Six Feet Under

Season 4 Episode 11

Bomb Shelter

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 29, 2004 on HBO
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Edward Gordon Gorodetsky
Coco Grimes Gorodetsky
Michael Timothy Gorodetsky
Amanda Lynn Gorodetsky
Ruth is very excited about going on a "Couples Retreat" with George, who is far from enthusiastic about attending. Instead, he finds solace after discovering the Fisher home has a bomb shelter that was built in the 1950s by Nathaniel's parents. Meanwhile, Brenda is excited about having children of her own with Nate, who is in the middle of his own problems with his ex-in laws, Barb and Hoyt. When the Woodworths visit, Nate comes out to them that he gave Lisa the funeral that she wanted. Disgusted, Barb and Hoyt leave Nate & Brenda's home and threaten legal action over the custody of Maya. David however is in the middle of a crisis, when he finds out that the victim from his sushi restaurant encounter is suing him for restitution of $500,000.00. On an evening on the town, David and Keith woo Roger (the victim) and he drops the lawsuit after Keith gives him a special "gift". However, there is even more of a problem: the police called and have found his carjacker and would like him to come in and identify him.moreless

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  • Baby Maybe? The Gorodetsky Family: Edward, Coco, Michael and Mandy Written by Scott Buck Directed by Nicole Holofcener

    "I wish Lisa was still ALIVE and not raised by a woman she hated!"--Barb

    Brenda expresses her desire to Nate to have a baby and raise a family something Nate isn't obviously ready for. Nate has problems of his own at the moment. It seems that Hoyt and Barb, his former in-laws will be traveling to L.A. to ask Nate a few questions. When Barb and Hoyt come for dinner they ask Nate about Lisa's funerary aftercare, which Nate responds with a lie. Barb then asks for the crematorium's number, Nate then drops the bomb that he gave her the funeral she wanted. Which causes payback on Barb's behalf by threatening to sue for custody of Maya. Nate then tells Brenda he can't create the loving family she so desperately wants at the moment since he's concerned about Maya.

    After receiving a brochure in the mail from George's son Kyle and girlfriend Becky about a Loving Couples Seminar she asks George if he would attend a class with her in order to spice up their sex life. George becomes occupied though when buying emergency equipment in the near event of an attack. Ruth then tells him the family has a bomb shelter in Claire's apartment which causes that to become George's new "clubhouse".

    Other important events in "Bomb Shelter"...

    *Death(s) of the week: A family is driving to a party: Dad at the wheel, Mom on the cell, the children watching DVDs, all extremely occupied when they crash into a truck. Tragic but at the same time they should have knew better.

    *Brenda reunites with her brother Billy after their mother is hospitalized for a hysterectomy. Margaret is hilarious in this episode when she asks her children to leave so that she can do it with Olivier.

    *David and Keith wine and dine Roger Pasquese, the angry sushi restaurant patron and after Keith "services" him, he drops the lawsuit. But the relief is short lived when the police ask David to come in and identify his "attacker".

    *Federico relishes taking his kids to the movies but when he hears Vanessa's boyfriend's sister (a former drug addict) is babysitting. Federico steps in, pays the babysitter and enters the threshold. Vanessa then threatens the authorities if Federico enters without her permission again.

    *Claire creates her new art concept which causes Russell to take a percentage of the credit at her next "crit" meeting. Claire then confronts Russell who just wants to be acknowledge. Jimmy then manages to get Claire an art opening after the gallery owner expresses interest.

    This episode among many others has to be one of my favorite episodes. I really enjoyed this one because it was comedic, with a mix of drama and suspense. Very well done in my opinion.moreless
  • Bombs Away Written by Scott Buck Directed by Nicole Holofcener

    Into the final few and tonight, we the viewers are given some fabulous tricks and treats and some rather nasty surprises.

    Okay, of the top of my head. Am I the only one alone (though I think not) in that Brenda's new found desire to have a child is rushed? Probably not but if I am, I don't care. She may be at the age where she feels she may need to conceive or what not, but seeing as her and Nate have only recently gotten back together properly as a couple and no matter how great she is with Maya, I still think that this is way too soon and then there's Nate, whose only just really being a father to Maya.

    There is some incredibly juicy stuff when Barb the barbarian and Hoyt come to visit. The more we see and learn of the Kimmels, the more I pity poor Lisa. Out of that family, she was probably the best out of a scary ass dysfunctional bunch as the sister in law from hell now knows that the ashes Nate fobbed the Kimmels off with are not Lisa's and when Nate tries to allay the situation by telling her he buried her in the desert, Barb's reaction is menacing.

