Sit Down, Shut Up

Sunday 8:30 PM on FOX Premiered Apr 19, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • I'm sorry, Mo Willems shouldn't be part of this project.

    Hi, I'm SSS1989 and I'll be reviewing a quick review on Mitch Hurwitz's new project, Sit Down Shut Up, based on an Australian sitcom of the same name on SSS1989's World Entertainment Bulletin (WEB) Reviews.

    I only saw half of it, and it didn't turn out quite well. I like Mo Willems's characters design, but the story is done by Mitch Hurwitz which I found it unfunny and completely unrealistic. I love Mo Willems since Sheep in the Big City and I admired his work. Since he was working with Hurwitz, this show should be in cancellation and have The Cleveland Show to be aired on Fox. Hey, we're having an animated sitcom with the America's new African-American family! I like to see antics of Cleveland anyhow. Overall, Sit Down Shut Up is the worst animated sitcom based of a live action sitcom that is ever made. I do not recommend it to anyone else. I'm giving Sit Down Shut Up a 10 out of 100. Mitch failed his project and that marks it a F.

    I'm SSS1989, and this is SSS1989's World Entertainment Bulletin (WEB) Reviews.