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Six Degrees

ABC (ended 2007)


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Six Degrees
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Six Degrees followed the lives of six people as they go about their daily lives without realizing the impact they are having on one another and how all six of their lives are intertwined. Six Degrees received an initial 13 episode order from ABC, however only 8 of these episodes actually aired due to the sudden cancelation.

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    • Taking the best shows Off-the-air, You SUCK ABC Family!

      This show was so amazing. It was pretty boring at first, but after a few episodes, I realized what a brilliant show it was. The story, characters, drama everything was so good.

      It was a feel-good TV Show. I really miss it a lot. If you haven't seen the whole season. You better watch it.

      It's worth it.

      I wonder why they won't make similar shows like this. Some of the shows that we get to see nowadays are pure nonsense. They never try to cancel those shows. Yet the good ones go off-air. It's so Abc Family!

      Anyway, If you know any similar shows like this, send me a message okay?moreless
    • the people who cancel these shows really suck

      the people who cancel these shows really suck. This is one of the best shows they had on. I hate to start watching a new show because once you get into a show and you love it that's when the tv lords pull the plug. I loved all the characters in this show I just wish they would have kept it going and replayed it in the summer so more people could watch it and more people might love it. So now we have to say goodbye yet again to another great show with great people and story lines this sucksmoreless
    • With a great potential, but all minor factors rolled up in one the show just didn't have what it took.

      In the summer of 2006, a lot of good show's were promised to us for the fall. One of them being "another island" by J.J. Abrams. And though SIX DEGREES doesn't come near the legendary status of LOST, there's enough good to say about this show that got canceled, understandably, but still before it's time.

      The show has the same complicated connections of Lost, which is admiring, especially for a drama that is nothing more then the lives of six people and those around them. With that plot, the show could've carried on for a decade, unfortunately, it just never came to be. Not completely unexpected was this show canceled after it's eight episode and were only thirteen episode made, because if you're looking at the concept of Six Degrees, you'll see that it's just too unattractive to sit down for week by week. It's 2009, and today I finished the final episode of the show. It took me three years to finish a show that existed from only thirteen episodes. That's how boring the show could be. It wasn't fast paced, it wasn't extraordinary or shocking, the storylines came closer to reality then most drama's and that's always tricky. The charm of the show was not the humor or the cliffhanger endings, but the fact the show could surprise you with simple connections. The revelation that two friends were after the same guy was shocking enough to keep you looking out for the next episode. And that's inspiring enough when you watch that next episode months later. But if it's the week after, you probably don't care for it that much. The show simply didn't have any addicting factors. Having that taken into consideration, there was enough to enjoy about this show.

      The characters carried the show. The six of them had great development, background and kept intervening in each other's lives whether they knew it or not, without it ever getting old. It's a set up that worked perfect and was very easy to like. But even though you could really like all of them, they just weren't interesting enough to hold on to you and never let you go.

      The show was surprising, fresh and always original, but it seriously missed the X-factor that gets you addicted to a show. A missed chance. But even though the series ended with a huge open ending, you do feel it closes itself up. Because that's what the show was all about; life is mysterious and the world is simply a game of connecting the dots.moreless
    • Great Show that died too quick.

      This show was so good to be cancelled. I wish it had it's chance. It was basically a how that showed how one person can be connected through several, also how that one person counts and how that can ripple to the others. It was very unfortunate to see this gem go before its prime. Tear! At least it had someone of a nice ending but not really. This show would have done amazing on The CW, since they give their shows a chance. I tried to get other people to watch also tried turning on multiple tvs and tell my friends to leave their tubes tuned in to that channel but over all it died! Shows don't last on Friday Nights! I will still remember this show though....moreless
    • What went wrong with this tale of intertwined newyorkers is the same reason why Lost and Heroes became the hit that this show could never be.

      You need more than just coincidence to make an audience care for any group of people and while some shows relies on family (Gilmore Girls, Medium, Brothers & Sisters), the work place (House, Life, Mad Men) or both (Alias, Jericho, Eli Stone) other shows like Lost, Prison Break or Heroes innovate television by bringing us intelligent drama that relies on the most simple connection among kindreds who embrace a collective experience together.

      Problem is that "6 degrees" didn't arise among kindreds, the characters involved never shared a collective experience that bound them together; no plane crash, no prison, no sudden awakening to life, their lives continue as usual except for the occasional ripples that tainted them with the aftershocks of their neighbors's existence. No matter how thoughtful, well written or acted their encounters may be it fails in what Heroes succeeds: a reason for it to mean something. And without meaning the characters may as well just fade as the show itself.moreless
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