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  • Taking the best shows Off-the-air, You SUCK ABC Family!

    This show was so amazing. It was pretty boring at first, but after a few episodes, I realized what a brilliant show it was. The story, characters, drama everything was so good.

    It was a feel-good TV Show. I really miss it a lot. If you haven't seen the whole season. You better watch it.
    It's worth it.

    I wonder why they won't make similar shows like this. Some of the shows that we get to see nowadays are pure nonsense. They never try to cancel those shows. Yet the good ones go off-air. It's so Abc Family!

    Anyway, If you know any similar shows like this, send me a message okay?
  • the people who cancel these shows really suck

    the people who cancel these shows really suck. This is one of the best shows they had on. I hate to start watching a new show because once you get into a show and you love it that's when the tv lords pull the plug. I loved all the characters in this show I just wish they would have kept it going and replayed it in the summer so more people could watch it and more people might love it. So now we have to say goodbye yet again to another great show with great people and story lines this sucks
  • With a great potential, but all minor factors rolled up in one the show just didn't have what it took.

    In the summer of 2006, a lot of good show's were promised to us for the fall. One of them being "another island" by J.J. Abrams. And though SIX DEGREES doesn't come near the legendary status of LOST, there's enough good to say about this show that got canceled, understandably, but still before it's time.
    The show has the same complicated connections of Lost, which is admiring, especially for a drama that is nothing more then the lives of six people and those around them. With that plot, the show could've carried on for a decade, unfortunately, it just never came to be. Not completely unexpected was this show canceled after it's eight episode and were only thirteen episode made, because if you're looking at the concept of Six Degrees, you'll see that it's just too unattractive to sit down for week by week. It's 2009, and today I finished the final episode of the show. It took me three years to finish a show that existed from only thirteen episodes. That's how boring the show could be. It wasn't fast paced, it wasn't extraordinary or shocking, the storylines came closer to reality then most drama's and that's always tricky. The charm of the show was not the humor or the cliffhanger endings, but the fact the show could surprise you with simple connections. The revelation that two friends were after the same guy was shocking enough to keep you looking out for the next episode. And that's inspiring enough when you watch that next episode months later. But if it's the week after, you probably don't care for it that much. The show simply didn't have any addicting factors. Having that taken into consideration, there was enough to enjoy about this show.
    The characters carried the show. The six of them had great development, background and kept intervening in each other's lives whether they knew it or not, without it ever getting old. It's a set up that worked perfect and was very easy to like. But even though you could really like all of them, they just weren't interesting enough to hold on to you and never let you go.
    The show was surprising, fresh and always original, but it seriously missed the X-factor that gets you addicted to a show. A missed chance. But even though the series ended with a huge open ending, you do feel it closes itself up. Because that's what the show was all about; life is mysterious and the world is simply a game of connecting the dots.
  • Great Show that died too quick.

    This show was so good to be cancelled. I wish it had it's chance. It was basically a how that showed how one person can be connected through several, also how that one person counts and how that can ripple to the others. It was very unfortunate to see this gem go before its prime. Tear! At least it had someone of a nice ending but not really. This show would have done amazing on The CW, since they give their shows a chance. I tried to get other people to watch also tried turning on multiple tvs and tell my friends to leave their tubes tuned in to that channel but over all it died! Shows don't last on Friday Nights! I will still remember this show though....
  • What went wrong with this tale of intertwined newyorkers is the same reason why Lost and Heroes became the hit that this show could never be.

    You need more than just coincidence to make an audience care for any group of people and while some shows relies on family (Gilmore Girls, Medium, Brothers & Sisters), the work place (House, Life, Mad Men) or both (Alias, Jericho, Eli Stone) other shows like Lost, Prison Break or Heroes innovate television by bringing us intelligent drama that relies on the most simple connection among kindreds who embrace a collective experience together.