    If you thought Peg Kimmell was a nasty piece of work who Nate would have to watch his back when the truth of Lisa's cremains would come to light, then you ain't seen nothing as Barb threatens to find a way to take Maya off Nate and given the disturbing impression that she thinks Nate and Brenda may have played a part in Lisa's death, she may also be able to pull it off. There's some fabulous cat and mouse moments with the opposing in laws and with the previews hinting at a more sinister outcome to the year long mystery, the tension is really ratched up a good few notches.

    Brenda is given better stuff to do when she is reunited with Billy during Margaret's hysterectomy and given that they haven't spoken within a year, we get a very subtle make up session, coupled in with the pair's spot on observation about why they are the most sexual inappropiate people and of course, Olivier at his smug best in a scene in which you could almost wet yourself with laughter.

    Heating up with the debacle of "The Black Forest", pesky Roger is suing David for over half a million for having a good old chomp on his ear and when both David and Keith try to settle, the result ends up becoming something out of Indecent Proposal when poor Keith has to have sex with nasty Roger in order for him to drop the charges. Unfortunately this is the second yucky thing Keith has had to do this season and although not as bad as having to watch him and Celeste shag, this was still a pretty horrible way of ending this thread and David's behaviour towards the proposition also annoyed the hell out of me.

    Sure, David loves Keith and Keith sure as hell loves David, but couldn't have Keith told someone (besides Roger) that the former post traumatic stress disorder was beginning to piss him off and shouldn't David have offered Keith support after sleeping with Roger, instead of the otherway around?

    On the plus side, at least after three and a half months into the attack, the police finally have caught Jake which means David now has to identify him, hopefully giving the closure that both viewers and the character need.

    Sticking with the previous episode, the photo session that Claire and Russell while high on drugs sees Claire's collage like work getting much needed praise and then Russell tells the entire class of his involvement. You can side with Russell in that Claire should have at least said something like "Um me and Rusty here were high on drugs at a party a month ago. Started fooling around with a camera in the darkroom and then he cuts eyes of a photo and added them to a picture, giving me the idea for this project".

    But saying that, I don't think Russell should have come out with it in front of everyone. If the teacher had not praised it so much or at all, I bet he probably would have kept his mouth and because of that it's almost easier to side with Claire. Sure, she should have acknowledged him in some way but Russell did not deserve the amount of praise he was so desperately looking for, even if Claire did come across as rather childish about the thing herself.

    As for Anita? Sorry, wasn't paying that much attention. I'm just hoping she'll be gone by next eppy as will Jimmy. Okay, he's cute, managed to get Claire off and here, he's also responsible for getting his manager to get her work submitted in an upcoming show but as a couple, it just seems all too convenient for me to really buy into.

    Then there's the slightly less intense subplots. Ruth's desperation to connect with George again falls flat on her arse as it seems Sibley may be losing the plot a bit. Examples? Well, there's his notion of an apocalyptic event (I remember back in 1999 a relative sending me this insane pamphlet of the apocalypse. Wonder where I left that) so buys a boat load of water and instead of going to a tantric workshop he decides to spend his time storing the water in the Fisher's bomb shelter. How appropiate. George's mental state is definitely questionable but nutty as a fruitcake George is way more fun than the pompous git we had to put up earlier on this year. Ruth, honey - relax. If George isn't out of there by the end of the day, then call those nice men in suits. They'll take care of your woes.

    Bottomed down would have to be Federico and Vanessa who still seem to be caught in some time warp. Last ep, she threatened to change the locks if Rico ever came by unannounced again. Rico not completely endowed with the notion of actually taking his wife seriously does while she's on a date with her new boyfriend. This time she threatens to call the police, although that's even less likely than Claire going through an entire conversation without makin at least one pithy putdown. It's an okay angle but the whole tit for tat with the pair is beginning to get old rather fast so please will these two kiss, shag and make up?

    Also in "Bomb Shelter"

    Very effective multiple killings/death sequence at the beginning at the ep with the Gorodetsky family. My heart totally went out to the surviving son.

    Brenda (Re Barb's kids):"They're cute"

    Nate:"They smell like bananas"

    Brenda:"You just don't think anyone is as cute as Maya".

    George (to Ruth):"And tantric love which you seem to have circled. Anxious to spice up our sex life?"

    Ruth's reaction to finding drugs in Claire's room caught me off guard. In Season 1 she would have panicked. Here she's almost nonchalant about it.

    Arrgh - no continuity or mention at all about Edie. Next season then.

    Chronology wise, it's April 4th 2004. That's three fours, yes?

    Keith:"Instead of focusing on the negative think positive thoughts".

    David:"Does that include beating the shit out of Roger Fucking (makes fun of last name) PAS-QUE-SE!"

    Federico:"So what did you guys do?"

    Vanessa:"Oh you know, charity work".

