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  • The Best Show Ever

    "Sitting Ducks" is the best animated show ever. Give "Sitting Ducks" Two Thumbs Up.
  • Sitting Ducks

    Who the heck are these reviewers and what rock did they crawl out from under ? You know who you are ! If ya all would pay attention to the detail in the cartoon or the great one liners . It is definitely a mature humor . Like the Muppet Show was .Even if it was meant for kids .When they watch cartoons its for the fun of it and escapism ! Not for its educational content !!! Its not far to take away all there fun . That is what makes mean and cold hearted adults who were made to grow up too fast. So I give it a 10 I still watch it ...........
  • isn't sitting ducks supposed to be a kids cartoon?

    If so, why would someone have a cartoon about ducks that can't fly. That's why kids can not comprehend what is real or fake because of cartoons like sitting ducks. Every adult knows that ducks can fly. So why make a cartoon where they can't fly. I don'tunderstand at all.
  • the animation's good

    But the writing is sloppy to the core and this cartoon is a snore fest. It seems to be the same thing almost all the time. A duck being best friends with an alligator and the alligator craving the duck, but trying to resist temptation of eating a duck. Nothing new. I can see why it didn't take long for this show to end, because the writers couldn't come up with any brilliant ideas for this cartoon. The episodes are just too repetitious, watered-down, and unentertaining. It would've been more creative if the duck and the alligator tried to find ways to outwit eachother like on some of these classic cat and mouse cartoons. But i guess they have to reduce cartoons nowadays to crap like this.
  • Boring. I've added ratings. Read 'em if must. Never good but if you like it. Go To Hell"Sorry.

    Never funny, always boring. Lowest rated show on bommerang.

    Graphics: 4/10. Bad IcE,Sky, and golden coulors.

    Adventure: 3/10 Not adventures. Always really a duck and crodidile all day.

    Sound: 1/10: What is wrong. Normally its just talking.

    I rate it 2.6.

    I Dont wanna talk about it. a Duck who often seems to live in a building. ItS "Never Funny",Never Good, never exciting, no real adventure. Whats Wrond with the creators????????? ?????????????
  • Cancelling this CN's bad decisions of other cancelling almost all of their shows and replacing it with Hi hi puffy ami yumi and other junk back in 2004!

    I have seen CN's bad streak and its not good CN real and the cancellation of this and many other shows. Sitting ducks was funny and many hilarous jokes , great animation and detail this has done nothing wrong no flaws so why has cn shut off its rerun supply! The Characters are excellent and the show is excellent CN has negleted advertising. for a suprising small amount of time this was highly popular. Then CN came in cancelling Sitting Ducks along with Dexters Lab, Courage and PowerPuff at the same time! Apperently Cartoon Network dont want popula animated shows on their network.

    The first horrible and bad deed cn did!
  • "Wait...I thought this was an adult show!"

    Okay, the first time I heard of Sitting Ducks I swear I could have hear them say it was heading to be an adult show. Now I'm not going to go into detail, but one of the major local channels anounced SD as an "mature watchers only show." My guess they would put the ducks into dificult situations and add swearing to make it more "adult". But when it came to be a show on Qubo, my first reaction was, "what the fudge???" But when I watched a good 3 episodes of Sitting Ducks I really starting to enjoy it. One of the best three shows on the channel. I really love Aldo the Gator's character. Sitting Ducks gets a 8.1 for its quality.
  • A fave from my childhood.

    I used to watch that show all the time! When I first watched an episode, I thought it was mildly interesting, and when I saw an episode again I began to like it. It used to come on Cartoon Network on Saturday at 4:30 pm and Sunday at 2:30 pm. I recorded all of the episodes. My favorite character was Bill. I kept watching it until Cartoon Network cancelled it. That was so sad that it got cancelled. However, I still like Sitting Ducks now and I still have the DVD, the PC game and all of the VHS tapes today.
  • Unheard of friendship that makes you laugh out loud!! The different episodes are hilarious and interesting to watch and the voice of the characters make the show even better!! Or better yet where do you find the second season on DVD?