    Problem is that "6 degrees" didn't arise among kindreds, the characters involved never shared a collective experience that bound them together; no plane crash, no prison, no sudden awakening to life, their lives continue as usual except for the occasional ripples that tainted them with the aftershocks of their neighbors's existence. No matter how thoughtful, well written or acted their encounters may be it fails in what Heroes succeeds: a reason for it to mean something. And without meaning the characters may as well just fade as the show itself.
  • An intruiging show about six New Yorkers and how their lives unconciously touch each other.

    The first time I heard about it I found it intruiging and decided I would try to watch it- if I had time. A little while later I realized it aired right after my then favorite show: Grey's Anatomy. After hearing that I vowed to clear my Thursdays of all potential interruptions. I immidiatley loved the loved the characters and the plot lines. As Grey's began to hit rough spots, Six Degrees became my show to rely on because it was- in my opinion- so constistently good. Other people may disagree with me for that but that is my opinion of it. After Mae's secret was discovered I felt like there was little to explore with her character except her and Carlos' relationship which was dissapointing. Though I don't know where they would have taken the show I will definitley miss it.
  • Some of the most boring tripe I have ever seen.

    When I first heard of this show, it looked good. J.J. Abrams, who was the mastermind behind such fine programming like Alias, Felicity & Lost had produced this. I was also a fan of Erika Christensen, Hope Davis and Bridget Moynahan. Boy, was I disappointed!

    The acting was pretty good as were the first two episodes. But it went downhill from there. I found myself bored with the show within the first ten minutes of the episodes. I consider myself a very patient person - I'll watch about 5 episodes of a so-so TV show hoping it gets better before I never tune in again. The characters were dull and unlikable as well. Whitney was so snobby and high on herself, Mae did a bad impression of a wild child and not once did I believe that Carlos was a 'good' guy. The only character who I found genuinely likable was Laura, who unfortunately got too little screen time.

    Unlike Lost, which connected the characters in interesting ways, Six Degrees barely had character connections.

    Overall, a boring show which I'm glad was canceled.
  • I love this show, so sad to hear it will not continue.

    I absolutley love watching this program. I must admit, I lost track of it just after watching the few first episodes, but I always remembered it. I recently found it on and watched every episode. The cast members are amazing, beautiful, interesting and the story line is captivating. Each and every episode kept me right in my place and wanting more. I can honestly say, not even Sex in the City had me this interested. The producers/directors or whomever is leading the show, had an amazing way of making them memorable and, of course, each and every actor/actress in this series nailed their roles.

    I love this show and am sad to see it go!
  • Great tv program!!

    A friend of mine told me that I should watch this show because I'm going to NY in a few I give it a chance! From the very first moment I love it! Every character has his own story. I love the fact that every one is connected in some way with all the other characters and I love how they lives don't stop to cross one and another time. One of my favourites characters is the city itself! All the images of NY are great and they sho you lots of places I want to visit now. Maybe I'm a dreamer maybe I'm not but I hope my experince in NY will be as wonderful of any of this stories!! Bring it back!!! I miss it!!
  • I love this show. I could relate to the last few episodes almost on every level. Especially regarding begining stuck in a career I hate, and dating.

    Not sure why it got such bad reviews...maybe it was on at a bad day/time. I just watched several episodes on-line, and I absolutely loved every one of them. It took me several hours to get caught up...I wasn't disappointed. Every episode left me wanting to know what would happen next. ***********BRING THIS SHOW BACK*******
  • The cancellation of this excellent show is just more evidence that the networks don't care about quality.

    This was a thoughtful, interesting, well-written, and well-acted drama. Unfortunately the wishy-washy wimps at ABC cancelled it without ever giving it a chance to succeed. Without support, the show was doomed. If only the networks supported quality programming the way they cram "reality" TV and lame game shows down our throats. The entire notion of quality is completely missing from most network programming. "Six Degrees" and "The Nine" gave me cause to hope that ABC was actually trying to do something good. What a fool I was to think that. H.L. Mencken's quote that "no one ever lost any money underestimating the intelligence of the American public" seems to be the networks' working model, and rather than guiding the public into better thinking, they are content to satisfy only the public's basest instincts. Greed, sex, potty humor--anything but programming for the intelligent. Oops--I forgot. I'm now living in a nation in which "intellectual" is a pejorative term. People would rather have a double-digit-IQ president whom they could drink a beer with than someone who is smart enough to be a world leader. What else could we expect from our TV programming? We can no longer look down on the Bundy family as stupid. Heck no--they have become our models for living. The 6000 remaining intelligent people in this nation (a major publisher's estimate of how many Americans read serious literature without being coerced by professors) need to do more to take our country back. Enough of the glorification of self-inflicted stupidity already! I eagerly await the day that a network has the guts to give us intelligent programming on a consistent basis. Maybe then people will get used to a diet of more than mere pabulum.
  • Six Degrees Review

