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Sunday 8:30 PM on FOX Premiered Apr 19, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Quite possibly the worst of Fox.

    SDSU is really at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Fox animation, and for good reason. For a while, I thought that this show had been permanently wiped away from recesses of my mind, that is until I came across an old article on this show. From what I can remember, the only redeemable quality about this show was the hippie science teacher (Contradiction Alert!), and the fact she was quite attractive. That's really it. And as if it really matters. That's about as far as you can get from a redeemable quality while still being a redeemable quality, and that's just sad.
  • Get Up, Tune Out

    After The Simpsons had delightfully poked fun of the education system for many years, I was expecting more of the same type of humor from "Sit Down, Shut Up". Boy, was I ever wrong. The characters are not even as remotely entertaining as Principal Skinner, Groundskeeper Willie, Mrs. Krabapple, Miss Hoover, or even . Pommelhorst; nor the stories memorable. How this piece of sh*t lasted for a whole season is beyond my comprehension. One of the ten worst animated sitcoms ever.
  • its really that bad

    this show is just terrible if you dont believe me then how come it got cancelled after thirteen episodes. comedy central picked this $hit up for around three months and it gou cancelled and why you ask well the first reason is i have never see anything look terrible like this its basically paper cut outs in real life the second reason is the plots and jokes are medicore and just plain stupied the third reason is the characters are just annoying and mediocore and none of them are likeable the fourth reason is it just sucks thats my review.
  • A decent show

    I was looking forward to watch this show after I saw some promos and read what it was going to be about. I really liked the unique animation style.

    This show has some awesome cast, and often breaks the fourth wall, which is sometimes funny, sometimes not. The humor in the show is not the best. But, well, the show itself is very enjoyable, in my opinion.

    I think it is a bit unfair that this show only got like 13 episodes. It just didn't get a chance. I really liked the pilot. It had some humorous jokes. Renew this show!
  • Just doesnt seem that well thought out.

    A bunch of teachers working at a school and how much their lives suck. That's all it is. If ever there was a weaker attempt at a plot, this is defintely it. The animation is eh....okay, but Simpsons owns in now that it's in HD. THe characters just seem a little boring with no real personality, the comdey seems to be droll and unfunny, the sterotypes are unbeileiveable. Honestly, this show is even worse then American Dad, and believ me, that's gone done the crapper. Overall, this show just seems to be a poor attempt by Fox to get ratings. Stick to Simpsons, Family Guy, even American Dad if you really like it, but stay away from this show with a 10 foot pole.
  • I don't want to be rude knowing that this show was a rookie but let's be honest...Sit Down, Shut Up plain out sucked. I mean I said in the Cupid review, remakes don't work out and this is just another example of that like Cupid and Life on Mars.

    I started watching this show because it seemed to me that animated series on FOX really succeeded but this one didn't. I mean I like the fact that it was part real and the other was animation but this series was not interesting at all. It wasn't funny and the characters were mostly boring. The pilot was the only thing that I liked about this series but maybe that was because I expected this show to succeed like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad...but I was dead wrong. I shouldn't have thought that. The little time it lasted it didn't make me laugh but I knew that the producers had a smart idea for this series, it just didn't work out.
  • Is this a Bromwell High clone? Let me count the ways...

    Almost every character in this show is a carbon copy of another in Bromwell High. Almost unashamedly so. Let's go through them:

    Sue Sezno = Keisha (the pushy loudmouth)
    Muhannad = Iqbal (the stereotypical middle easterner)
    Helen = Ms. Dickson (the uptight/sexually aggressive teacher ... OK, librarian in this case)
    Miracle = Latrina (the slutty blonde)
    Larry L. = Mr. Phillips (the clueless PE teacher)
    Stuart = Gavin (the completely clueless imbecile)

    I know the show is based on the Australian version (which I have not seen and will not comment on), but the similarities between this show and Bromwell is mind-blowing. There is no way on Earth anyone will be able to convince me that this was a coincidence. The style of the character interactions, the mentally deficient students and faculty, the absurd sexual's BROMWELL HIGH for cryin' out loud!!
  • Aweful...

    terrible, disappointing, an absolute bore, I hope it gets cancelled soon, I could find nothing redeeming or funny in this show, the characters are uninteresting, the writing is bland, The overall quality of this show is low, this just doesn't belong in the company of family guy and the simpsons, I can't see any reason i'd watch this show ever again. Just brutal. It makes fox look like they are really reaching to find new content, this is a show i'd expect to see on the catoon network or some cable channel, but not fox. i'll be changing the channel between the simpsons and family guy.
  • Great entertainment

