Sit Down, Shut Up

Sunday 8:30 PM on FOX Premiered Apr 19, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • A great animation style but nothing else

    Fox has been a network of either bad decisions or actually good product. For every House and American Idol, there is a Firefly cancellation and Fastlane. Fox has kinda been the running joke for awhile now. In the terms of animation, they haven't made many good choices either. From the cancellation of Family Guy (which they brought back after its success on Adult Swim) and Futurama to the stagnation that is The Simpsons. Now Fox's lastest animated fare, Sit Down and Shut Up. It is at its best a satire of high school teachers but it doesn't really sell that to you. What it comes down to is about 20-24 minutes of ball and fart jokes under the veil of a show. The characters are flat, uninspiring and played out. The charater that is genuinely likable is Larry. Yet, when you realize he's a puppet for the cast, that like turns into pity. There are some pretty big names voicing these characters but I don't blame them. I blame the writers and producers. The one saving grace for this show is the animation style. It is different from what I have seen before. Animating on photographic images was a stroke of genius. Yet, even that can't save this show. I wanted to love this show but it doesn't want your love. The jokes are flat and only warrant light chuckles. If you want a better quality of ball and fart jokes, watch Free Radio on VH1 (or anything on VH1, for that matter). Save your time for better stuff.