    Six Degrees is a show about people living their lives in New York City and who crisscross with each other threw out their lives none of the characters seem like bad characters and most of them are likeable even if there are some flows in them the stories of all of these characters are not boring most of them you want to see what happens to them the biggest problem I have is I didn’t see this working as a TV series and it didn’t work as a series I think I would have worked better as a 90 min movie would have been a much better idea but I still thought the series was a decent one much better then some other stuff that came on this season still sad that it is gone and it not coming back THE END.
  • In my opinion this show has to be the best and I anticipate each episode. The characters are real, the acting is superb and the story line is simply ideal. Bravo to every person involved in making this my #1 show.

    In my opinion this show has to be the best and I anticipate each episode. The characters are real, the acting is superb and the story line is simply ideal. It has been a while when I can actually leave an episode and get a clear message of what's what and how it relates to my life. I think today we count the silly and whacky things on TV to be cool or idealistic, but I think the writers have taken a different approach and I'd like to extend a thank you and a bravo for all your hard work.

    Derek Smith
  • too bad I got into this show after it was pulled

    I had found this show online and started watching it. I fell in love with it and then I find out that it's been puled. ABC didn't want it or else they would not have sabotaged it the way they did by giving it only 2 weeks to get ratings up. I hope it's possible for a smarter network to pick it up because I'm pissed it had to end the way it did.
  • It is a show about different people from various walks of life, who somehow connect at different times of their lives, although they may not know of each other.

    This is a smart, clean well acted show and it is a pity that the powers to be do not keep it on the regular schedule. The actors are very good, the story line is always unpredictable and interesting and keeps the viewer glued to the box! The way the characters weave in and out of each others' lives without even being aware of it makes it even more interesting. The venue makes it fun and between Campbell Scott and Hope Davis what can one ask for more in a great drama? Bring it back and watch it take off!
  • Six Degrees follows six main characters and a number of secondary ones as they weave in and out of each others' lives, often unknowingly. Drama, suspense, wry humour--intriguingly fleshed out through unpredictable personalities and situations.

    Six Degrees was a delicious surprise and, ultimately, a sad let-down. The show hooked me from the first episode and kept me coming back for more from week to week. When it was put on hiatus, and then ultimately cancelled, I was floored. I don't recall ever seeing much hype on Six Degrees--especially when it was brought back in March--which is too bad . . . had more people known about its reappearance, I think it would have been given a fair shake and gotten better ratings. I get the feeling that someone decided to kill it even before it got off the ground. Who knows what kind of behind-the-scenes politics keep embarrassing shows on the air and give the axe to the ones we like? It was definitely a show for those of us who have been worn down by formula writing and broadly-drawn roles. Six Degrees dug deeper into the characters that it followed, going beyond the obviously-stated traits and motivations generally allotted in prime-time dramas. The elegance with which the central idea was realized carried through to the performances and the overall direction. Hope Davis and Campbell Scott in particular gave us intriguingly detailed and quirky characters--identifiable, but not at all predictable. In contrast, I find a show like "Men in Trees" appallingly bad and absolutely unengaging--how on earth does a show like that survive when an entertaining, thoughtfully-crafted show like Six Degrees gets deep-sixed?? I, personally, would like to see more episodes, and I have many friends who have expressed their disappointment in seeing the show cancelled, as well.
  • Six Degree is a great show, I could wait to see the next show, last Friday I was waiting for it and today it was still not on, why? it is a good show with nice caracteres? I hope it will be on mext week

    Hope that more people will ask this this show Six degree to be aired again, Friday is a bit easier to watch the show, Monday , Tuesday and Wed. is too busy, with other show right now, I'm sure if you have more publicity about the show, it will pick up in no time, it wasn't really advertise a lot or at all. But I did like it and I kept watching it and was disspaointed when it stopped.
  • I loved the Show Six Degrees. Please bring it Back!