    Oh, I just love it. And not only because I get to hear Will Forte, it's actually quite good. I dunno what's up with everyone hating it, but I'm all for it. It's great.
    Although I do tend to get sick of the Miracle/Larry thing.And principal Sue is great(oh, SNL people..).
    Since I'm not a big fan of cartoons, well, maybe Futurama, I know that I'm not the main target audience, but I think it speaks for itself that I actually enjoy this. Unlike Simpsons. Or Family Guy(which is so boring, I'm surprised it's such a hit). So, go ahead "Sit Down, Shut Up!", I'm on your team!
  • Didnt get a chance

    I cannot believe that after 4 episodes, FOX decided to can the show! Even this show deserves a chance to gain a considerable fanbase. I know people are gonna disagree but I really don't care what people with no sense of when a show is good or not, think! The show I thought was funny and is better than other shows that come about today, the only reasonably fine one thats come out recently that I can think of is The Goode Family. I wish that FOX will give this show another chance at some point instead of letting it fall into the shadows, but hey their a bunch of moronic Republican Butt Buddies, so of course they won't. But Id like to be proven wrong on that!
  • I'm sorry, Mo Willems shouldn't be part of this project.

    Hi, I'm SSS1989 and I'll be reviewing a quick review on Mitch Hurwitz's new project, Sit Down Shut Up, based on an Australian sitcom of the same name on SSS1989's World Entertainment Bulletin (WEB) Reviews.

    I only saw half of it, and it didn't turn out quite well. I like Mo Willems's characters design, but the story is done by Mitch Hurwitz which I found it unfunny and completely unrealistic. I love Mo Willems since Sheep in the Big City and I admired his work. Since he was working with Hurwitz, this show should be in cancellation and have The Cleveland Show to be aired on Fox. Hey, we're having an animated sitcom with the America's new African-American family! I like to see antics of Cleveland anyhow. Overall, Sit Down Shut Up is the worst animated sitcom based of a live action sitcom that is ever made. I do not recommend it to anyone else. I'm giving Sit Down Shut Up a 10 out of 100. Mitch failed his project and that marks it a F.

    I'm SSS1989, and this is SSS1989's World Entertainment Bulletin (WEB) Reviews.
  • A great animation style but nothing else

    Fox has been a network of either bad decisions or actually good product. For every House and American Idol, there is a Firefly cancellation and Fastlane. Fox has kinda been the running joke for awhile now. In the terms of animation, they haven't made many good choices either. From the cancellation of Family Guy (which they brought back after its success on Adult Swim) and Futurama to the stagnation that is The Simpsons. Now Fox's lastest animated fare, Sit Down and Shut Up. It is at its best a satire of high school teachers but it doesn't really sell that to you. What it comes down to is about 20-24 minutes of ball and fart jokes under the veil of a show. The characters are flat, uninspiring and played out. The charater that is genuinely likable is Larry. Yet, when you realize he's a puppet for the cast, that like turns into pity. There are some pretty big names voicing these characters but I don't blame them. I blame the writers and producers. The one saving grace for this show is the animation style. It is different from what I have seen before. Animating on photographic images was a stroke of genius. Yet, even that can't save this show. I wanted to love this show but it doesn't want your love. The jokes are flat and only warrant light chuckles. If you want a better quality of ball and fart jokes, watch Free Radio on VH1 (or anything on VH1, for that matter). Save your time for better stuff.
  • This show is about the faculty and staff of a high school.

    People treat this show to badly. They say "Nobody likes, or even watches this peice of crap show." I do, I like it. Not close to Arrested Development at all, but better then South Park and Family Guy who's main joke consists of Penis "Hehe, penis *insert movie and/or cleberity scandal referance here* "Hehe, two penises" "Hey look, I'm a penis Have I made my point? There's only been two episodes of this show, give it at least a seasons chance. Hurwitz cannot fail, I tell you Hurwitz cannot fail. It's physically impossible. Now I'm just wasting my last words...
  • A problematic show that ultimately might work out.

