Six Degrees

Season 1 Episode 4

The Puncher

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2006 on ABC

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    Talk about a big change in momentum as Whitney finds out about her cheating husband threw a newspaper story about a man who has been punching men who have slept with his wife. I thought that Whitney and Roy would have been together for a little longer then just four episodes, but Im sure we have not seen the last of roy as far as Six Degrees goes, one way or another.

    Steven was the other major storyline in this episode as he finnaly got the right to see Max one day a week from his soon to be ex wife. The Mae-Carlos-and Damian all had the same storyline for the most part. With Carlos learning that Mae is hiding something from him. I hope that this new information doesnt led to them having a bad relationship in the future...
  • More episodes like this!!

    This was a great episode - Whitney finally learnt of her husbands cheating ways, thanks to 'The Puncher', a menacing man punching people in the streets of New York for sleeping with his wife.

    Mae and Carlos go on a double date with Damien and his girlfriend, and Damien relaises Mae is the girl he was asked to keep an eye out for.

    Some of the storylines from the first episode are starting to hit their climaxes - hopefully the show can keep the tension and excitement. Seriously addictive drama.
  • The Puncher = The best episode yet!

    Where do i start? I know the show is new and has had only 4 episodes, but from the last one u can only expect great things comming :)

    I will start with what for me is the low point of the show, Caseman, even thought in this episode he had his best "plot", for me it is the lowest part of the show, the one i would skip if i could.

    The best part of this episode was the punchers arrest and whitney reading on the paper about it and realizing FINALLY that her fiance was a huge *ssh*le.

    Liked the fact that Mae was more "close" with Carlos, but their relationship may retroced when he finds more about her and how she is hidden and why.

    Lot more insteresting stuff to come from this show :)
  • A puncher menacing seemingly random New Yorkers? The Whitney/Roy/Laura drama coming to a head? Some resolution between Steven and his wife? New drama for Mae, Carlos, and Damian? Well, what's not to like?

    I have to say that a serial puncher rampaging around New York and just knocking guys out cold is probably the most original side-quest villain I've heard of in a long time. The writers get mega points for this one because, not only was it a pretty entertaining side-plot, they have the characters and the whole atmosphere of it handled in true New York style. From the TV over-selling the seriousness of it to the vendors in the street making money off it selling Puncher t-shirts to Laura and Mae laughing it off to Damian being glad his last fare was a victim, they cover a lot of different viewpoints of it, and most of it while giving us meaningful character interaction and development at the same time. Kudos to the writing staff, for this is no small feat.

    One of the things I really liked in this episode was that they dug into some of the mystery behind Steven's disappearance, very slowly and deliberately as if the show was aware of how painful it was for Steven to recall this stuff. And it's also nice to see how things are progressing with his soon-to-be-ex wife and his son, Max. This could create some very fun drama later, as things going better between him and Christine could make things rocky between him and Anya. Not to mention what happens if Christine finds out about Anya . . .

    I'm interested to see what's going to happen with Mae now that Carlos has a reason not to trust her, and I'm especially curious about what Damian knows about her past. She seems really down-to-Earth and a really good match for Carlos, but . . . everyone has a past I guess. The only part of the dynamic between Mae, Carlos, and Damian that I didn't like is I'm worried about so many of the main characters meeting up so soon. I kind of liked when there weren't any solid loops connecting characters.

    I won't spoil how it happens for people that haven't seen the episode yet, but yes, Whitney finds out about how much of a creep Roy is in this episode, and it made me realize how much better that storyline would've been had they not used dramatic irony. Granted, it was pretty effective having us know and Whitney not know, it created a lot of drama. But . . . imagine if that very last scene from the pilot had never been shown and, other than the Laura incident, we get hints that he might be cheating, but never get anything definitive. I guess it's kind of a page from the (modern) Battlestar Galactica school of plot development - but can you imagine how much more effective the finding out scene would've been if we'd found out the same way as Whitney?

    Anyway, great episode. I give them points for, again, giving us a very wide range of drama, from high notes to low notes to everything in between. I deduct a few points for pointing out some possible holes in a story arc, and for potentially forgetting that magic they had in the first few episodes, exploring how one chain of events effcts another. The Puncher provided some connectivity between characters . . . but hopefully they won't stop including those little Kismet-type interactions between main and supporting characters so we can see how the forces of Fate are affecting their lives.
  • Best episode yet!!!!

    wow. i am really really surprised by this episode. i wasnt really expecting much from six degrees because i had been disappointed the past 2 episodes because they were really boring and slow, the plot just didnt go anywhere. But the puncher was really a breakthrough episode. it had comedy with the puncher, i thought that was hilarious, great acting and really good drama. we find out a lot more about the characters and more of them are connecting to each other. carlos finally find out about mae's troubled past. and the girl finally find out that her husband is a cheater. GReat plot!
  • Really great episode! Carlos finds out from Damian that Mae is coming from a \\\"dangerous\\\" past, but we still won\\\'t find out why. Whitney finally finds out her fiancee cheated on her even though she refused to hear it from Laura.

    I loved how Whitney caught her fiancee cheating by reading about it in the newspaper, serves him right! She should've kneed him harder in the balls!
    Really well written once again! Loved every minute of it! I felt really bad for Laura when she tried to tell Whitney about her fiancee cheating but karma really comes around and Whitney found out by herself (through a newspaper) about her fiancee's cheating. Hurray for the puncher! Mae was way too obvious when she freaked out thinking those guys were trying to go after her. She made Carlos suspect something and he started getting suspicous. Anyway, great episode!
  • Horray for the Puncher!

    I am so happy that Whitney found out that Roy is a DOG. Thank goodness for the Puncher. I felt bad for Laura when she was trying to tell Whinty that Roy had hit on her at their engagement party. I was so glad that Whitney did not let any pride stand in the way of her going to see Laura.

    Mae, Mae. What are they going to do about this nice young, lady. She deserves to be happy, but she cannot because of her secrets. I like her with Carlos. I hope things will work out for them both.

    I must say that I don't like Steven with the girl( cannot with remember her name, sorry.) I prefer him with Whitney, go ahead call me crazy.