    I started watching Six Degrees about three episodes before it was pulled off the air. I am very disappointed. I really enjoyed the show. It caught my attention right away and I was anxious to see the next show. It was entertaining with good acting and different. It was certainly refreshing and different from the run of the mill CSI, Doctors and Reality TV which has taken over the networks. Please Bring It Back!! You need to promote it like you do for Grey's Anatomy or put it at a different time but bring it back. How can you cancel a show in mid-season during an important part when we are hooked on it??? Wait at least until the end of the year and end it properly.
  • The actors on this show are great. They all seemed to fit in nicely together. The concept of the eposides were great.I don't know why they would cancel this show. I hope that they will give this show a chance at least. Go figure...

    I think this was the best new show that was on. This sucks when they really cancel a new show. Hope Davis and Campbell Scott are really great actors. I saw them on The Secrets Lives of Dentists, which is a great movie. I hope they have the sense of bringing this show back. I rate it a 10+, I guess I'm not the only one who feels this way. They leave some of the stupidest shows on TV. The other actors are great as well. They all fit together nicely on the show, you couldn't ask for a better cast. Oh well, we'll just have to see. Go figure................
  • What a shame. Most of the good shows get pulled.

    I finally saw one commercial that this show was coming back. I found the time slot and scheduled my Friday night around the 8pm showing. Lo and behold here I sit flipping channels and looking at the TV Guide channel and cannot find the show anymore. Then I found this website. I am just as sad as the others that another good show has been removed.

    One less ABC watcher for Friday nights.
  • The creators of Six Degrees has taken the "Six Degree" theory and backed it up with a superb cast of artists to produce a real gem in a weekly television series.

    From the very first episode of Six Degrees I was so very afraid that this series would be immediately cancelled--if for no other reason than the fact that I really like it.

    The "Six Degree" theory that everyone is connected to everyone else on the planet by a chain of people that starts with six people that each individual know is a compelling story, and when that story is told by a cast of talented artists then this series becomes one that viewers can barely wait to see what the next episode brings. The cast is headed by Bridget Moynahan, Jay Hernandez, and Erika Christensen, but veterans Hope Davis and Scott Campbell also balance out the series' excellent crop of talent. The show has everything that it needs to be an artistic success, however artistic sucess does not guarantee successful TV ratings, especially across all age groups.

    If Six Degrees is to become successful in the weekly TV ratings it has to make it's story more compelling in order to offset it's lack of blood and sex which are traditional guarantees of successful ratings amongst most age groups.
  • Six Degrees is about Six people, who will eventually all know each other through someone else's connection.

    I am not really so sure about the that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person through a chain of six people, which means that no one is a stranger... for long. It would be like if my friend had a friend who had a friend so on. It is an interesting thought that whould mean the everyone in the world in like somehow connected to everyone else in the world, which sounds a little weird to me. In the show the cast is slowing metting each other through someone else that they know or just met. Not sure about the show since it has not been on for a while now, have to see if they bring it back or not.
  • Review

    This is a great show, I dont care what anyone says. The cast isn't very well known, but they all interact with the storyline very well regardless. I like how the show is connecting the people, though I expect them to begin connecting them more and more as the season goes on until they all know each other...or something of the like. I think the only thing that really brings this show down is the lack of advertisment and being put in a really bad timeslot. 10 pm on a thursday is a little rough and I think if the show were given a 9 pm or 8 pm timeslot it would do much better. The show is still really good and reccomended to everyone that likes drama. Another one of the complaints that a lot of people give the show is that there is to much to keep up with. To be honest with you, I don't understand how it could be that hard to keep up with about 3-4 storylines during the course of a shows history. Several of the characters have there own unique storylines built in with another one of the "Six Degrees" characters, so Im not sure what thats all about.