    I saw this for the first time on t.v. and was immediately hooked!! Then a few years later (after having a couple of kids)I saw the "Quack-Pack" on DVD and knew I had to get it for my kids!! It was different, funny, and something that I didn't mind watching over and over because they were so good!! My kids love this show and I was disappointed that I can't find the last season on DVD!! This show is awesome and needs to make a comeback!!! At least sell the second season on DVD!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is definately a animated series that has no age matter if you are 3 or 93 you will love this show!! It is a very creative and thought out show...from a penguin that has to have ice strapped to him so he is cool enough to deep fried duck is hilarious and we want more!! SO, whoever out there that is responsible for cancelling or brining back a show this is the one to bring back!!

    Come on if they can waste money on those stupid geico cavemen why not put something worth watching back on the air!!!!!!!!!!
  • This show was play for a couple of years on the greatest channel. It is one of best cartoons and the best about ducks. This show is great for all ages. This show will provide hours of entertainment. A great show for all cartoon lovers.

    This show was play for a couple of years on the greatest channel. It is one of best cartoons and the best about ducks. This show is great for all ages. This show will provide hours of entertainment. A great show for all cartoon lovers. This show is about a duck and alligator who become friends, but alligators eat ducks, but they friendship is strong then hate. These two have wild and fun adventures. This show has a wild cast of animals. You will never find a boring episode in this series. This will always be a classic for all ages.
  • sitting ducks is awesome!

    this is the best cartoon ever. i love sitting ducks. i know that there are no new episodes but why aren't there anymore reruns on tv? they need to bring sitting ducks back. it is funny and really enjoyable. i got used to watching it on the weekends, then all of a sudden, it was gone. so unfair! does it still air? when? Bring it back! it was so relaxing and fun to watch it. i miss sitting ducks! Bill was awesome and his friends really funny. does anyone know where i can get the cartoons? I LOVE SITTING DUCKS!
  • Sitting Ducks was hilarious. Bring it back. The YamataDragon commands it.

    Sitting Ducks was one of the best shows on CN. I would wake up & watch it. But, since it's cancelled, my morings are screwed up. Nothing to watch. So, i sit in my room, dark as the night, waiting to go to **** (it's what i call school). What is going on? Is the world coming to an end or i'm i just being decieved by CN?
  • Computer animated ducks... intresting yet?

    Computer animated ducks... intresting yet? Thats what I thought at first till I watched it, but it's actually just your feel good kind of cartoon. Some good family values. You can let any kid watch it wihtout fear of anything bad to corrupt their brains. The Computer Animation was good and smooth and the characters were "boring" but good. The plots were fun and happy, and it was just a simple show. Simple pleasure I might say, and I think you should give it a try. :)
  • Sitting Ducks must come back ! ! ! Two years ago I went into Borders and I ran across Sitting Ducks season Quak Pack. Never heard of it! But, it seemed interesting and I figure my son will like it, so I bought it! We watched it and ....

    My son LOVED it! But, not just him even I loved it, my husband loved it, and even my mother ! ! ! It is definitely a family show. It is hilarious and a great adventure to watch. But, not only that it actually teaches children about friendship, honesty, patience and more ! Who new you were learn these things by a couple of ducks and an alligator !
    My two year old son still watches his Quak Pack Season till this day! He laughs , dances, and jumps with joy everytime he watches it ! His favorite characters are Bill and Aldo. So, this show must come back on air! So, my son could hear these words, "Lets go by the second season of Sitting Ducks kiddo !"
  • This show is funny. How could anyone hate it?

    I don't understand why people could hate this!

    People just say 'It's about a duck and an alligator that do stuff'. But that's not all. It's got Comedy, Adventure, and well, good storlyines. And teh characters. Like Bill because he's funny, Aldo because he's funny too (especially when he gets hungry) Ed, Oly and Waddle just because their stupid schemes are halirious, Bev because she's nice and kind, and Fred the penguin because he slides on ice blocks, talks fast, and when they invite people roudn his igloo they feed people freezing hot chocolate!

    And tehs tories are cool. 'Liscence To Scoot' is my fave because Fredis funny when he keeps crashng on his scooter. And 'Feeding Frenzy' because the green waffle stall idea is just plain hysterical. Or maybe 'Peeking Duck' because I like the idea of the duck gang climbing around air vents to find Cecil and Claire!

    Trust me, this show is a good idea. You should watch it.