    Olivier:"Of course they're gonna say nice things to you, they're your kids. But me, i'm a miserable prick who cares nothing about anyone, but myself. Look at you, in your hospital bed, tired and worn out from surgery. And I selfishly wonder how long I must wait before I can fuck you"

    Margaret:"Wow. Finally someone said something right".

    Barb and Hot's chickens were named Peedie, Pepe, Paulie and Pogo. Boy they are really cheesy, aren't they?

    Anita: "It's okay. Dick Cheney's my uncle". And then there's George's ramblings about terrorism. A little too topical much?

    Standout music of the episode included Van Hunt's "Anything (To Get Attention)" and Nada Surf's "Inside Of Love".

    Another excellent if slightly off kilter in some places prelude to what should another fantastic finale to a very convulated season (is it me or has so many shows this year felt like that?). There's some truly fantastic acting, neat dialogue and plenty of good character pieces as well as plenty of mini bombs being dropped off but for a satifying finale, we so need two more eppys, especially with the deadly promise of old buried secrets being resurfaced. Answers to Lisa's death, clarity for David, divorce for Ruth or an appearance from Nathaniel? Not sure about the first three, but fingers crossed for the latter.

  • Not up to the usual quality, but a definitie improved over the last episode.

    This was a rather good episode, with a couple of scenes that stood out, but then again, there were some boring ones too.

    George's obsession with the world ending makes me wonder wether this is something that's actually important(e.g. him going crazy) or is it just a part of his craziness. James Cromwell makes it fun to watch even though it feels disconnected from the overall plot.

    The deaths of the week were shocking, and finally! We saw the actual cerenomy and it was good. I felt sorry for the kid who lost his whole family basically. Brenda and Nate scenes were boring, and I feel it's going back to season 1/2 state slowly... where all they do is have all those really tiring converstaions and SEX. Brenda wants a baby, Nate doesn't, blah blah... Brenda should open her eyes and get a reality check. Nate's still depressed, how on earth could he handle another baby?!

    David and Keith were the best part for me with Keith giving a blowjob to the man who wanted to sue David. Now the dialouge afterwards from Keith was rather interesting. IT sounded as if David was just a burden for him. This can be understood two ways: 1. He's telling the truth 2. he's just trying to make the man feel better about himself so he would really drop the charges.

    Overall, a good episode, a good setup for the finale.moreless
Peter Krause

Peter Krause

Nate Fisher

James Cromwell

James Cromwell

George Sibley (episode 40+, recurring previously)

Mathew St. Patrick

Mathew St. Patrick

Keith Charles

Frances Conroy

Frances Conroy

Ruth Fisher

Lauren Ambrose

Lauren Ambrose

Claire Fisher

Freddy Rodriguez

Freddy Rodriguez

Federico Diaz

Jeff Yagher

Jeff Yagher


Guest Star

Tom Virtue

Tom Virtue

Eddie Gorodetsky

Guest Star

Christine Mourad

Christine Mourad

Coco Gorodetsky

Guest Star

Jeremy Sisto

Jeremy Sisto

Billy Chenowith

Recurring Role

Joanna Cassidy

Joanna Cassidy

Margaret Chenowith

Recurring Role

Ben Foster (I)

Ben Foster (I)

Russell Corwin

Recurring Role

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    • Roger (To Keith): You better go find your boyfriend. Before he bites my cat or something.

    • Vanessa (About Kenny's sister Julia): Oh please, she smoked a little pot in high school. We all did.
      Rico: I didn't!
      Vanessa: I know, Rico, 'cause you were boring.

    • Olivier: But me I am a miserable prick who cares nothing about anyone but myself and I look at you in your hospital bed, tired and worn out from surgery,and I selfishly wonder how long must I wait before I can f*ck you.
      Margaret: Wow, finally somebody said something right.
      Brenda: It would have been weird if i'd said it.

    • Brenda: I really don't feel like making dinner for a woman who hates me.

    • George: I hope those people aren't going to be here.
      Ruth: I think they're just celebrity spokespeople.
      George: They're celebrities.

    • Keith: Instead of focusing on the negative think positive thoughts.
      David: Does that include beating the shit out of Roger F*cking (makes fun of last name) PAS-QUE-SE!

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    • Brazil title: "O Abrigo Nuclear" ("The Nuclear Shelter")

    • Songs:
      Iron & Wine - "Naked As We Came"

      Cibelle - "Dia de Yemanja"

      Gene Harris - "Everything Happens To Me"

      Nada Surf - "Inside Of Love"

      Kings Of Convenience - "Homesick"

      Van Hunt -" Anything (To Get Your Attention)"

    • This episode received the 2005 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Art Direction for A Single-Camera Series

    • Nicholas D'agosto is the third person from the film Election to appear on Six Feet Under since the previous episode's appearance of Phil Reeves and Matt Malloy.