Sitting Ducks

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Sitting Ducks

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Welcome to the Sitting Ducks guide at THE STORY In the whimsical world of Ducktown, one bird stands out from the flock: Bill, a well-liked but seldom understood who waddles to a different beat. He finds a kindred soul in Aldo, an alligator from the neighboring town of Swampwood. Together, these unlikely friends struggle to find happiness as best buddies in an alligator-eat-duck world. Bill and Aldo have a remarkable friendship. Bill's neighbors in Idyllic Ducktown, Ed, Oly and Waddle, often drag the mismatched duo into wacky, and sometimes dangerous adventures. Aldo shows remarkable restraint and patience with his feathered friends, but other gators, who reside in neighboring Swampwood, are most interesting in ducks as snacks than as pals, which makes Aldo feel sometimes like he is no-longer a part of a family. But he eventually realizes that the ducks are his friends and nothing can ever change that. Based on Michael Bedard's world-renowned airbrush paintings, posters and books, Sitting Ducks takes place in the whimsical world of Ducktown. Here, a friendship between Bill the duck and Aldo the alligator - two creatures on opposite ends of the food chain - sets the scene for some interesting adventures, and a lot of fun. CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY Bill the Duck - Bill is the big-hearted duck in Sitting Ducks, his best friend is Aldo and learns that Aligators can sometimes not be bad. Bill has a red bow-tie on all the time making him very recognizable. As the series goes on you can see Bill and Aldo's friendship growing larger than ever. Aldo the Alligator - Aldo is the hungry best friend of Bill, Aldo is usually found next to his best pal, Bill. When Aldo learns that ducks can also become good friends instead of good food he starts eating chicken instead. Aldo is very protective over his duck-friend, Bill. Bev - Bev is the owner of the Decoy Cafe in Ducktown. Most ducks refer to Bev as the hot chick. Bev is always found inside the Decoy Cafe serving hungry ducks and learns also that alligators aren't half bad at all. Cecil - Cecil is the dentist of Ducktown. If someone has a tooth-ache he can fix it in a nippy. Cecil has a blue-green working-shirt on and usually has some dental equipment somewhere with him. Cecil is very nice and is always friendly to anyone he meets even if it has to be an alligator. Clair - Clair is the wife of Cecil and is his practical companion of Cecil also. She always wears a blue necklace around her and often has her feathers spiked up. She is very polite and helps a lot of people around Ducktown. The thing that scares Clair the most is alligators. Clair is always around if someone is in need of her. Ed - Ed is the oldest brother of Oly and Waddle. Ed tends to think that he is the best at everything and bets on specific things. Ed is very smart even though sometimes he makes stupid decisions. He is always found either next to Oly or Waddle. Oly - Oly is the great artist of many ducks in Ducktown. He is older than Waddle but younger than Ed. Oly is always found with a light-green hat on his head, he always tries to stay out of trouble with his two brothers. Oly is probably the most politest out of Ed and Waddle. Waddle - Waddle is the dumb-witted younger brother of Ed and Oly. He is the fatter one of the three, who loves milkshakes and loves to eat. Waddle is not very bright at all and causes the brothers to get into trouble all the time. Waddle tends to be the shortest of Ed and Oly and talks funny. Raoul - Raoul is the trouble-making crow that hangs around Ducktown. This Spanish-speaking crow who always tries bringing trouble to Bill, Aldo and their friends. Raoul goes crazy over money whenever there is talk about money he goes insane and his eyes get little dollar signs in them. Fred - Fred is the dis-placed penguin who tends to be the only penguin in Ducktown. He gets very hyper over little things. Fred is always inside his apartment usually watching television. Sometimes he wishes that their were more penguins in Ducktown.moreless

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