Six Degrees

Season 1 Episode 12

Objects in the Mirror

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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    The episode started off kind of slow but it began to pick up towards the end when Steven and Laura finnaly took a step in the right direction. Mae and Carlos talking again is somethign that I have missed for the last few episodes, I always thought they had a great on screen connection that the show kind of lost for a minute while they were away from each other. The drama at Whitneys PR firm wasnt the best of drama, as it seems that she is also falling for Steven and she had to deal with a big shot girl who thought she was going to be calling the shots. I still feel Ray has something bigger planned for her and that we just havent seen it yet. Damians storyline was just awful as I think he is the most random and unwanted cast memeber out of the six degrees cast. his storylines just seem so pointless and irrelevant. Solid episode overall though, still a big mistake by ABC is not giving J.J. Abrams of all people time to continue writing the series.