Six Degrees

Season 1 Episode 6

What You Wish For

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on ABC

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    This episode mainly focused around Damian and Steven. I think that Steven might be getting a little too much airtime while Damian really needed this episode as I felt his character was really falling behind in the character devolopment portion of this show.

    Mae and Carlos are the two best devoloped characters to this point, so we didnt see but maybe 5 minutes of them in the show. While Im most interested in there storyline, I feel that they needed an episode off to catch everyone else up.

    Damians storyline, all though needed, wasnt the best. Regina took it the way everyone would expect and walke dout on his reaction the next day it might be for good.

    Stevens been getting a lot of air time as well and it seems he will be getting Max back yet again while his ex goes back to see her sick father.

    I thought this was a pivotal episode for character devolopment and I cannot wait for this show to return sometime soon. There are a lot of questions Im ready to have answered.
  • Catch 22....

    Steven did the narrating this time, this character is lost and trying to figure out where’s he’s going in life. Damian got his limo stolen, and Carlos found out he has prior records in jail. Laura is getting a promotion but faced a dilemma, and Steven got a shooting gig with some techies guys, but blew it. Damian proposed marriage to Regina, but she doesn’t know about his past. The catch 22 thing is just playing out everywhere. The script has to be going somewhere with all these I hope. The narration thing also mirrors what Grey’s anatomy is doing.
  • A show that keeps me coming back every week. I think this is one of the best shows of the season.

    I love this show. I agree with everyone else, this is exactly why I watch this series. I'm glad Dorian decided to be honest with his fiance. That would have really come back to bite him in the future. I think that the story lines are great, the writers are giving you just enough to keep you wanting more and at the same time they don't overdo one story line.
    I really get into this show. I really hate that they are putting this show on a break until January. I haven't cared for most of the new shows this season, but this show has to be my favorite and here they go replacing it with "Men in Trees." What's that show about anyway?
  • Impressive in both form and dialogue, this is simply the best installment yet.

    Again, the writers outdo themselves in this, the sixth episode. Centering around many viewers favorite character, Steven Caseman, it continues the story of his battle to regain a hold in his sons life. By far my favorite episode so far. The relationship between Steven and his son under fire, his ex-wife and her family troubles, Anya's view of him changing as well as her meeting his son. All of it is leading up to great things, television-wise. I just hope those of us who possibly favor a different character can muster the patience and not bring the collective rating of the show down with their personal opinions. I highly anticipate more from Steven and was very grateful for a more in-depth look into his affairs. Now the only trouble is waiting until next thursday.
  • I don't want to see any more of Steven and his pathetic failure being a father and his even more pathetic relationship with a woman half his age. Get back to Mae!

    This episode followed the most boring character for almost the entire hour. I don't want to see any more of Steven Caseman and his pathetic failure being a father and his even more pathetic relationship with a woman half his age. The main reason I watch is Mae's story and its mysteries. Of all the characters, Steven is the most boring, so I don't understand why they would spend an entire episode on him. There are plenty of single parents that aren't such fools as he is. There are also plenty of decent middle-aged men who would never date a 25 year old. The love scenes with Steven and Anya are revolting. Writers, please take this show back in the direction it was going before it gets cut.
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