Sitting Ducks

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)


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  • Season 2
    • Duck Lover / Outback Quack
      Duck Lover: When the other gators start making fun of Aldo because his best friend is a duck he doesn't feel anyone respects him anymore not even in ducktown. Outback Quack: When Bill's old showoff friend Outback Quack comes for a visit he brags about catching a alligator but when Bill uses Aldo as his gator that he caught Quack gets very scared and Bill shows everyone that he's not what he says he is.moreless
    • Free as a Bird / Fowl Weather Feathers
      Free as a Bird: It turns out that Jerry, Bill's pet parrot, actually talks and has been ordering things on Bill's credit card whenever he's not home. Bill gets suspicious when a delivery that he didn't made was ordered to his house. Bill thinks Jerry knows who goes in and orders stuff, so he tries to get Jerry to talk in order to tell him. He takes him to Cecil but his methods fail. So Bill decides to let Jerry free, in order to think he'll talk. But overtime, Bill gets worried and sad because Jerry won't come back. But in the end, Jerry decides to come back home.

      Fowl Weather Feathers: When Ducktown faces a problem with it's feather donations, and possibly danger from the neighboring town of Swampwood because of it, things get drastic. Bill and the gang try to persuade Oly into donating, who really doesn't want to. But after the others force him to, he does. Soon, the town discovers Oly's unique feathers and turns out all Ducktown's problems are solved. But soon, Oly decides to take a formula from Cecil's and produces more feathers. But Bill soon figures out that if Oly keeps donating, the alligators will only want his feathers and eat the rest of Ducktown. After being kicked out of town, Oly and his brothers accidentally go into Swampwood where Oly turns out to be in danger. Oly is obviously rescued by Bill and the gang at the end.moreless
    • Iced Duck / Duck Footed
      Iced Duck: When a huge ice block is delivered to the cafe, Bill and Aldo notice a Duck among the ice. Duck Footed: The 'Shimmmy and Shake' dance tournament is in town.
    • Nothing but the Truth / Duck and Cover
      Nothing but the Truth: Everyone around Ed is tired of him lying, so Bill, Waddle, and Ed go to Cecil to go and get some spray that makes you tell the truth. But Waddle and Oly go around spraying everyone. Bill tries to tell Bev he likes her. Duck and Cover: Bev is almost eaten while she was taking out the trash.moreless
    • Close Encounters of the Green Kind / Gonna Getcha Gator
      Close Encounters of the Green Kind: Waddle gets a new girlfriend Alley whose not only an alligator but he doesn't trust her because she keeps drooling over him, so Bill tells them about the first time he met Aldo and how no one could trust him either. So Waddle goes to Alley and tells her he could trust her more she would stop drooling over him. Gonna Getcha Gator: Drill Sargent Duck wants the award for outstanding duck of the year. So she thinks the way to win would be to catch an alligator. So she goes after Aldo, but Bill and Aldo try to stay one step ahead, while doing that Drill Sargent Duck arrests Bev, Ed, Fred, Oly, Aldo and Waddle. But in the end she loses the award because they learn that she arrested Aldo for nothing.moreless
    • Fred's Secret / Aldo's Uncle Artie
      Fred's Secret: When Fred bumps into Ed,Oly and Waddle out on the street carrying a mysterious package,the 3 get suspicious and decide to see what's up. Bill,meanwhile,gets suspicious,too, after Fred kicks him out of his apartment,so now all 4 of the pals decide to see what's going on. They soon discover,after spying on Fred and watching and hearing his every move,that he actually is building a satellite so the 5 of them can watch and Ice Pucky match on TV. Aldo's Uncle Artie: Aldo's going out of town for a bowling tournament,and needs someone to give his uncle Artie his daily soup while he's gone. So,Bill decides to volunteer. Bill soon discovers how interesting Artie is,and to Bill's relief,he discovers Artie's blind,and they become friends. All too soon,though,Bill gets peeved by something Artie says about ducks and Bill tells him he's one. Artie tries to eat him,but Aldo comes in the nick of time and saves him.moreless
    • Feather Island / King of the Bongos
      Feather Island: Bill is feeling down because Drill Sargent Duck won't let them see each other. So Bill and Aldo go on a treasure hunt on Feather Island but Ed, Oly, Waddle, and Raul follow them to the Island but Ed, and Oly try to persuade Bill into thinking Aldo and Raul want the treasure for theirselves. Meanwhile Raul tries to persuade Aldo into thinking Ed, Oly, Waddle, and Bill want the treasure for theirselves. When they find the treasure it really wasn't what they expected the treasure hunt was really for Bill and Aldo to get away. King of the Bongos: While listening to the radio Bill gets a chance to meet his idol King of the Bongo's and gets nervous. But when the King goes missing Bill and Aldo try to find him. When Bill does meet him he acts a little crazy and Bill learns that he likes it better just listening to his music than meeting him.moreless
