Six Degrees

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • Season 1
    • 9.6
      In the series finale Laura struggles with her relationship involvement with Steven when Whitney tells her of her feelings towards him. Damian and Whitney's assistant struggle to get everything ready for the big party Ray is throwing. Carlos and Mae rekindle a lost love and Ray faces a giant threat that could cost him everything he has worked for.moreless
    • 9.5
      Steven and Laura take a step in the right direction, Carlos and Mae rekindle a lost flame, and Damian and Whitney continue to deal with the stress and pressures of their new boss, Ray.
    • Ray decides to create a corporate headquarters for all his investments, which includes Whitney's company. While working on the decorations for such headquarters, Laura and Caseman seem to hit it off.
    • Ray's Back
      Episode 10
      Whitney's old friend Ray comes back into town to propose to her, reminding her of the pact they made that they would marry each other if both were still single by 35. Ray also has specific reasons for giving Caseman and Laura money. Carlos and Damian begin to question their futures as Carlos is considered for a job at a major law firm and Damian an unexpected trauma.moreless
    • Sedgewick's
      Episode 9
      The relation between Whitney and Laura is complicated by the fact that Whitney's dad, developer Henry Crane, tries to raze Sedgewicks, a local landmark with significance to Laura and her late husband. Caseman admit to his sponsor that he can't stand being alone since his recent break-up. Meanwhile, Damian is attracted to his clients girlfriend.moreless
    • Get a Room
      Episode 8
      While Whitney and Carlos are both searching for new apartments, Carlos, Anya and Steven see their lives change when an old friend from Anya's past returns. Meanwhile, Laura has made a new friend through an internet personal and day by day Carlos and Mae's relationship grows more fragile.
    • 3/23/07
      Laura decides to leave the past behind when she has her first date since her husband died. But when she and Andrew visit a gallery opening, she discovers the photograph that Steven had taken of her. Meanwhile, Whitney learns that Roy, her ex-fiancé, has acquired one of her clients and this new situation forces her to work with the man who broke her heart. Carlos learns Damian's secret about the shooting.moreless
    • 11/2/06
      Damian decide to proposes to Regina but still won’t be honest about his criminal past. Steven finally gets a chance to spend quality time with his son, but when Whitney offers him the job of a lifetime, it forces him to reassess his priorities. Meanwhile, Laura receives a promotion with some big strings attached.moreless
    • Masquerade
      Episode 5
      Damian reveals to Carlos what he knows about Mae and her past, while Mae makes her bags, so she can run away from the place she's called home. Laura supports Whitney through her rough times by attending her big work party, a masquerade called the Monster Ball. Meanwhile, Steven gets a chance to prove himself as a father to Max, but and unexpected situation leads to him failing and jeopardize his relationship with Anya.moreless
    • The Puncher
      Episode 4
      While Whitney plans her wedding, the streets of New York are threaten by the Puncher, a rogue criminal who punches, what seems to be, total strangers and runs. Carlos and Mae go on a double date to a karaoke bar with Damian and Regina, and Damian realizes that Mae is the girl he researched. Meanwhile Laura wonders whether her friendship with Whitney can survive telling her the truth about Roy, her fiancé; and Caseman meets with his son, Max, and ex-wife and learns that there are more complications to his new life than he originally thought.moreless
    • A New Light
      Episode 3
      Laura perception of her deceased husband is changed by a video she received; Steven is urged to mix business with pleasure by a younger woman ; While Mae seeks help in locating an old acquaintance from Carlos, who's in a difficult case. Roy plans a surprise for Whitney, with startling results.moreless
    • 9/28/06
      Mae gets cold feet about leaving the city. Carlos is hands full with an overwhelming attempted murder case. Damian helps someone else's fate, but worries about his own. Steven's new job could possibly turn his entire life around, while Whitney is struggling to plan her wedding. Laura starts her new job.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      The première episode introduces six people who are connected to each other. Laura is a grieving single mother. Whitney is the self-made success story. Steven, the artist/photographer. Damian, who can not escape his criminal brother shadow. Mae, the girl with a dangerous past that she is hiding from, and finally Carlos, the good guy with a crush who doesn't know what he is in for.moreless