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Six Feet Under

HBO (ended 2005)



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When death is your business, what is your life? For the Fisher family, the world outside of their family-owned funeral home continues to be at least as challenging as--and far less predictable than--the one inside.Oscar(R)-winning screenwriter Alan Ball's breakout series that takes a darkly comic look at members of a dysfunctional L.A. family that run a funeral business.
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Fan Reviews (114)

  • Great Show except all the GAY CRAP and Brenda

    Watched all seasons of this show, loved it all except the constant need to show the ACCEPTANCE of GAY lifestyle. They really tried to make GAY look cool. Plus Brenda, that actress is horrible. I could not stand her in this show, nor her role in ABC Brother's and Sisters, now she is on some stupid show about a camp. She whines, and is soooooo not attractive. This show was dark, and deep, but GREAT!moreless
  • Life is full of Ups and Downs

    I started watching this after completing the DEXTER series as i'm a great fan of Michael C. Hall.

    It was strange for me to see him play a gay character, that too very well.

    The story started right from the 1st episode when Nathaniel Fisher dies, and the burden of maintaining the business is now dropped on to the Fisher sons.

    All the characters are very well made and portrayed. I personally loved Brenda and Claire. Former being very smart, and the latter struggling with the daily schooling which is the case of many.

    It is full of family drama which is not the case of many soaps running currently, i guess none. Very rarely such a soap is made so full of family drama.

    Won't be liked by people who love thrillers, but will be liked to the core who love drama especially familymoreless
  • Simply the greatest television show to ever grace the screen.

    I firmly believe this to be true, and don't think it has much competition. The only reason I did not give it a ten is because I'd like to assume the "perfect" television show has yet to be created. Either way, the Fishers are perfectly developed in every way. No show delves deeper into it's characters, side characters included. Every person: Ruth, Nate, David, Claire, Brenda, Keith, Russell, Lisa, etc, fill their roles as well as they possibly could; especially the first five. This and the relevancy of everything that takes place in the lives of these characters makes watching this show an incredible, enlightening and tragically beautiful experience. Six Feet Under is truly the mirror of humanity.moreless
  • Compelling and a must watch

    One of my favourite shows. Six feet under is a amazing show that tells the story of The Fishers and how they run their funeral home. The show is different from much of HBO''s offering as it tackles the issues of close knit family and how they deal with everyday life problems. Death is the main theme of the show but at later seasons the families issues are more explored. It is one of the shows that draws you deep and makes you connect with the characters and has one of the best finales ever ofmoreless
  • This used to be one of my favorite shows. Then the fourth season aired.

    The saga of the Fishers (mother Ruth and children Nate Jr., Claire, and David) and their funeral home rapidly joined The Sopranos as an HBO signature show. Every show starts with a death of someone soon to come to the funeral home, and the personal stories of the Fishers always were mirrored/metaphored by the recently deceased they were processing, and these conversations with the dead (including the patriarch, who dies at the start of the series) always left the characters with a better sense of what they were doing/where they were going. The show possesses a quirky and slightly dark sense of humor that keeps things from getting too morbid. Much like the first two seasons of The Sopranos, the first season was a great set-up; the second, near perfect. The third season saw a slight departure to heavier drama, and the show started to suffer a bit for it. The fourth season was nearly unwatchable. Everything that made the show what it was was sadly eliminated, and even the opening deaths were often there only for tradition's sake, having nothing to do with the plot, while the characters' lives were torn to shreads. It was almost as if the writers were having a competition to see who they could make suffer the most, and in doing so they unwittingly chose the audience. I even changed the channel a few times, but came back, hoping the show's former greatness would return. Save for a relatively satisfying finale, it never did. After last night's pretty decent season 5 premiere, I'm hopeful for a resurgence to greatness during SFU's final season, but when slighly whacko Brenda (Nate's longtime lover and current wife) is rapidly becoming the most normal character on the show, there is pause for doubt on my part.

    First season: 9.0

    Second season: 10.0

    Third season: 6.5

    Fourth season: 2.5

    Average comes to 7.0moreless
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