    This show, as I'm sure you've heard, has problems. The acting is wooden. The scripting is abyssmal. Even the animation is subpar. And yet... I'm incorrigibly attached to it. Frankly, the worst element is Prozakian, as most of the jokes involving him are ridiculous (but the clown bit was awesome); Helen, Miracle, Larry, Ennis, Gustambos, and even Doitchbag I find myself rooting for, and some of the jokes are very clever. The pilot was significantly better than the second episode, though, which is never a good sign. If the show can rustle up a few plots, a few guest stars, and grow up, I really think I could start to like it. Until then, I just hope its rating stay high enough to be satisfactory.
  • What were they thinking?

    What a complete and utter disappointment. I am beyond confused. This is a cartoon from Mitch Hurwitz. It stars Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Will Forte, Cheri Oteri, Keenan Thompson, etc. By all means, it is composed of some of the greatest talent in comedy right now, not to mention the creator of perhaps the best comedy ever made. Yet it is completely devoid of humor. In the first two episodes, I have laughed once. And I can't even remember the joke. After watching an episode of AD for the first time, I could recite dozens. I am so shocked and disappointed that I can't even write a decent review. I can just say this show blows and it will be gone very soon, thank god. Shame on every actor/writer who contributed to this without asking mitch why the jokes aren't funny. I didn't review after the first episode because I figured I was just being a pessimist. After the second, I am certain it is not going to get any better. My guess is that we will see 2, maybe 3 more episodes before it is pulled. And that is me being an optimist.
  • Ugh!!!!!!!

    As a teacher I enjoy shows that satirize education and had somewhat high hopes for this new animated show on Fox! My God, what a train wreck! It was all I could take to get through the first ten minutes. Education and schools and teachers and educrat bureaucracy is rife with rich, fat targets of genuine satire and they come up with this? The German teacher looks like Hitler and likes porn. References by the gay drama teacher to "man holes" and "woman holes," the over-sexed librarian who once waited in a male student's locker for days and to top it off, not one but two references to a color that stands in for a a part of the female genitalia. And this was all in the first ten minutes! God, this has to be the most unwatchable dreck Fox has ever put on the air! Ugh!
  • That was completely unwatchable.

    Holy frak! In an era of endless American Idol and ubiquitous reality show douchebaggery, Sit Down, Shut Up still manages to be completely asinine. What crackheaded writer came up with this garbage??? And how many inane and pointless crotch references in 30 minutes must we really be forced to put up with? South Park and Family Guy put together never forced the word "testicle" upon us so many times - and those two shows are actually FUNNY. And to think, FOX cancelled a brilliant show like Firefly, but they think that people will find THIS entertaining? Alas....
  • A mediocre show that does not even live up to the weak link styling "King of the Hill"

    I was genuinely looking forward to seeing this show and find that animated shows on Fox over the years have been increasing with quality. Sit Down, Shut Up was the exception to this trend. When a series starts out feeling dated and unoriginal there is a problem. It seemed like a badly written MTV teenage cartoon. The jokes were stale, the concept seemed drained from the start, and not once did I find myself laughing out loud. I see this show going no where and fast. If this is what is going to take over King of the Hill's spot I will just have to find something else to watch before Family Guy on Sundays. What the heck was Fox thinking picking up a show like this?!?!
  • Horrifically terrible in every way

    The steaming pile looks worse than any nickelodeon cartoon, is not as intelligent as any episode of Full House, less funny than any episode of "Til Death", worse use of voice actors EVER. What a complete and total waste of someone's millions of dollars. Who gets paid to make the decisions that put this kind of crap on TV? This show is just another pile of crap that will end up in that landfill of unwatchable junk that was produced without rhyme or reason. Is no one minding the store anywhere anymore?? How does something like this make it to TV? Who is responsible for making decisions like this? They. like the citi group CEOS need to be booted.
  • Thirty minutes of angst ridden mediocrety.

    The animation style of this new series, animated characters on live back rounds is the only thing noteworthy about this show. Everything else is entirely forgettable. It's been less than 12 hours since watching the premier episode, and already its hard to even remember what the show was about. Should go down in Fox history as one of it's more forgettable failures, and in all probability will not even last the season. Think about all those poor Korean animators that slaved over a hot story board all day just to bring this failure to life, and probably for the minimum wage at that. What a waste of air time.Zzzzzz.
  • Horrible

    This has got to be one of the worst shows I have seen! Its BORING, and it seems to me it wants to be some kind of a mix of good shows. Well, it doesn't work! Whoever created this show should just stop, like I said, its just poor, I don't think I can make it any clearer then me just saying its horrible over and over again.

    I saw there was an Aussie version, it was cancelled very shortly after it began, I sure hope it will be like that here so some good shows may take its place.