpsons had delightfully poked fun of the education system for many years, I was expecting more of the same type of humor from "Sit Down, Shut Up". Boy, was I ever wrong. The characters are not even as remotely entertaining as Principal Skinner, Groundskeeper Willie, Mrs. Krabapple, Miss Hoover, or even . Pommelhorst; nor the stories memorable. How this piece of sh*t lasted for a whole season is beyond my comprehension. One of the ten worst animated sitcoms ever.moreless
    • its really that bad

      this show is just terrible if you dont believe me then how come it got cancelled after thirteen episodes. comedy central picked this $hit up for around three months and it gou cancelled and why you ask well the first reason is i have never see anything look terrible like this its basically paper cut outs in real life the second reason is the plots and jokes are medicore and just plain stupied the third reason is the characters are just annoying and mediocore and none of them are likeable the fourth reason is it just sucks thats my review.moreless
    • A decent show

      I was looking forward to watch this show after I saw some promos and read what it was going to be about. I really liked the unique animation style.

      This show has some awesome cast, and often breaks the fourth wall, which is sometimes funny, sometimes not. The humor in the show is not the best. But, well, the show itself is very enjoyable, in my opinion.

      I think it is a bit unfair that this show only got like 13 episodes. It just didn't get a chance. I really liked the pilot. It had some humorous jokes. Renew this show!moreless
    • Just doesnt seem that well thought out.

      A bunch of teachers working at a school and how much their lives suck. That's all it is. If ever there was a weaker attempt at a plot, this is defintely it. The animation is eh....okay, but Simpsons owns in now that it's in HD. THe characters just seem a little boring with no real personality, the comdey seems to be droll and unfunny, the sterotypes are unbeileiveable. Honestly, this show is even worse then American Dad, and believ me, that's gone done the crapper. Overall, this show just seems to be a poor attempt by Fox to get ratings. Stick to Simpsons, Family Guy, even American Dad if you really like it, but stay away from this show with a 10 foot pole.moreless

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    oblivious bumbling, obscure jokes, outrageous situations, quirky characters, witty remarks