Six Degrees

Season 1 Episode 3

A New Light

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2006 on ABC

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    I thought thsi was one of the best episodes of Six Degrees as far as developing the characters were concerned. The Mae-Carlos storyline kind of dwindled a little bit compared to the other two episodes, but the dinner date was a nice way to "take an episode" off of further devolopment.

    The storyline that I thought was the best was Steven and Anyas. Anya isnt a show star, but she sort of fell into the picture early on in this episode. I liked how the writers made Steven had second thoughts in this episode, having to go back to Anyas apartment before they shared a kiss.

    Whitney, Laura, and Damians part in the episode were all filler at best with nothing exciting happening between any of those chractaers. Other then of course the part at the end when Roy began to flirt with Laura.
  • Really great episode, well written, loved the guest stars (especially the "spoiled/bratty" girls--really lightened the mood). Damian drives the girls around, Whitney's Fiancee cheats as usual, Laura finds a new clue to her husband's death.

    I thought this episode was great! I really liked how Damian wasn\\\'t in such a dramatic situation this time and the girls were so adorable but it would\\\'ve been great if they added more scenes with the girls (i\\\'m a chick-flick kind of girl!). I loved the \\\"gum\\\" scene. And I\\\'m really curious about the death of Laura\\\'s husband. And Whitney, need I say more? I love her! She\\\'s beautiful and a great actress!
  • Now We Are On A Role!

    It Seems Like The Stories Are Getting Real Exciting Now, Especial The Characters. This Episode Had Me Wanting More... But, I Like The Way It Had Me Hanging On Till The Next. I Think We Are Ready To Take A Real Journey Now. Keep It Going & Keep Up The Good Work.