Six Degrees

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2006 on ABC

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  • I like to think I'm fairly open minded and that I can enjoy a drama that focuses on ordinary people... but this is just dull!

    The show's quick cancellation should have tipped me off, but I went into Six Degrees with high expectations: it seemed like such an original show. However, sometimes a show's originality can also be its downfall.

    We are quickly introduced to 6 characters who have no connection to each other... seemingly. But over the course of the series, these lives will be intertwined. This is a plot line that could be brilliant, or could quickly turn into a soap opera. I was hoping it would be former, but I now believe it is more likely to be the latter.

    A Pilot episode is meant to grab me and show me that this is a series I should continue watching: this didn't. Literally, nothing happened. Wait, scratch that: nothing happened that I care about! One guy's in a dead end job, some woman has been caught streaking (admitadly, that did grab my attention) and some other woman is having serious problems. None of these stories sound completely original, and indeed they are not. By half way thourgh the episode I was wanting it to be finished!

    Okay, maybe I'm not been fair: a few things did happen. A taxi driver shot a mobster and some woman's British boyfriend is having an affair. If I cared at all about the characters, I'd be intrigued to see what happened to these plots. But I just don't care! The characters don't appeal to me and seem to be very cardboard.

    Even for a Pilot episode, this is very poor. I'll keep watching the new few eps to see if it improves, but I'm not holding out much hope.
  • Review

    Character Development is the most important thing a new show must work to obtain when it first starts out and that was even more important with this show. With a show that has 6 different people and at times 6 different storylines, its so important to make sure that viewers dont get lost to quickly when it comes with keeping up with the characters. I like how some of the members of the six all ready kinda sorta know each other as that will make it a little easier to follow. I thought it was very good for a pilot episode, just based off of how they were able to develop the characters so quickly with only an hour worth of airtime. Looks to be a good enough show.
  • Fantastic first episode that begins to tell the story of six New Yorker's lives and their strange connection to one another!

    From the same minds that brought you "Lost" and "Alias" comes a series seems to be about human interaction, and how little things can affect our lives in a big way. Overall, I feel this is a great first episode. We get introduced to each one of the characters a bit, all of which are somewhat connected. I find myself wanting to know more! Definitely worth checking out!

    My only complaint is that it seems that everyone is a bit too connected already. I'd rather see connections and stories built up a bit slower, than to be force-fed everything at once.
  • Decided to give it a try and wasn\'t dissapointed.

    Though only very loosely based on the original theory of 6 Degrees of Separation and moderately predictable in the story line, it was not more predictable than necessary to get these six people their chain of association.

    Though I had seen most of these cast members before, here and there, I always like when an ensemble cast is built from various levels of obscurity to possibly future greatness. That way none of the faces overpower the characters they\'re trying to embody and none of the egos overpower to storyline.

    All the \"Hook Ups\" in the Pilot seem plausible and not forced. There was some minor intrigue that wasn\'t overpowering, and I liked the ending with Carlos, after chasing this girl around the city, just sit\'s on a subway and there she is accenting the idea that once you stop looking, what you want is right in front of you.

    This show has potential and as long as they can stave off the Network Brass and the urge to overpower it with sudo-drama, it should have no problem rising through the ranks to a prominent spot on ABC\'s roster.

    I\'m looking forward to next week.
  • A good start, enough to keep me coming back.

    I found the show to be a slow burner, hopefully it will flourish into something more than a character drama. Mae with her mystery box seems to be a nice touch.

    The characters all seem to be likeable, so maybe i'll keep coming back for more.

    The only problem i had with it was Michael Giachinno's music - it was way to Lost for me and was sometimes jarring, as I expected the characters to be whisked away to a remote island..
  • I actually liked this episode...

    I hadn't actually intended on watching this show, but caught most of this episode, and am glad I did. I actually liked it, and now I'm probably going to catch more episodes just to see if I can stay interested in it or not. Laura, Whitney, Steven, Damian, Mae, & Carlos are everyday people... and are fine examples of the six degree thing. It'll be interesting to see how all six will eventually become good friends, possibly lovers, with each other. And it'll be interesting to see how each relationship, whether as friends or otherwise, devolps, and then deepends... but again, that's just my opinion...
  • The pilot episode of Six Degrees is amazing! I think this is going to be a great series.

    I found this episode to be very emotional - from sad to happy to shocked, everything is there. The whole concept is intriguing, that the person you see on the bus today will end up being your soul mate. It isn’t completely original, but Six Degrees puts this idea into a perspective none of us really see. I also loved the music; it added lots of the emotion. I’m definitely excited for the rest of the season. Coming from JJ Abrams, we can expect twists, surprises, an overall quality show.
  • wow....probably one of the best pilots ever

    holy crap! what can i say about the six degrees pilot??? first of all, with j.j. abrams at producer, what can go wrong? literally! i thought the six degrees pilot was awesome!!!! i never knew it would be so surprisingly good. i thought the writing was good because the producers and writers had the timing done. they knew when to make you laugh and to make you go "what the heck?!?!?!?!?" at the exact right moments. when to throw in the thrills and twists. even the music was right on target, i thought that was one of the best things about the pilot. the music was right on with the emotions of the scence. if you havent seen it, download or stream it or something, its something you dont wanna miss!!!
  • Alittle dry, alittle slow but somewhat intriguing and interesting.

