Sit Down, Shut Up

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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • Knob Haven High Teacher Bios:

    Name: Ennis Hofftard
    Subject: English Teacher
    Catchphrase: "Catchphrases are for losers." (small print) TM MMIX Ennis Hofftard

    Name: Muhannad Seabeeh "Happy" Fa-ach Nuabar
    Subject: Custodian
    Catchphrase: "I'm fond of America."

    Name: Andrew LeGustambos
    Subject: Drama
    Catchphrase: "Speak up."

    Name: Helen Klench
    Subject: Librarian
    Catchphrase: "Quiet down!"

    Name: Willard Deutschebog
    Subject: German
    Catchphrase: "If I believed in reincarnation, I'd kill myself tonight."

    Name: Miracle Grohe
    Subject: Science
    Catchphrase: "Babies are gifts from God. Drummers are creeps."

    Name: Larry Littlejunk
    Subject: P.E.
    Catchphrase: "Why can't someone else teach P.E.?"

    Name: Sue Sezno
    Subject: Acting Principal
    Catchphrase: "No."

    Name: Stuart Prozakian
    Subject: Ass. Principal
    Prior Job: Prison Clown
    Catchphrase: "I need a catchphrase."

  • Bumper stickers spotted on Miracle's car:
    --The Lord is my co-pilot.
    --If you can read this bumper sticker, I hope you have accepted Jesus into your life.
    --God Will Protect Me. Warning: God works in mysterious ways.


    Posters spotted at school:
    --Don't tempt a teacher! It could cost them their job!
    --It won't be a great time when you wind up on Dateline!
    --I might seem worldy, but I'm really quite poor!
    --In case of choking:
    1. Relocate victim off of school property.
    2. Call taxi for victim.
    3. Return to school and resume normal duties.
    --McCain/Palin Election bumper sticker.

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