Six Degrees

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2006 on ABC

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    There was a lot to keep up with in this episode as four of our six members were all at the same place for most of the episode.

    Mae-Carlos storyline took a turn for the worse, but then switched back again. She told him she didnt feel a connection, but later on she went back to him to come clean about her past life.

    Whitney-Lauras storyline really showed how much friends can be a help in a time of need. Laura was great emotional support to Whitney in this episode.

    Steven and Damians plots didnt advance much, but not everyone can be the star of an episode. Steven lost it with Anya, but got it back again in a matter of 10 minutes of air time. Damian is still hiding something from his girlfriend, so perhaps his storyline will pick up sometime soon.
  • Halloween on six degree…

    There are multiple storylines here, like five or six, there are bound for you to focus on a few of them. For me, I am following on Whitney and Roy, Carlos and Mae, and Laura mostly. Mae’s brother, Eric, appeared and wanted to take Mae back on the running again. Mae turned him in because she wanted to be Carlos, given that Carlos knew her past. Whitney recovered from her failed engagement with Roy, at least on the surface. Laura was there to help picked her up. These are life stories in the city, well narrated and written, keep you engaged.
  • A decent episode

    An entertaining hour of television for sure, now if it could hold more than 50% of the Grey\'s Anatomy audience they\'d really have something. Also the song being played during the party scene is \"Gone Daddy Gone\" by Gnarles Barkley. I need to make it to 100 words. I need to make it to 100 words. I need to make it to 100 words. I need to make it to 100 words. I need to make it to 100 words. I need to make it to 100 words. I need to make it to 100 words. I need to make it to 100 words. I need to make it to 100 words. I need to make it to 100 words. I need to make it to 100 words.
  • as usual, i only watched the whitney & steven scenes. after i watched the pilot, i was bored with everyone except these 2 characters.

    these 2 actors r great, i love watching them on screen, steven taking his kid trick-or-treating & figuring out he's on exctasy when he gushes about his kid was hysterical. & his line about what his costume is 2 whitney was also funny. bridget moynahan was great as usual. she did a great job of telling limo guy, that she had work 2 do & when she let him go 2 the party. i'll keep recording this show & fast-forwarding through everyone except these 2. even if they don't get together, i still enjoy watching them.
  • It keeps getting better :)

    I started watching this show coz the whole "six degrees" thing always sounded very interesting for me, after watching the first 3 episodes i was a little dissapointed coz it seemed like something i wanst really interested in watching. But i decided to give episode 4 a last chance and it was great.

    Now i was ansious to see if number 5 would be good too and it was, not like 4, but it was very good.

    Loved the whole "ending" if the Mae "running away" thing coz now she can stop being afraid, or can she? :)

    Was wanting more Laura stuff but it was nice to see her hanging at the party with Whitney and having fun.

    Expecting the next best thing :)
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