Six Degrees

Season 1 Episode 7

Slings and Arrows

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2007 on ABC

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    This episode focused around the trio of Steven, Laura, and Whitney, who now all know each other and are connected within one another. Damian, Carlos, and Mae all know each other so as of now we have two factions among the Six Degree cast. I thought the trio of Steven, Laura, and Whitney dragged a little bit at times, but I still thought the episode was very good focusing around them. Whitney having to work with Roy must have been a shot in the stomach, while Laura stealing the painting from the galley showed exacatly what a desperate woman would do to keep the worst day of her life away from the world. Seeing Laura on a date was a nice change of pace considering how down she was during the first six episodes of the season. Overall this was a very good episode, I just hope that Carlos and Mae get more on screen connections in the next couple of episodes and the writers evenly distribute the writing from now on.
  • The show returns to the form that made it so unique and shows why it should connect more.

    Having been massively disapointed when the show was put on hiatus, I was overjoyed to see it return. Even better, it's right back where it left off with Laura and Whitney talking romance and Laura finding a date.

    Of course, romance isn't on Whitney's mind when Rob returns under Whitney's watch. Bridget showed great comic timing handling him, the account and the reporter and while shooting him with an arrow was goofy, it led to the great point where she tells him point-blank that he needs to be out of her life and he finally puts someone other than himself first and agrees to it. Her brief encounter with Steven seemed sudden but thankfully, both are letting it go with that.

    Laura's reaction at taking the photo away was very funny, blase about it and apologizing to her date for running out like that. It really hit me when she and Steven met that this was the first meeting of these two in the series. I liked how Steven was ready to make a big speech but backed off and let her take it. The scene with her and her daughter was nice and good to see them all getting together at the party with Steven's career back on line. We got the payoff to the Carlos/Damien plot, a bit easy with the witness clearing it up so Damien doesn't have to go to jail. But that he was willing to go at all and the great conversation with his girlfriend showed his decent side. So it's a welcome return to the show and hopefully people can click onto it and give it the shot it deserves.
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