    • Gator in the Mask / Lotta Gelata
      Gator in the Mask: When there is a picnic for the ducks in DuckTown Aldo really wants to go but Bill isn't to sure because every year something goes wrong,so Aldo tries to hide that he is an alligator by putting a duck mask on. But when Aldo starts to get urges for duck,Bill helps him to keep it under control,but things aren't getting any better two gators are trying to eat the ducks especially Aldo because they think he is an duck. Lotta Gelata: When Fred's favorite cousin Gelata comes to visit him Ed, Oly, Bill, and the rest of the male ducks likes Gelata and barely gets to spend time with Fred. The only person who doesn't like Gelata is Waddle all he wants is ice cream. At the end Fred and Gelata gets to spend time together.moreless
    • Fred's Fever / You're Grounded
      Fred's Fever: When Fred get's sick on the same day he has to take a test to become an official member of Ducktown, Bill and Aldo help Fred keep cool and study more for his test. But when he takes the test and pass he become delirious and has to get out of the hot and keep cool so he can break the fever and get ignitiated into Ducktown. You're Grounded: While flying very crazy Raoul gets his flying license grounded and is taking it very hard because he wants to fly with his friends. Now Bill is feeling down because he doesn't fight with Raoul anymore and now he's bored. Things aren't getting any better, because Raoul doesn't want to fly anymore, so Bill and Aldo help him get his flying license back and go back to his old self.moreless
    • O Brother What Are Thou / Urban Legend
      O Brother What Are Thou: When Aldo has a secret club, Bill askes him to give some information on the show but he refuses, so Bill follows him to a bowling alley where the meetings are held dressed up as an alligator, but when the gators take a liking to him and wants to initiate him into the club he reveals that he is a duck and is almost eaten. Urban Legend: While sleeping Aldo has a bad dream about Quack the Reeper and tells his friends about but all they did was laugh at him and tells them that Quack is feared by all the alligators in Swampwood. So Ed comes up with an idea to scare the alligators by making Waddle dress up like the Quack. But when something goes wrong Waddle is almost eaten but the real Quack shows up and scares the alligators.moreless
    • Feet of Fortune / Great Scooter Race
      Feet of Fortune:When Ed, Oly, and Waddle tell Bill and Aldo that Bev can tell peoples fortune by looking at their feet Aldo and Bill go to see her, Bev tells Bill that danger is written all over his foot he doesn't believe her, so they leave but after they leave Bill starts to experience some bad luck and thinks that Aldo is after him, then they learn that Bev had her foot chart upside down and all the bad luck was just in his head and Aldo wasn't after them. Great Scooter Race:When Bev bets Ed that she can beat him in a scooter race Ed for milkshakes. Bev tries to learn to ride a scooter but really isn't that good at the beginning, after a while she learns to ride a little bit. When Ed, Oly, and Waddle see how good she has gotten they try to cheat to win.moreless
    • Aldo the Duck / Chasing Andy
      Aldo the Duck:When Aldo starts getting cravings to eat ducks, he goes to the dentist and he gives him duck horomonesto stop the cravings, but when Aldo uses to many, he starts to turn into a duck. Chasing Andy:When Aldo has to watch his cousin Andy on the same weekend as his bowling championship, he askes Bill to watch him until he come back. But when Andy snags one of Waddle's feather's he starts to go crazy for duck and try to eat the ducks in Ducktown.moreless
    • Holding Pen 13 / Daredevil Ducks
      Holding Pen 13:When Ed, Oly, and Waddle win a contest that they didn't even sign up for, Bill gets very suspicious. Later on Bill learns that they are actually at a place called Colonel Snapple,so Bill and Aldo sneak in to help them. Daredevil Ducks:When Ed, Waddle, and Oly break their T.V. while watching daredevil ducks, They rush over to Bill's house to finish watching the program and find out they could win a brand new T.V. but they would have to do a dare, but the dare would almost get them eaten because they had to rub an alligator's stomach until they fall asleep, So they try to use Aldo but he refuse's. They decide to find a nother alligator in swampwood and end up being a pot away from duck soup.moreless
  • Season 1