    In the end this show should be brought back soon by ABC, as so far we have gone a full three months without any new episodes to the show. ABC promised new episodes starting in Janurary and we have yet to recieve any new episodes almost a third of the way through Feburary. Fantastic show, love the interactions.
  • The show is based on different people who lead different life styles and at one point cross each others paths. There was a good connection with the characters, I just don't understand why it would be postponed for Men in Trees! I hope Men in Trees fails!

    The show had my interest from the very first episode. I watched each show religiously. What happened to this show? Why would it be postponed for Men in Trees? What’s up with that? Now I\'m going to have to set a reminder for the next episode! I want to see the ending where the good guy gets the girl of his dreams, like it’s supposed to be darn it!

    I don\'t believe it got enough publicity. Radio stations did a better job publicizing the show than T.V. I just don\'t get it. Please keep it on the air!
  • I liked it.

    Here is another show that I liked and I guess not many other people did. It was a little slow taking off, but I was just starting to get really interested. But them ABC decided to give it the axe. I will never understand why executives are so quick to give up on new shows. But I guess that is why they are paid the big bucks. And they don't historically keep their jobs long.
  • Six Degrees is a show I wasn't sure if I was going to like or not when I saw the first previews,but I love it!

    I have been wondering where in the heck Six Degrees has been now for weeks! I figured some idiot decided to ax it just like other great shows like Everwood & Windfall! To my surprise it hasn't been axed as of yet,but messed up! How can you put a great show people are already involved in on hold to start another one? That is stupid! Start the new show at the end of the season for Six Degrees! Nothing like leaving the fans hanging! Could at least advertise that it will be coming back & when! What a bunch of crap! Must say a really good way to lose fans too! Can't wait to see it again!
  • All of my friends in Columbus, OH and I love to watch this show!! It is one of our personal favorites. We watch Grey's and then Six Degrees!! What were thinking putting Men in Trees after Grey's?? UGH!!!!

    Six Degrees is an amazing show that combines the lives of people in NYC. What a great show. It keeps my attention week after week and the attention of all of my friends in Columbus, OH. We love watching this show after Grey's and look forward to it every week. We always talk about it at work the next morning! I have no idea how they could have pulled the show for Men in Trees?? NO CLUE.
    I think Men in Trees is not the show to put after Grey's personally. We all turn off our TV's now after Grey's is over. I know there are some people who like Men in Trees and to each his/her own I guess. I just think Men in Trees pales in comparison to Six Degrees. I hope Six Degrees takes off in January at it's new time. You guys are great and put out an amazing show!!!!! Give it more advertisement!!! For sure! There are people at work that didn't even know about Six Degrees and now that they know can't wait to watch it in January!
  • This is a great show, not the picture perfect slice of reality, but does give you the ability to relate to the characters and understand.

    I was very upset by the new that Six Degrees will be pushed off until Jan 2007. When you think about shows just getting there start, cutting one only half way in to its run, is sure to have views second guessing the time they invest in the shows they watch.

    Hopefully when it gets picked up in Jan it will come back even stronger.

    This is a MUST watch show!
  • Love the Show!!!

    I absolutely love this show. I have been waiting for a show to come out, where everyone's lives intertwine, but they don't know it and I finally found it and now it isn't coming back until January!!! Please bring it back, I love this show! There are so many story plots that are avaliable for this show, so many twists and turns that the writers are able to play around with. Why do networks do this to us, they bring out an excellant show and than take it away. I am so sick of Medical shows and reality shows and now they bring a wonderful drama out. Isn't nice to watch something other than reality and be taken in by these wonderful characters. and to leave me with JT's kiss, that was hysterical!
  • best show ever! seriousely ,It\'s very well written(comes from JJ Abbrams),characters are amazing,It\'s shot in New York . It\'s so charming and original.

    best show ever!
    seriousely ,It\'s very well written(comes from JJ Abbrams),characters are amazing,It\'s shot in New York . It\'s so charming and original.
    Each episode has the quality of a good movie/
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