Sit Down, Shut Up

Sunday 8:30 PM on FOX Premiered Apr 19, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • A problematic show that ultimately might work out.

    This show, as I'm sure you've heard, has problems. The acting is wooden. The scripting is abyssmal. Even the animation is subpar. And yet... I'm incorrigibly attached to it. Frankly, the worst element is Prozakian, as most of the jokes involving him are ridiculous (but the clown bit was awesome); Helen, Miracle, Larry, Ennis, Gustambos, and even Doitchbag I find myself rooting for, and some of the jokes are very clever. The pilot was significantly better than the second episode, though, which is never a good sign. If the show can rustle up a few plots, a few guest stars, and grow up, I really think I could start to like it. Until then, I just hope its rating stay high enough to be satisfactory.