Six Degrees

Season 1 Episode 11

Surstromming or a Slice

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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    The episode was really good and I like how they finnaly starting getting all of the characters involved again. The relationship between Laura and Steven didnt exactly go the way I had envisioned it, I thought they would have gotten together by the end of the episode but I guess thats not going to be the case. Carlos and Mae not being together anymore kind of hit reality in this episode, which I think is fine for the long term effect of the show, though I think that span is just about to run its course in the next couple of episode. Ray always has an alterior motive and I wouldnt be surprised if him and Whitney hooked up permanatly at the end of this season (series I should say) Mae storyline about her mother looks to be a little boring, but we will see where the writing goes. Solid episode overall, I thought it was really good much like the second half of this season.