Six Degrees

Season 1 Episode 8

Get a Room

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2007 on ABC

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  • A great episode with what seems like a new take on the directing.

    So far throughout the series, there hasn't been many connections as there were in this episode. Anya being Carlos' roommate, Carlos' looking for an apartment next to Stephen's and Mae passing by Stephen in the street. Seems like the directors are really trying to up it a notch. However, after the confrontation with Anya and Stephen, and also Anya still being credited as a guest star, is this episode the last that we'll see of Anya? I hope not. Damien didn't have a pivotal role in this episode, hopefully he shows up more in the next episode because he's one of my favorites. Now with Carlos being with the realtor, how will his relationship with Mae be affected? Hopefully we'll see some good acting in upcoming scenes with these two. I also find it funny that Six Degrees is using a few characters from Rescue Me, Anya's ex-boyfriend, Laura's late husband. Its great because Rescue me is one of my other favorite shows. It's going to be hard for the directors to top this episode, but I have a feeling the next episode will be great because the writers are doing a great job.
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    This ws more what I was expecting from Six Degrees when I first heard about the main theme of the show. Random connections that make sense when its all said and done. Anya and Carlos being roomates was a pretty big shock, one of the best in the shows shirt histroy. It makes you think back to all of the other episodes to really think that we had never been in Carlos's apartment. Connections like those that blow your mind and make you think are what this show is all about. Even the little connections, like Carlos looking for an apartment at Stevens house, just to learn that Anya is there in the other room are really cool connections. Mae and Carlos- I think we all wanted them to hook up when the show started, but with the way she treated him it was nic to see him find someone who seems interested in him. If the realtor shows up in the next episode I dont know, but there are sure to be more scenes between Carlos and Mae talking about this. Anya and Stevens interactions were very well done in this episode. I thought the scene with Steven and Anya on the front of her steps was one of the bets done scenes in the shows histroy. Both of them did a fantastic job acxting out that part. Whitney and Laura are both a big part of the show, but there experiences in this one lacked a little something. Maybe not so much Whitney, who was just having a bunch of casual experieinces with a man who turned out to be her neighbor. But after only one episode it looks like he will be gone from the show, which makes it all seem like a little bit of a filler role. In the end, it was without a doubt the best Six Degrees episode in the series. I hope more episodes like this are to follow.