Sitting Ducks

Season 2 Episode 9

Close Encounters of the Green Kind / Gonna Getcha Gator

Aired Unknown Jun 07, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Close Encounters of the Green Kind / Gonna Getcha Gator
Close Encounters of the Green Kind: Waddle gets a new girlfriend Alley whose not only an alligator but he doesn't trust her because she keeps drooling over him, so Bill tells them about the first time he met Aldo and how no one could trust him either. So Waddle goes to Alley and tells her he could trust her more she would stop drooling over him. Gonna Getcha Gator: Drill Sargent Duck wants the award for outstanding duck of the year. So she thinks the way to win would be to catch an alligator. So she goes after Aldo, but Bill and Aldo try to stay one step ahead, while doing that Drill Sargent Duck arrests Bev, Ed, Fred, Oly, Aldo and Waddle. But in the end she loses the award because they learn that she arrested Aldo for nothing.moreless

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    Dave Ward

    Dave Ward

    Aldo the Alligator

    Scott McNeil

    Scott McNeil

    Arnold The Alligator

    Jay Brazeau

    Jay Brazeau


    Cathy Weseluck

    Cathy Weseluck

    Drill Sargent Duck

    Alec Willows

    Alec Willows

    Additional Voices

    Paul Dobson

    Paul Dobson

    Additional Voices

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      • Close Encounters of the Green Kind

        Bill:Wait,why would you go over there all by yourself.
        Waddle:Alright just promise you won't laugh. See that cute little girl gator,she's my girlfriend.
        All:What! (Waddle waving back)
        Bill:Thats great!
        Waddle:Yeah but,sometimes she gets this look in her eyes and she starts to drool and I like her but if she eats me I'll die. Help me what do I do.

        Aldo:(Talking to Ed, Oly, and Waddle)Excuse me can you tell me where Bill the duck lives.
        Ed:Sure. The building down the corner.
        Oly:That is one ugly duck.

        Waddle:Hello Alley hmm,there's something I need to tell
        Alley:Yes Waddle what is it.
        Waddle:Um well,I think your kinda nice and I could learn to trust you,if you give me a chance and if you don't drool so much around me.

        Gonna Getcha Gator

        Drill Sargent Duck:(walking aside the movie theater) Huh haven't done anything to distinguish myself huh,well I bet if I could throws a big green scaley gator in the pokey that'll distinguish me alright.

        Sargent:This town isn't big enough for the two of us.
        Aldo:Then I'll just eat ya!

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