    On the whole this was a very mediocre series premiere for a new series. IT didnt stand out, it seemed like a regular episode in the series but it had its moments. I originally tuned in because I like 3 of the 6 leads, Mae, Carlos and WHitney. THey are very good actors and I wanted to see what they offered to the series. I found myself very intrigued with the premise but I was hoping for better and superb writing but this wasnt close to that.

    I have to give a lot of credit to the premise of the series. It is very new and original which caught my eye. THe characters, however, are written with cliched elements and also I found it very stereotypical. We have the token black guy (Damien) with a criminal past and a criminal sibling. His character was rather boring and I wish he wasnt the same character I have seen in several other shows. THis was the first strike against this show. I mean it is so stereotypical to have that type of character and I am left to wonder "why?" THe actor was very good and gave as much life to the character as he possibly could but he fell short. THen we also have the cliche single mother who just lost her husband and she is trying to deal with life. THe way her husband died is tragic and I felt so sorry for her but I would of preferred a single father because that is rarely seen in t.v. these days. Her daughter was adorable. I dont see her bringing anything to the over storyline or whatever but she will be the character who serves as the emotional aspect of the show.

    ANother cliche character is the naive wife to be who is ignorant to see her husband is really cheating on her. WHitney was such a smart character but when her husband is around she turns into this sniveling sucker who believes anything because of her fiances charm. THe actress who plays Whitney is one of my favorites and you can tell she is invested into her character already, which is amazing. I hope she finds out about her husband soon because the whole cheating plot gets old so friggin quick these days.

    Oh look we have the deadbeat dad too. I already tuned him out because I hate those characters but I felt conflicted because he is a photographer and I love photography. SO I am kind of in a jam. Out of all the characters he seems to be the only one of the characters the writers didnt seem a lot of time to develop. HE is kind of one dimensional and the other characters have already developed layers, well to me.

    I already have favorites,lol. Carlos and Mae seem to be the most interesting characters. Mae is by far the most mysterious and conflicted character and will provide the show with a lot, which will keep me watching. THere are so many questions surrounding her character that left me wondering what the hell is she all about. I cant wait to see where her character goes because she can bring a lot to the table. Carlos is also an interesting character. HE seems to be struggling with something on a deep level.

    THe premiere wasnt that great and the characters arent really molded that well yet but I will give this show a chance. THe premise has my full attention and it is really interesting how one thing in someones life can affect something in anothers. THat premise is just superb and hopefully the writers will use it to its full potential. THe overall storyline is lacking but if you seperate the characters in your mind some of the characters have better stories than others. Hopefully the connections will prove to be worthy and also I hope the writers dont waste this fantastic premise with more stupid and contrived plots and characters.
  • Hmmm... looks like it could be really good.

    Well, this is the first episode of what could be a very good series. The idea is that everyone is connected to anyone else through 6 people. So this show is about 6 people who just meet eachother, and each has a story in their life. This episode we met the 6 people, and were given a little bit to each story. We saw some connections between people. It seems as though fate is driving these 6 together. It will be interesting to get to know these characters more. This could be a great show, and I hope they continue to make episodes like this one.
  • A potentially interesting show with some good and some overdone plot threads.

    I was mixed with the end result, I had hoped there would be something in the show that would have had me looking forward to next week. Not that there isn't questions to be asnwered. The most interesting plot is with a girl on the run and this guy who's interested in her trying to track her down. But the plot about the limo driver who's in debt and has the brother who wants him to do illegal work is overdone already, the same with the girl who's getting engaged to the cheating boyfriend. The concept is neat and it's fascinating how these people end up in each others lives, but how long will that be interesting? Eventually they'll all know each other and the concept will have disolved this show into being another faceless drama. I thought it would have been interesting if they worked different connections through charachters who would have came on for short stints, that at least would have kept the 6 degrees concept going.

    So I hope the charachters are strong enough and the plots become interesting enough to sustain interest otherwise this show will start losing it's audience.
  • Complicated, but promising.

    The new J.J. Abrams produced show is possibly the most complicated series on television. In the pilot episode we are introduced to six characters: Carlos, Mae, Whitney, Damion, Steven, and Laura. That's it. We are given very little information about each character, but all are interesting enough in their daily lives to hook audiences. We want to know all we can about these people. That is the brilliance of the series. It makes the most of the little.

    This series will rely on the writing and the acting. It looks like we won't have to worry about the writing; it's very solid. But the acting is another story.

    Hope Davis is the standout of the pilot. Laura a single mother dealing with the loss of her husband over seas. She's moved on her husband in her head, but not in her heart. Davis is so simple and human. She is great. Hopefully big things will happen for her in this series.

    Bridget Moynahan also gives a fine performance as Whitney, a successful business woman who fears her boyfriend is cheating. In the pilot, Whitney is given the most history to work from, which for most actors makes it easier to perform.

    The final four, Jay Hernandez, Erika Christianson, Dorian Missick, and Campbell Scott aren't the most convincing in their roles. It's not that they are bad actors, they just don't seem to know their characters very well. Hernandez, the narrator (of the pilot, atleast), is the weakest of the cast.

    When the final act closes, Six Degrees makes it's mark as another very strong pilot from ABC. They have been making some brilliant decisions, and hopefully we can find more great shows from them in the future. They seem to realize that WRITING is the most important part in a series. Not many broadcasting companies get that... or they just don't know what good writing is.